Stories of a good God

I hope you can all feel “the wind” on this …

S, a Christian mighty go getter of a girl has a nephew who has been ill and undergoing tests to determine the cause of intestinal pain.  On his 11th birthday (Friday 29th October), he hurt his arm.  It was a suspected broken elbow, but ended up being diagnosed as “no obvious break, but hyper-extension”, according to her sister, who had a long night in hospital waiting for results.

After this ordeal, and having fasted and prayed for her nephew during the tests over this week, even though she was flat out studying and trying to complete 2 different courses of study, she was out and about today and she reports …

“Prayed for man in a sling when I went out for coffee! His wife and grown daughter looked on.  Felt the HS come, explained that that was the HS.  He said he was not expecting his shoulder/arm to be healed for 12 months.  Said there were pins in the shoulder.  I spoke healing quicker than he could expect or imagine over him in Jesus name!  Thanked him and left him. May God be glorified and transform that family in Jesus name!  …

So some good is already coming out of J’s accident. I was drawn to his arm in sling, walked by him, and then went back.

They thanked me. Don’t think they were Christians!


Stopping and praying is as natural as breathing … as I read this I felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit and so I wanted to share it … and I trust that we all will be infected with the Goodness of God in such a way that we can no longer keep Him to ourselves, for …

God is Good!


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