Stories of a good God

We had Saturday to do child free Christmas shopping … we booked a movie for 2.10pm and so had about 3 hours to complete our list … little did we know that Jesus was out Christmas shopping too!

I was in the “Ladies” when God told me to pray for someone outside my cubicle (yes, He talks to me everywhere). He said she had been a great blessing to others for many many years.  I washed my hands and looked at her – an elderly lady waiting in the bathroom.  I introduced myself and said that I believed she had been a great blessing to many over the years, and I asked if I could pray a blessing on her… she looked surprised but agreed – her name was Joy (second in a week!)

I prayed, knowing that this Joy knew the Joy of God, and blessed her – she teared up a little, and as a young girl came out of a cubicle asked if I would also pray for her Granddaughter.  I agreed and prayed and prophesied over her granddaughter, declaring her destiny would open and unfold and that she was a pillar and a leader in the coming move of God, which, I explained, had been recognised as a move that would come in power through the youth … Joy said excitedly that she had been praying for revival for years …

My husband had been waiting outside and he knew what was going on because people were leaving the toilets saying in amazement that there was “someone praying in there for people …” and pointing back.  I hadn’t thought about that sort of impact, but it was quite funny…

We then got a coffee and discussed our shopping.  Thinking my “God assignment” was done I thought we would have the rest of the time to get our shopping done.

As we waited for our coffees I popped into another store to “bag” our first item where “C” served me … yes, God had me pray for her, another young girl (about 16) who “felt” the anointing as I prayed and I prophesied that she would discover who and what she was created to be in the next two years (she had said she did not know, but gee she was a marvellous girl!).  I headed off with my purchase, and sat with my husband to finish our coffee …

Feeling that I must have done my dash we headed off to a sporting store where we did not purchase anything, but where I saw pass us by a very disabled (physically and mentally) girl with her parents.  The girl was strapped into her wheel chair, arms and legs tied down.  Her body was small and deformed and she had no control over her head.  I felt God’s very strong desire for her to be prayed for, but I felt so intimidated … after a bit of internal arguing I said to God “Ok, for you I’m willing to do it …” and started to search the shop for her.

I found her, with her parents, who were waiting at the check out.  I was really nervous and fought everything in me to walk away, knowing that God really wanted me to ask if I could pray for her …

I stopped and asked her parents if I could pray – feeling that I did not want them to feel that I felt sorry for them, but that I did care.  They agreed so I knelt and spoke to their daughter who could not talk.  She was dribbling and had a rash on her face from the dampness.  Her hands were not formed properly, her body was tiny … I knelt and took her hand in mine and introduced myself to her.  Her parents looked weary and watched me as I prayed, her father leaning forward to listen.  I prayed and she locked her gaze on mine … I believe that she could clearly feel God as I prayed – her frantic movements slowed, and she held my gaze a number of times.  I prayed for her parents too, not directly but as I knelt before their daughter, feeling a strong need to pray for solutions for them, God given solutions.  I left the store thanking the girl and parents, and feeling quite wobbly … I thought perhaps nerves; my husband very encouragingly suggested it was the anointing …

“Ok” I thought, “big one down”, shake, shake, shake, “gosh, ok, deep breath” shake shake shake …

We popped into Big W and I slowly settled down, fighting the negative thoughts, the nerves.  Eventually the legs stopped shaking and I could focus on our task at hand, with Andrew encouraging me all the way … and we successfully made further purchases.

As we left God prompted me to pray for the cashier who said to me “I am not a Christian” to which I said something like “ that doesn’t matter, I can still bless you” which I promptly did, placing my hand on his elbow as I spoke peace over him for this season of business and I blessed him …

It was time for our movie.  We headed off to the theatre and to our surprise had calmly and easily done all our shopping.  Feeling quite successful in having bagged all that we had, I waited while my husband put our purchases into the car … when out of the corner of my eye I saw a young girl in a wheelchair – both legs in leg braces … I ignored the very brief quiet prompting, preferring to hear the louder “no” that came very much on top of the very quiet, brief “pray for her”.  The prompt was so subtle, and I tried to ignore her, turning me back, but I knew I had to stop for this one too …

I went up to her Mother and introduced myself and asked what her daughter had done and if I could pray.  The Mum was called “A” and was also with her teenage son who looked like he had down syndrome, but who we later found out had autism … she looked at me and immediately said that would be great.

I knelt by the young girl (she was 14 years old) and laid hands on both legs.  A brick wall had fallen on her, crushing one leg, breaking it.  In the surgery they had had to remove the growth plate and so they had to do the same with the other leg so that they would grow at the same rate.  I placed my hands on her legs (after she also gave me permission) and as I prayed she felt heat.  I kept laying hands and praying and prophesying as her friends waited by our side, politely not looking … I asked her if she had asked Jesus into her heart … she said she had, but I said lets do it again and so she asked Jesus into her heart and asked Him to fill her up … I continued to pray and when she said “enough” I thanked her and looked at her Mother who thanked me …

I thought I was going to go into the movie theatre (time was ticking along and we had not been to a movie for years by ourselves so it was a real treat) when I felt to pray for her brother … so I asked the Mother again if I could pray for the brother and she readily agreed …

The boy called “B” was 16.  He swayed heavily under the anointing, and I motioned to Andrew who quickly steadied him – you could see he was incredibly “open” to God’s presence.  I said to him to say “Jesus come into my heart” – he did – I said “say Jesus fill me up” he did and kept saying it over and over and laughed and swayed under the anointing … I finished praying and turned to the mother, and knew I had to pray for her too … I thought, “Well this is more important than being on time for the movie”, and offered to pray … she agreed.

