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Some Good – S’s story of a Good God – Saturday 30th October 2010

I hope you can all feel “the wind” on this …

S, a Christian mighty go getter of a girl has a nephew who has been ill and undergoing tests to determine the cause of intestinal pain.  On his 11th birthday (Friday 29th October), he hurt his arm.  It was a suspected broken elbow, but ended up being diagnosed as “no obvious break, but hyper-extension”, according to her sister, who had a long night in hospital waiting for results.

After this ordeal, and having fasted and prayed for her nephew during the tests over this week, even though she was flat out studying and trying to complete 2 different courses of study, she was out and about today and she reports …

“Prayed for man in a sling when I went out for coffee! His wife and grown daughter looked on.  Felt the HS come, explained that that was the HS.  He said he was not expecting his shoulder/arm to be healed for 12 months.  Said there were pins in the shoulder.  I spoke healing quicker than he could expect or imagine over him in Jesus name!  Thanked him and left him. May God be glorified and transform that family in Jesus name!  …

So some good is already coming out of J’s accident. I was drawn to his arm in sling, walked by him, and then went back.

They thanked me. Don’t think they were Christians!


Stopping and praying is as natural as breathing … as I read this I felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit and so I wanted to share it … and I trust that we all will be infected with the Goodness of God in such a way that we can no longer keep Him to ourselves, for …

God is Good!


Anointing comes to bless business – Saturday 23rd October 2010

We had a lovely time away last weekend by the beach.  We stayed in a sea side town with my in-laws and husband and children.

I stopped and prayed for a few different individuals, blessing them and “giving” them favour – favour that we “impart” or “give away” as often as we can so people can “taste and see that God is good”.  We even released joy in a few stores and noticed a marked shift in atmospheres after being served by grumpy people, who changed their demeanour after we released the Kingdom of God and Joy.  It was working out to be a lovely beach weekend for all …

On the Saturday afternoon we popped into a used book store with my family and in-laws.  It was a store that I had noticed had its lease up for sale in the local real estate agents. I mentioned it to the store owner – a lady in her mid to late 60’s.

She said the lease and the business were for sale, that she had a business elsewhere in another town and wanted to sell this one… stating that the price in the real estate window should have been reduced – she indicated that she was open to nearly any sort of offer.

I then felt to, in fact just wanted to, pray for her.  I offered to do so and placed my hand on her arm.

As I did, the anointing came in such a lovely sweet way.  I declared favour and that the business and lease would sell and that she would taste and see that God was good – that provision and abundance and blessing would be hers in the name of Jesus.  The anointing increased in waves … she started to cry and look embarrassed.  I said it was ok. I told her that she was feeling God and that another young girl up in town a few months ago had the same experience and wept as she felt God come.

I kept praying.  The tears continued.  I saw my in-laws coming through the store, but felt to keep praying, and the woman removed her glasses to wipe away the tears … the anointing sweeping over the two of us – it was delicious if such a thing could be said of our lovely God.

She then explained that she did not think she was “good at praying”.  I suggested it was merely a conversation with God.  We had a bit of a chat about that and I confirmed that there was no condemnation in Christ … she needed to ignore such thoughts since they were not from God and should not be given any credence.

We left after buying a few books – she was visibly shaken and blinking away the tears.

She has our details … so perhaps we will hear how she tasted and saw that God is good!

Kindy Teacher’s husband – praying in hospital and a balloon gift from God … Thursday 14th October 2010

Following on from the previous story, I called L in the afternoon to see how he had got on.  He had been diagnosed with double pneumonia, which had gone to the heart.  he also had oedema (swelling) from the knees down and was in the ICU unit in hospital. He said that after the prayer the night before he had experienced the “best sleep since being here”.  He said wanted me to come back when I could, would I come back that night. I told him I had prayed through the night before – God had put him on my heart at 11pm and 4 am – and that many others had also been praying for him.

I was tired, but I went back again to the hospital that night, still feeling apprehensive but knowing that this was as much my journey as L’s.

I felt Psalm 3 was for him and told him so.  I felt God say “start at the feet” so I asked if I could uncover his feet and I saw (and he confirmed) that the oedema had reduced somewhat.  He also said he had experienced a lovely night’s sleep the night before – very peaceful – and the breathing was better.

I laid hands on his feet and began to pray.  There was a very gentle anointing in the room.  As I prayed I “saw” him on a mountain side, walking, with angels either side of him and a mass of people behind him.  The scene started out as winter but changed into spring, with him breathing deeply.  I told him what I saw prophesied and prayed it in – he said nothing.  I ignored the nerves, the feeling of looking foolish and I chose to feel encouraged by what I “saw” and not go to “that place” of doubt.

