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Myer is full of the Spirit of God – A prodigal daughter comes home – Wednesday 9th June 2010

I had a short amount of time to do some chores, wanting to get back home to complete some study.  I went to the local shopping centre and felt I was to walk through Myers on the way to the shops that I had to visit.  I had my first treasure hunt list in my bag and thought I may find a treasure (see Kevin Dedmon’s book – The Ultimate Treasure Hunt).

I bought a t-shirt in Myers for my husband and was served by a beautiful woman.  I asked if I could pray a blessing for her, telling her that she was obviously a blessing to so many others with her lovely disposition.  She agreed.

I felt nothing in particular as I prayed a 10 fold return on the blessing that she had been for others.  I trusted that God followed the blessing through.

I then headed towards the escalators feeling that I was to go upstairs through Myers to where I thought I was headed …

As I went up the escalator I saw C.  I had prayed for her before – she had graves disease which was causing her right eye to bulge.  She had told me it could eventually cause blindness.  I called to her as she headed up the escalators and I asked how she was.

She told me that she had been loosing more sight and pointed out that her eye was bulging.  I offered to pray a “quickie” since she was heading back to work after a break.  She agreed.

I laid my hand on the side of her face, after asking permission, and prayed, quoting the blind shall see.  She immediately felt something in her eye area.  I laughed and told her that her eye looked less bulgy than before.  I told her to go to the toilets to check it out.  She left excited, saying she would.

I checked out the sheets on sale in Myers and then felt to go to Adairs instead … where I got the best product and price … God’s favour and blessing!  I returned some shoes and then felt that I was to head straight back through the third floor of Myer to go home – I thought I would stop for a takeaway coffee  …

As I headed through the 3rd floor God reminded me that I needed to buy some pyjamas for M.  I felt great – this limited shopping time was turning out to be an excellent time of prayer, ticking off chores, and blessing and favour all rolled up in one … a smorgasbord outing with God!

I stood with my purchases at the cash register and waited.  An older lady called J was all anxious etc.  Her credit card would not work – I wanted to get home, but chose to remain calm and I offered to pay for her goods.  She accepted and then told me about her grandkids and started to cry.  I said to wait and I would pray for her.

She waited as I paid for my purchase and we stood to the side and prayed. She wept under the anointing.

She then started to pour her heart some more.  I wrote off the rest of the time I had and figured God would redeem the time and that she was far more important.  I suggested we have coffee (I knew I was getting my coffee at some stage).  I bought her a hot chocolate and listened while she told me her story in the middle of Myers.

I offered to pray some more.  She had arthritis – I held her hand, commanded the arthritis to go, and then felt to take her to her “God space”.

When she had located her God space she said God was “way up in Heaven” and she was “down here with me” (we were still sitting in Myer).  I said “ask Him to come closer”.  She did.  I asked her where He was.  She said on the couch opposite us. I said “do you want Him to come closer?” – she said “yes”.

I said “ask Him to come closer”; she did, and started to cry.  The anointing grew heavy.  I asked where He was and she said He was kneeling right in front of her and that He was saying that He had forgiven her.  I told her to tell Him what she wanted to tell Him – she wept and said sorry for being away from Him.

I then felt to say would you like to ask Him into your heart.  She said she had a long time ago, but I said do you want to ask Him again, afresh – she said “yes”.

She recommitted her life to Him and shook and wept as he started to heal her broken heart. The anointing was very strong and thick – it grew stronger and stronger each time she asked Him to come closer and closer –  I shook a bit and could feel Him all over us.  She could feel tingling on/in her hands.

We talked some more and she asked Holy Spirit to come and wash her clean, and back into her heart.

After she had recommitted her life to Jesus Christ I prayed and told the demonic to go and not come back, and for Holy Spirit to fill her completely up.  I also prayed an impartation of the gift of healing (she said she wanted it – her husband was in a wheel chair due to some condition).

I gave her my number.  We talked about church and about a seminar I was going to where Joshua Mills was talking – inviting her to come.  I told her how I had seen an arm growing out at a Joshua Mills seminar last year – she said her husband’s arm was shorter than the other (a coincidence? … no).  I said he could be healed and that it was worth coming.  She said she wanted to get back to church – I made some suggestions.

