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Taking the sting out of the sunburn – Monday 24th January 2011

I popped into the bathroom to use the facilities just off reception where we are staying. There were a number of back packs spread over the floor and much chatter from the 3 or so girls about 19 years of age, that were in the bathroom … it looked and sounded like fun.  They looked like they were getting themselves ready to keep travelling – their back packs full of what a girl travels with at that age.

I smiled as I heard one say perhaps she should change the top she was wearing and as I left the cubicle to wash my hands I overheard the girl closest to me state “ … it really hurts” …

I turned and asked her what hurt … she replied “my sunburn” and showed me the back of her legs that were red raw from overexposure the day before.

I told her a story about getting burnt like that when I was her age and said that at the time cold wet tea bags had helped take the sting out of the burn.  I then offered to pray for her … saying she had nothing to lose.

She agreed.

I asked if I could place my hands on the sunburn on the back or her legs, saying “I am not a freak, but a Mum of two young kids waiting outside” … they all laughed and she agreed so I bent over behind her and placed my hands on the back of her thighs.  Her legs were very hot.

I invited Holy Spirit to come and I prayed coolness and a healing balm to come, rebuked pain and released healing for any and all damage done to her skin from the over exposure … as I did I felt the anointing flow and the heat of her legs started to seep away.

I asked her of she felt anything and she said that her legs felt cool.  I told the pain to go and asked what else she felt and she said nothing and that all the pain had left.

I finished up the prayer and told her that if the pain tried to come back she was to tell it to leave “in the name of Jesus”.  I looked at her friends and told them that they too could place their hands on her and tell it to go “in Jesus name” …

They all laughed and nodded in agreement and the girl said it was amazing.

As I left the bathroom, I looked back over my shoulder and suggested that next time she should use some sun screen …

God is Good!


God’s vindication…calling in a 7 fold pay back and the potential of multiplication … tag your it … now pass it on … Tuesday 21st December 2010

The Tuesday before Christmas 2010 we had some shelves delivered.  The guy “T” was friendly and I got him a glass of water since it was hot and humid and we stood chatting while he drank.

 As we chatted we got onto the subject of his children. He mentioned his eldest son was a miracle, who in all respects should have died a number of times from birth … he shared a story of struggle, triumph, stress and challenge … he shared how he and his wife had grieved with families whose children had died and whom they had befriended while at the Royal Children’s and the sense of pure joy … and survivors guilt … he and his wife felt when their son survived the odds and how now, years later, his son appears to have made it through and would live a relatively normal healthy life, now at the age of 13 … having lost a kidney just recently.

 As I listened it became apparent that he was a Christian.  I mentioned that it would be interesting to examine the survival rate of children that were prayed for while at the Royal Children’s in intensive care, as compared to those who were not prayed for … Selah.

 He shared how he often knelt in the Chapel at the Royal Children’s Hospital and how they had even called their Priest to give his son his last rites … He understood how helpless we truly are in such situations and he knew that it would take a miracle for his boy to come through ….

 I spoke of the revival that was gaining momentum in Australia, the power of healing, and miracles I had either witnessed or heard of … and we agreed that God was indeed a Good God.

 I spoke of the gift of healing and I shared that we all have the ability to see others healed.  I quoted Mark 16:17-18 as best I could “… these signs shall accompany those that believe … they will place their hands on sick people and they will get well.”  I said that the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us and I talked of God’s vindication, a promise of a 7 fold return on all stolen by the enemy … (see Proverbs 6:30-31 and Psalm 79:12).

As he was about to leave I asked if he wanted prayer for anything.  I had noted a cut on the back of his hand, but also felt he had been through so much I wanted to bless him in some way, to call in a pay back on all that had been stolen …

He said he wanted prayer for his hand – that just that morning he had stitches removed from where a skin cancer had been found … so after dealing with my 3 year old son who needed immediate attention (we had been talking for over an hour in our hallway) I laid a hand on his hand and began to pray … the anointing came in waves of varying strength, he felt tingling, heat, and power.  I kept praying, calling in restitution, restoration, redemption and God’s vindication, 7 fold pay back for all that had been taken from his family, for peace, and for (after he said he wanted it) an impartation of the gift of healing, asking God to give it to him … he had said he had such a heart for people that were going through what he had been through, that he had such a heart for the little ones that were ill, that he was often moved to tears if he heard their stories on TV – he had got teary a number of times as we talked.

I suggested that he may have great compassion for those people not only because of his own experience but because he could feel God’s heart for them.  I suggested that God would not give him such compassion without the accompanying anointing to do something about it … I suggested that he start praying for the sick, and that he may see many get healed, that compassion was often the sign that God wanted us to do something

I kept my hand on his until the heat, tingles and other manifestations of the Holy Spirit’s presence seemed to lift … the skin had better flexibility on the back of his hand and he was able to clench his fist with more ease … he was grateful for the time … he felt a little light headed, and felt a strong sense of peace …

He left after 1 hour and 20 minutes …

I looked at the time and momentarily felt a bit frustrated that my entire morning had been taken up with this person, but then realised that it had been an important encounter – it was important to take the time, to listen to his story and I thought that perhaps he would take the encouragement to heart … perhaps he would step out and pray for those he had so much compassion for and perhaps vindication would follow … not only in him seeing lives healed as he stepped out and lay hands on the sick, but I hoped and trusted that God would redeem the time, emotion, money, relationships etc that had been stolen from his family through the years of watching their child fight death off …, perhaps one day I will hear from him and hear about how his family were blessed.  He may have testimonies of God’s goodness, greatness and redeeming character as he steps out in faith … perhaps a life had been changed in that 1 hour and 20 minutes in my hallway and that life just may become a multitude as he gave away all that God had given him … because …

God is Good.

