Stories of a good God

I dropped something into school for my daughter and saw her teacher sitting at her desk without any students in the room.

I congratulated her on being married (last Friday night) and asked her about her husband who had been admitted into hospital on Sunday night with suspected appendicitis.  She told me that it was not appendicitis but a suspected viral infection in his pelvic region.

It was her second last day working for the year and I had not had the chance to pray for her all year, but had been waiting for an opportunity … and here it was!

I asked if she would like me to pray, she said “yes” and I then felt prompted to take her hand and pray rather than do it privately so I did … as I invited Holy Spirit to come the anointing was discernible … I asked her if she felt it – she did.  I prayed for her husband’s healing and for favour to be on them as a couple, especially for their honeymoon to Italy in one week’s time explaining that as we give away favour it then flows to others (I quickly shared a few examples) … I told her that we prayed for her nearly every day on the way to school … I then asked her if her husband was very stressed – he was – so I prayed peace for him while the class children came back into the room …

I trust that her husband is healed and well.  I look forward to hearing the testimony …

I then went to a chocolate shop to buy some gifts for Christmas.  I saw a woman I had prayed for more than a month ago … one of the first I had prayed “open doors” to destiny for on the streets so to speak … at the time she had been amazed because I had prayed for a new job etc and she told me after that she had been looking for a new job, that she was a Christian from a local church and she was looking for new direction …

I had not expected to see her in the shop today, knowing she had wanted to move on, but there she was and she said to me that she had been thinking about me just recently – she had just got a new job late last week … one she did not think she would get at the interview but she had and it would allow her to care for hurting people which was her heart’s desire …

I told her how God had been opening doors to destinies a lot recently and I briefly shared little S’s dad’s story and Karen’s story about a friend’s daughter having a door opened for her after prayer … after a brief chat I hugged her and said what an amazing journey she was on …

God is Good! … He let me know the result of the prayers for the woman at the chocolate shop, who confirmed she would now be moving on and was excited to do so … and He gave me a chance to pray for my daughter’s school teacher after a year of waiting for the right time, when I had thought that the year was through and I had missed the chance … yes …

God is good!


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