We talked a little longer and I walked her through the shopping centre to a point where I hugged and kissed her goodbye – telling her to call and how God loved her so much that He had sent someone to be there and to call her Home to Him.

Throughout the entire “encounter” she said people were watching us.  She said that there was a man during our coffee that looked just like a man from her past – a Christian that had cared for her when she had suffered from post natal depression after her first child, many years ago … I do not think that was a coincidence  either … God was so very on her case.

As we parted I told her she was an answer to my prayers – that the orphans would come home … and they are because …

God is Good!

Aussie Girl impacting the world … a prodigal son goes home – a friend’s testimony received 23rd November 2010

To follow is another God is Good story from an Australian friend currently in the States.  She is on fire for God.  I trust we will see more and more of this on our streets.  As we go we can release Heaven onto Earth – we are brokers of His Glory … if we are bold enough to release it, if enough of us are bold enough to release it, the Earth will be filled with the knowledge of His Glory, as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14) … what is great is that although this amazing girl is overseas now, she is there to be trained and equipped and she will bring “it” back with her to Australia …

She says:

On the weekend I went down to San Francisco with some other people to minister to the homeless people there. I’ve attached the testimony…its really long, but AMAZING!!!

“A group of us went down to San Francisco to minister to the homeless on Friday night/Saturday.  On Saturday, we went to The Haight and stopped at a cross road to offer some homeless people some sweaters, and got into a conversation with one of them.

He introduced himself as Ray. We found out he was from Portland and he said he wanted to go home for the holidays (more than 1000kms from San Francisco). He had run away from home about six weeks ago looking for freedom, but hated it and wanted to go home. We asked him if we could pray with him and he asked if we could pray for strength. Partway through the prayer, one of the girls asked him if he knew Jesus. He said he did and he was a Christian, but was afraid to tell people about it on the streets for fear that he would get hurt or made fun of. So we prayed and prophesied and then he asked if he could borrow a phone to call his mum. He tried to call but got the answering machine.

We kept chatting and then one of the men had a word of knowledge that he had an older sister with brown hair and that she was thinking of him right then. He began to weep and forgive his sister (who was older, and had brown hair!). One of the girls asked if there was anyone else he needed to forgive and he began listing names and forgiving all these people. Then he tried to call his parents again (we found out these were actually his foster parents). His mum answered and he asked her to forgive him because he had been stupid and told her he was coming home. She forgave him and they rejoiced together!

A short while later, his dad called. He looked at the number calling and didn’t want to answer, because he was scared his dad would be angry with him. We told him to answer it and while they talked we were praying that his dad would forgive him! He told his dad he was sorry and asked him to forgive him. His dad forgave him and told him that he had been trying to find him!!!

At some stage, one of the guys told him that HE was COMPETELY forgiven. That Jesus had forgiven HIM!!! And he began jumping up and down for joy-literally- and he was hugging everyone!!!

One of the girls asked if he had pain in his body. He said his leg was hurting (he had been in a car accident when he was 11, he was now in his late twenties and had had pain since he was 11). He said that it hurt the most when he was walking and running or put pressure on it. So we asked if we could pray for it…he said “SURE!!” He knew Jesus could do anything! So we prayed and it felt a bit better, so we prayed again and he took off running up the street and back and there was NO PAIN! And the he started stomping his leg really hard and there was NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!

He talked to his Grandpa who was able to pick him up from the station and we worked out his trip home. We got directions to the train station and gave him the money we had towards the ticket. Soon after his grandpa rang and said that his daughter was going to pay for the rest of the ticket. YAY!

We took turns prophesying over him and he was so full of hope and joy by the end that he looked like a different person! He opened up and said his name was actually Aaron, Ray was his middle name. He was sooo excited about going home that he was telling everyone who walked past us! He was jumping up and down with joy! While he had been on the streets, he had been trying to get an acting job, but he said that now he felt like he wanted to do what we were doing-telling people about Jesus!