He said he had pulled a muscle coughing and was in pain, so with his permission I laid my hand on the spot, and as I did so my hand got very hot – he said he felt the heat too.  I then read Psalm 3 over him, prayed it in and laid my hand on his chest.  Just as the night before, the coughing began and phlegm came up.  I sensed a penetration from Heaven of his chest (pin point needles of light going in to heal his lungs – I felt the tiny pin points, small and sharp on the back of my hand).  I told him what I “saw/felt” and again “prayed it in” thanking God for what was happening.   I then prayed until he stopped coughing and he took the oxygen tube off and rested it on his chest – leaving it there.

I then knew it was time to anoint him with oil – first on his forehead and then on the bottom of his feet declaring him healed from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet!  With this completed I tucked his feet back into his bed, told him to rest, go to sleep and I would leave quietly as I had the night before.  I felt awkward, but prayed until I felt God say “that’s enough” and I quietly left with him breathing quietly, without the oxygen mask on.

I walked out into the darkness of the night.  It had been blowing a storm and as I walked to my car there was a small pink balloon on the ground.  I picked it up thinking how my little girl would love it, knowing it was from God, it had to be from God, for it to just happen to be there at that point in time given how windy the night had been.  I lent down and picked it up.  I was tired, and felt fully stretched to my limits in terms of comfort and as I picked the balloon up I saw written across it “A New Little Princess” with a picture of a crown.  As I saw the words I knew it was a message of encouragement for me … that I was His little Princess and although I was stretched to my limits I was still His little girl and he loved me … and it was then in the cold windy night that I knew without a doubt that this challenging time of stepping out into His promises for another was as much about me, and my learning how to rest and turn to Him, as it was for L and his wife … God was my daddy and he was proud, and He was telling me I was His Little Princess purely and simply because … 

God is good!

Kindy Teacher’s husband – giving hope and releasing light in the Coronary Care Unit … Wednesday 13th October 2010

On Wednesday afternoon (the day I prayed for M’s kindy teacher’s husband) I received a phone call from M’s kindy teacher asking me to come to the hospital to pray for her husband “L”. There was an urgency and insistence in her call and she was quite firm about me coming when I could that night.

I headed off after getting the kids to bed and after sending out emails asking for prayer coverage for “L” and myself. My husband prayed for me before I left and his hand burned on my back, although he thought my back was hot … I was feeling somewhat challenged at the thought of going but focused on God, his goodness, chose to remain the His peace and drove to the hospital worshiping and praising God. I felt apprehension as I walked towards the CCU (Coronary Care Unit), but I sensed (“saw”) two massive angels walking in behind me and I chose to trust, knowing my job was to love and that it was God’s job to heal … I just had to turn up.

I went in and introduced myself. 

L was on his bed with oxygen and he was all connected up to tubes, cords and monitors.

As I entered he looked and said “please tell me I’m going to be alright” or something along those lines … I felt intense pressure, took a deep breath and answered that this sickness was not for him, that God wanted him well and that I believed He would be healed and would walk out of the hospital. My head was screaming at me about giving false hope, and I was very aware that only a few days before was the 13th anniversary of my Father’s death who had died of pneumonia as a complication of prostate cancer.

I explained briefly what I would do and asked what he had been diagnosed with – he had double pneumonia, which had gone to the heart, he had oedema (swelling) from the knees down. I looked at him and felt God say “start at the feet” so I did. I laid hands on his feet and commanded the fluid retention to leave etc and he felt (so he told me later) electricity going up his legs into his back. I then asked permission to lay my hands on his chest. I did and commanded the infection to leave and released healing etc he started to cough and phlegm starting coming up – he told me that it was the first time he had managed a “productive cough” (one that moved the mucus off his chest). I told him to do what he had to in order to get the phlegm out – it was not time for social niceties.

As I prayed I shared a few testimonies that I felt led to share. He told me he felt very at peace.

I then asked him to breathe deeply. He tried and he said it was the deepest he had been able to breathe for some time. I felt it was nearly time to go so I lay my hands on his feet again, and told him to him to close his eyes, rest and remain in the peace and I would pray and then quietly leave when I felt it was time to go. I prayed and released peace over him, praying for complete covering through the room and quietly left, leaving him resting peacefully without any cough.

The following morning I received this message from his wife on my answering machine at 9.22am:

Good morning … Thank you so much for seeing L, he is much better, he is breathing much freer so I just can’t thank you enough and L is very grateful, so thank you so much and I will talk to you later. Bye for now.”

All I can say is … God is Good.

Special time with God and prayer for kindy teacher’s husband – Wednesday 13th October 2010

After school drop off, and a few other jobs, I had about 40 minutes to spend with God.  I felt inclined to go and sit and have coffee at a coffee shop right on the water’s edge.

I headed to the coffee spot and sat quietly sensing God saying to just enjoy the quiet – no need to “do” anything.  As I got this and settled into just being with God in the moment, nothing else, I looked down and saw a little feather sitting on my lap …

God is kind … and funny too … He made me smile in that moment, and even now when I recollect it, the memory makes me smile still …

After sitting peacefully for a while I texted a word of encouragement to a new Christian and headed off to collect M from kindy.