As I prayed for the mother the compassion of God for her came upon me and I nearly started to cry, she looked like she did too.  I received words of knowledge about her – she was struggling (that was obviously a possibility given her two kids), she was making major decisions, and she was a single Mum.  She told me she had 3 children and had told my husband prior to me praying that she had found the recent challenges with her daughter’s injury tough.  I prayed and she quietly received, she was so very thirsty for God and drank Him in, and as I finished praying for her, I placed my arms around her and held her close for a long long time … she hung on … I went to release her after some time … she hung on quietly … I went to release again and she hung on … so I just stood in the middle of the busy shopping centre and let her drink and cling to me for what seemed and eternity …

I gave her our church card and I wrote my private number on it so she could call me if she felt she wanted to …

As we walked away my husband said to me that he believed that we were there, not so much for the daughter, but for the Mother, who had been through such a tough time and so needed God and His loving, living waters …

“If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me … streams of living water will flow from within him.” (John 7:38-39).

We did see our movie – we missed most of the promos, which was great, and we even had time to go to the bathroom and settle in before the show started … God had it all timed beautifully and I am so glad that I did not rush because He had treasures in the darkness to give …

This is what the Lord says to his anointed

I will go before you and will level the mountains;

I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron.

I will give you the treasures of darkness,

riches stored in secret places,

so that you may know that I am the Lord,

the God of Israel, who summons you by name.”

Every person I encountered was a treasure in the darkness, waiting to be discovered.  Each was a treasure set out for me to discover, to find, to uncover, my foot steps were ordered by a loving and knowing God, who not only blessed us with the miracle of a great time together Christmas shopping in the Christmas rush, but who also entrusted 10 people that all needed a touch from their mighty and loving God … 10 people who will be altered for ever more.  He left those treasures out for me to find because …

God is Good.

Post Script: I have just got off the phone to the Mum (A) who rang just as I finished typing this story up.  She says the following has happened:

1.                  Her daughter has been able to stand without crutches since Saturday;

2.                  Her son has lost his aggression and is much calmer.  She says his eyes look “more alert” and he has stopped asking about his father who left the family earlier this year.  She says the “worry has lifted from his face”.  He is “much calmer”, and is saying “Jesus fill me up” all the time and is laying hands on his mother and family friends and asking her “can you feel that?” … and she can;

3.                  The mum (A) has felt much more peace (in her home and in herself) and is now starting to take care of herself (which she had ceased to do thinking “what was the point”).  She has started eating 3 meals a day and is taking care of herself and is feeling at peace.

She told me she had thought about the encounter every day since Saturday (it is Tuesday as I write this).  She told me that it was no coincidence that we met – just before she met us she had looked for a car park and just knew that she would find one on the middle level (where she met us) at about 1.30pm … just in time to meet us after getting her daughter out of the car with the wheel chair.  She said that she had told her daughter that there would be a car park for them in that place, and there was a reason for the delay in finding one …

During our discussion on the telephone A gave her heart to Christ.  We talked at length and she shared some of her story with me.  She asked for and received the gift of tongues.  She felt “tingling up and down her legs” as we prayed and felt the tingles again over her head … later feeling her spirit spot burn lightly … she is now on the road to finding a church to call “home” and I will see her for coffee tomorrow.  We will continue to walk together and together we will see that …


Three treasures in the darkness are now in the light …


Comments on: "“I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places” … Christmas shopping with Jesus … being given treasures (Isaiah 45:3) Saturday 18th December 2010" (3)

  1. I really gave many excuses for praying for people. Sometimes they can get hostile and embarrass you when you offer especially caz i dont looked like the conventional christian. I got discouraged tho caz the healings weren’t usu on the spot…few. I’ve been praying and fasting for years to break into the realm of miracles signs and wonders. About 3 years ago God told me I had. However, I didn’t see the miracles (As I thought I should) so i just gave up and didn’t bother.

    When I went back to God about it sometime last year He responded “you’re asking me for what you already have”. You’d think I’d be happy but I got annoyed with His response thinking I don’t know how… and that response isn’t helping. (Isn’t He merciful?)
    I know He’s set me up by allowing me to find ur blog trust me. He knows I’m passionate about ppl (with an emphasis on young ppl) and been asking Him to show how to reach their hearts on a greater dimension. {If you Read my post “my passion” you’ll see truly who I am and my desires for His kingdom}. He told me I have an open heaven everywhere I go. I guess its time to start bringing heaven on earth on a greater level outside the four walls since ‘I have’ inside the church walls ‘down pat’. Hmmm.


    • Hi God Crazzy You are sooo right … you DO have an open Heaven … everywhere you go … and the kingdom of Heaven IS at hand … at YOUR HAND – but I know you know that! The outcomes sometimes come in seed form; other times they are instant, and other times they do not seem to come at all … I had to get to the place where I had to step out in faith and trust God wanted to touch them more than I wanted Him to touch them, and that the outcome was His business … It’s tough, and the cross you bear are the ones that do not seem to be healed … (Randy Clarke said that’s his biggest challenge too) … You sound like a remarkable firebrand for God (look up meaning of fire brand!). Step out knowing you are mighty and you will see and do mighty things in His name! Blessings! God is Good!


  2. […]  attracted to God in me.  It generally happens when God is doing a number on them  (see story Christmas shopping with Jesus … that particular mum said my husband and I “shone” and she wanted to stand next […]


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