As we parted, he put his sleeping bag that he had been carrying on the sidewalk for someone else, because he didn’t need it anymore, and began walking towards the station! He was going home!

On Sunday, his grandpa rang one of the girls to confirm that he had made it home safely! He’s not homeless anymore!!!!

It was literally like watching the prodigal son story happen right before our eyes! God completely transformed Aaron’s world in about an hour! YAY JESUS!”

… I’ll take this one for Australia!  The prodigals are coming home … all over the world because …

God is Good!

“Santa” pays for dinner – tasting God’s goodness…walking in His favour – Friday 26th November 2010

We decided to go out for dinner where the river meets the bay.  It was a beautiful night.  We were all tired, but it was fun to go and as a family we headed out to enjoy a balmy Friday evening together.

The children enjoyed watching the boats, gobbled their dinner and we had a lovely evening.  I sat and finished my drink and A went to pay for our meal.

When A came back with a receipt he said “look at how much the bill was?”  Expecting a big bill, I looked and was surprised at how small it was … I thought “there were no problems with the meal, we had made no complaints, what was going on?”

I looked at A and he said “Santa paid for our meal”.

Incredulous I looked at him and said “what?”

A complete stranger had picked up our entire food bill and wished to remain anonymous – the waitress said that she was instructed to say “Santa had paid”.

We were amazed, a bit shocked … in fact rather incredulous … and felt so very blessed …

My daughter and I prayed for whoever they were and released a 100 fold, a 1000 fold return, blessing them where we sat …

I wrote a short note of thanks … “Dear Santa …” and handed it to the waitress who was beaming as she watched the Goodness of God unfold in our lives … as she watched God’s love unfold in our lives – what a witness … to us and her!

God’s goodness, His loving kindness is remarkable … a complete stranger released it upon us … we did taste and see that God is good … and as I write this testimony I am still amazed at how loved I feel by a complete stranger and by a gloriously good God!

God is Good!

Taking a swim with Jesus – a friend’s testimony (Wednesday 10th November 2010)

On Wednesday 10th November 2010 a friend went for a swim at a pool and she told me what happened as she went …

Hey B, I prayed for a Cambodian lady this morning at the pool. She was ahead of me as I entered the complex and was limping.  I prayed for her in the change room. The language exchange was a bit of a challenge over exactly what was wrong with her knee, but she wanted me to pray, felt heat and said it felt like needles and she was indicating movement inside. She looked like she was walking on it with a bit more confidence. She was in lots of pain and the doctor was monitoring her for surgery which she didn’t want.

She kept thanking me!

Release it here … release it there … release it everywhere we go …

It is so very exciting.

God is Good!

Releasing a blessing and praying in a fruit shop: Sunday 14th November 2010

We were on our way home on a Sunday afternoon (14th November 2010) and R and I decided to go to David Jones to buy her annual Christmas decoration … yes our tree is up already.

We had decided on just the right decoration and were paying for our find when I looked at the sales person T and asked if she had anything she needed prayer for.  She queried me, so I explained and she said “no” so I asked if I could just “bless her”.  She agreed and so I held her hand and blessed her and released favour on and into her.  She looked moved by the experience and R and I went on with our next “purchase” – gift for her dad.

Later I was downstairs at Southland and went to buy some fruit and vegetables.  I placed my purchase on the counter and looked up at N who was putting the purchase through.  She looked tired and I felt compassion for her so I asked her how she was.  She said tired – she had worked 8 weeks straight with her first day off the day before and felt that having the day off had made her more tired.  I asked her if it was a family business, figuring it must be – she said it was.

I offered to pray for her, and she looked at me exclaiming “Would you really do that? That would be great.”  I waited while she served another customer and I then took her hand, invited the Holy Spirit to come and started to release vigour, strength, joy, peace.  I felt I had a word of knowledge about her sleep and level of anxiety and asked her about it, she agreed she had been struggling with these and so I released more peace, I asked for angelic intervention and declared she would sleep well etc.

Naturally I prayed all of this in the name of Jesus.