The kindy teacher had been overseas for a holiday and today was her first day back.  During this time her husband had developed double pneumonia and was hospitalised in Hungary.  They had just managed to get him home, at which time her husband was immediately admitted into hospital due to the infection going to his heart.

We had been praying for them since Monday, which was when we had first heard the news, and as I drove to kindy I had a sense that I was to pray for her with another friend from kindy that also attended our church.

I spoke to M’s teacher who said she wanted prayer for her husband and we waited for all the children to leave, and for my friend from church to arrive to collect her son.  When we were all there we joined hands and started to pray.  Another Mum saw us and joined the group … like another Christian coming out of “the closet”, so to speak.  There we all were in the middle of the kindy, holding hands and praying for M’s teacher’s husband, the new Mum prayed in tongues, and a beautiful sense of God enveloped us all.  The other girls later said they felt electricity as we prayed.  We also prayed for God’s peace to envelop and stay with M’s teacher – which she said she felt.

I then offered to go to the hospital to pray for her husband, which M’s teacher said she would like.  She said she would arrange it with her husband. 

The encounter was was a truly lovely moment – with a divinely timed appointment with the other Christian Mum who attends another local church … God is so lovely in how He times these things … and boy did that Mum get fired up with the encounter and seeing how we could pray for people in public

It was on this day that I started to feel a beautiful synchronicity happening as I walked with God.  There was a sense of great peace and calm that was escorting me through life (as would a gentleman escort a lady to a dance).  It felt so lovely, so peaceful, even warm … so lovely in fact that I wondered if I had somehow missed something … and it was then that I realised what was “missing” so to speak … there was an absolute absence of striving … I was, and as I write now I am gently reminded that this is how life is meant to be, how we are designed to walk … in peace with a quiet sense of joy indescribable with a God whom loves us, with a complete absence of striving, and I believe that this is the case purely because …

God is Good!

Prayer at Kindy – Monday Arvo 11 October 2010

We popped into R’s old kindy after school to donate some items and for R to say “hello” to her old kindy teacher Mrs D.  While chatting to Mrs D we met a new kindy assistant who Mrs D said went to a local church, thinking we may go to the same place – we didn’t, we exchanged polite greetings and we kept talking to Mrs D.

As the new assistant was leaving she mentioned that she had to collect her son to take him to cricket training, but then mentioned that he may not go because she had received a call from him that he had been suffering from a headache. 

God instantly gave me the word “water” for him, and so feeling a little foolish I asked her if he drank enough water … she said someone else had asked that and that she would encourage him to do so.  

Just as she was leaving I then felt God encourage me to pray for him with her and so I asked her if we could pray for her son.  She said “yes” and so I stood holding her hand and prayed for healing for her son, for the headaches to leave and not come back, and for Godly wisdom for her 15 year old to drink more water and to stay hydrated.

The anointing came, and it felt lovely!  

She was surprised, pleased, and I could see she was touched as well. 

God is Good!

Praying in the park – Monday 11th October 2010

M (my son) and I went to the local park for a play after kindy.  A little girl and her Mother were there enjoying the sun after a bleak winter.

M immediately struck up a friendship with the little girl, as only a 3 and a half year can, and scored half a banana from the little girl’s Mum.  The mum and I struck up a conversation with each other and chatted about a variety of things.  As we chatted I learnt that she was at home with her children, was studying to become a nurse and had a 7 year old daughter in Grade 1 at primary school.  She and I chatted about the challenge of juggling all the various demands of being a Mum, student, etc and laughed about how people only saw us wearing one hat when in fact we wore many.

It was a nice chat and as we got ready to go I felt God prompt me to pray for her so I asked if I could pray for her and queried whether she had anything that she needed prayer for – she responded that she needed prayer for her exams, which funnily enough I had felt was the need before I asked.

I placed my hand on her shoulder explaining that she may or may not feel anything but also explaining that regardless of what she felt, God answered prayer. As I prayed, I released peace, joy and wisdom into her life, for an ease in her walk and for wisdom in how she juggled the many hats that she had to wear as Mother, student, wife etc.  As I prayed I felt that God let me know that she strived and was very thorough with her study – I asked her about this and she laughed and said yes that was her and so I again prayed into that point releasing more peace, and also an ability to put down the striving and worry when it was time to study.  I felt God then say “that’s enough” and I encouraged her that it was possible to have peace, but yet have so much going on.  I wished her well and we all headed home … after a lovely play/pray in the park.

I don’t think I ever saw her again … or if I did neither of us recognised the other … regardless there was a chance meeting in the park, a meeting of hearts and minds … and a touch from Heaven … purely because …

God is Good!

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