Stories of a good God

I was backstage at our children’s ballet concert.  A child hurt her foot so I mopped her tears, crouched down, placed my hand on her foot and released healing in Jesus name.  The crying stopped.  She blinked and looked at me … she said it still hurt, but the crying had stopped … I ran to the foyer to meet family and friends for the show …

At the end of half time I bumped into a friend (a Ballet Mum) who sounded like she was struggling with a nasty cold.

Only 2 weeks before she had asked me whether I was a Christian and what type … I said a Bible believing type that believes in a loving God that heals the sick …

I had seen Darwin’s book on Evolution in her car a week prior, but had not commented on it … knowing that we were on a journey together …

In any case, at this moment I offered to pray and she readily agreed.  I placed my hand on her upper chest and her upper back standing to her right side.

I felt nothing but prayed anyway, feeling very conspicuous … all my family, my in laws and some friends were there as were a throng of others.

As I continued to pray I did feel a gentle anointing and asked her if she felt anything and she said …

YEAH!  I can feel “the energy” … and she motioned up and down the back of her head and upper back … the way she said it indicated that she really felt it -strongly.  I blessed what the Holy Spirit was doing and prayed “More” (thank you Randy Clark Healing School!)

I then stepped out with a word of knowledge and said “you have been stressed haven’t you?” … she had.  I prayed peace and a release of angels.

I then said “you have not been sleeping well have you?”

To which she said “you are starting to really freak me out now”.  I said that God was just letting me know so that I would know what to pray, so I prayed rest and peace and beautiful sleep, with a covering of God’s angelic hosts around her and her family …

The ballet started again … so I scurried back to my seat.

After the show I hurried back stage to collect my children and a woman was there that had lost her voice.  She usually had a very booming voice and had been so mean and gruff with the kids and rude and loud with the parents two weeks before, that when I realised she had no voice I very ungraciously thought it was poetic justice that she had lost her voice … but I straightened out my attitude, reminded myself that God loved her, and that I had been praying peace and loving kindness over her since the unkind behaviour, and with attitude in check I offered to pray for her, explaining that I believed that God would heal her … she said “no thanks” …

So we headed off.  In the car park I said goodbye to a friend of mine, a friend of another faith, who had also lost her voice, who had received a few other miracles in the last year that we had been friends, and she let me lay hands on her and pray for healing …

So I had been through a ballet concert, watched my children glow with delight onstage, and had four opportunities to pray for four different people, all who need a loving God.

I do not know how the Ballet mum is, I have been tempted to call but I know I will see her soon.  Regardless of outcome I do know that she now has evidence that there is something, a power, she knows because she experienced it … an “energy” … she felt the Gospel on her body … her experience will help refute any theory she may be reading … her experience is undeniable evidence … I do not need to argue a single point, because she has tasted and seen (and felt) a good God … the rest God will take care of as she goes on a journey … just as He took care of me all those years ago, because I know that God makes sense, He is real, He loves us and …

God is Good!


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