Then, in a clear firm voice I “heard” in my head, the word “job”.  In that split second I decided to step out and rather than ask I just looked at her and said quietly “you are looking for a new job aren’t you.” She gasped and before she replied I released favour and declared that the right doors would open and the right job would come for her, that she would be able to leave where she was currently working easily and that she would be freed.

She had tears in her eyes.  The anointing was strong.  I asked her if she felt anything – she said she felt “energy”, she said she had never felt energy like that, she said it was very powerful energy … she said she believed in energy. I let it go, knowing that God wanted to show her His goodness and that He would sort out the detail, it was one more example of His love for her.

She thanked me with tears in her eyes and I wished her the very best for the future … and I know that she will make her way because …

God is Good!

MS in the Pancake Parlour – Saturday 13th November 2010

Saturday afternoon we were heading home as a family and decided to stop and have pancakes at the Pancake Parlour.

We enjoyed our meals, watched our children play chess beautifully (their version of the game) and were leaving when I noticed a woman getting up to leave from the booth next to ours with walking crutches.

I felt to offer to pray, approached her and asked her what she had done with herself.  She looked at me and said she had MS (multiple sclerosis) – I thought “ooooh”, but then chose to think “no issue for God” and ignored the doubt in my mind.  I told her I was a Christian, that God healed today and offered to pray, but sadly she said “no thank you” (I told you I would tell you the “misses” as well).  She then said she had meant to come to talk to me and tell me what beautiful children we had and how beautifully they played – I agreed (well they are beautiful and they do play beautifully together).  I said thank you and she left.

The following day or two I was listening to Global Awakenings Healing School 2 teachings and I heard a testimony of MS healed … I felt sad that she had not let me pray, but I also know that as long as I offer and leave it to God, it is then their choice to accept or decline …

What was lovely about the scene was that she did notice a difference about our children, I identified myself as a Christian and offered to pray and so I believe that the episode has planted a seed …  there was something different about us that she noticed in our children.  The whole “encounter” I trust has planted a seed, she will perhaps consider the moment later, perhaps ponder on it … and I trust that the seed will grow, that God will grow it … He will bring others to her to offer His goodness to her, one plants the seed, another waters, and I hope and pray that another will harvest for …

God is Good.

Door to destiny opens…answer to prayer…and inviting God to “do again” and “again” Monday 15th and Wednesday 17th November 2010

I was at school pick up and I saw the wife of B who I had prayed for on Wednesday 10th November 2010 … I prayed that he would be released into his destiny, that doors would open and that he would have clarity regarding his future.

When I saw B’s wife (and little S’s mum) I asked how B had got on since last week, was there any news regarding his job?  She said that a contract had been received on Thursday 11th November 2010 (the following day … within 24 hours!).  This was a contract with a large corporation, a contract that had been in the pipe line for many months and that had been held up and held up … promises had been made but there was never any follow through.  Well the contract of employment was received on Thursday, signed that day and B quit his other job the following day, on the Friday … all before the weekend …

God is Good …

Well, yesterday I was at Safeway and saw a woman setting up a cordial tasting desk.  She offered the kids a drink and as I finished going through the check out I looked back at her and felt I needed to go to offer her prayer.

I approached her, offered to pray and she said “are you a prayer?”  I said yes and found out that her husband needed a job; he needed doors to open for him, she explained that doors were not opening.  So I told the above testimony and prayed inviting God to do the same … I trust the doors will open for him … she was excited and said she hoped she would see me again one day to let me know …

Well, later again yesterday I was at the school twilight Christmas fete and stopped at a friends “kiosk”.  We spoke briefly and then she mentioned that her husband had taken a redundancy package and they had come home to Australia from Singapore, but that he had not managed to get a job since … my ears pricked up – two in one day was too coincidental so I offered to pray and told the testimony (that I had just clarified with B himself at the market) explaining that a testimony is an invitation for God to “do again” (thank you Bill Johnson).  I placed my hand on her shoulder inviting Holy Spirit to come.  I felt the anointing and I prayed … at one point she made a noise of surprise as I prayed … I do not know why and did not ask since she had people milling about looking at her products but I can only assume it was good … and we parted with us both saying how excited we both were to see what will happen in the future for her husband …

God is good!

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