Post Script:

After this encounter I sat down to write up the story of Christmas Shopping with Jesus (see story dated 18 December 2010).  Immediately after writing the story up I received a phone call from A (the Mother of the girl in a wheelchair with 2 broken legs and whom had an autistic son).  The phone call took over an hour, and my children waited patiently again.

During this call I learnt about the impact of my prayers from the Saturday before …

They had made a difference!

I was encouraged after spending so much time with T in my hallway.

So often we do not know the outcome of our prayers … the deposit of time is made without any obvious return.  Time spent with strangers never seen again … but, occasionally God brings one back … and the result is so very, very good, because the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective, … my prayers matter … your  prayers matter … stopping for the one and hearing them matters, what we do with what we have matters … give it away … tag, your “it” now pass it on … because …

God is Good!

Getting out of the boat: a friend’s testimony received Friday 14th January 2011

Sometimes we can be in a place we do not want to be, doing something we do not want to do, when God gives us an assignment to complete, and its time to get out of the boat …

A testimony I received this morning from a magnificent girl of God reads:

Two days ago I was called in to do a job at a nursing home kind of place.  I do not usually do this type of work and I did not really want to do it since I had something else on and I prefer working with young people.

They must have been quite desperate for someone since I am not really qualified in disability, even though I can do it.  I was to work with a particular lady I had never met.  I got there at 9am to start, but then was told I’d have to wait for the manager who would be coming in soon.

I was told to sit down and wait in the dinning room area.  I grabbed a book I was reading – one on God healing people.  As I waited I felt to talk to some of the other residents in the home.  There was a gentleman called Stan who I could hardly hear (due to his voice being quite wispy).  He said he had all sorts of conditions – back problems, hearing difficulties due to meningitis from sometime ago and there was something wrong with his teeth.

I felt to offer to pray for him and was very full of faith from reading the book.   I had this extra level of compassion for this man.

Anyway, he said “no” – it sounded something along the lines of that it was ok, he could live with these things.  I was very sad and then he left.  I felt like if I had just been given the opportunity to pray for him that he would have been healed.  When he left I just prayed a prayer that he would be drawn to God and know His love for him.

(The client I was meant to work with ended up coming at 11am – two hours after I had got there).

It is our job to offer the Kingdom of Heaven … not force feed people on it … it is their choice to receive … or not …

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (Jesus speaking John 10:10)

Jesus offers (as we are called to also) and it is the individual’s choice to receive the gift of life … or not.

Either way, our responsibility is to listen to God, to hear and feel His heart beat for people, and offer to pray … the rest is out of our hands … although, like this marvellous girl, we can still bless them by praying for them regardless of their response, and God will answer our prayers because we know that …

God is Good!

Getting out of the boat … walking on water – a friends testimony received 11th January 2011

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, the testimonies are coming in and so I am posting a few from various people to encourage others to perhaps get out of the boat … or to even just pop their toe into the water …
We will never see anyone healed when we pray, unless we pray for someone that needs healing … we will never lead someone to Christ, if we never ask them the question … a “yes” may be right there under our nose …
The water is fine, and full of life … come on … its time to get wet!
A friend wrote on Tuesday 11th January:
Went to see a movie at Southland with a Christian friend … saw a wheelchair at first and knowing my friend wouldn’t be so enthusiastic I chickened out!
Then we were at Grilled and a girl walks in with crutches!  This time I couldn’t back down (crutches of course being less intimidating … haha!).  I sat and finished my burger telling God, “ok, once she goes and sits down I’ll go over”. 
 After all the thoughts of fear ran through my mind there was nothing left to do but have faith!!!  This year I asked God to help me break through the freezing up zone …  
So, I told my friend, I’m going to go pray for that girl – she casually replies, “ok”.  
Now I really had to do it!!!! hahaha. 
Once I was ready I left my friend at our table and I said “I’m going in”, just as the girl was getting all romantic and in close conversation with her boyfriend.  I quickly asked if I could interrupt for a moment and asked her what happened to her knee…she said she fell off a wall and that possibly her ligaments were twisted.  She looked at me strangely asking…”why?” 
I told her I go to a church where people pray for others and we see a lot of healings take place.  I asked if she minded if I prayed for her, adding that it wouldn’t do any harm praying.  She said “sure!”  
She let me gently lay my hand on her knee as I prayed for healing.  After I finished I asked if she felt anything.  She said no but that if she is healed she will thank me…I said to her that she could wake up tomorrow healed and that she should thank God! 
She was very open and I was thrilled I had stepped out again!!!  I was so excited at the possibility of her being healed … it was so worth it!!!! I felt I had broken through a barrier in my faith level also…hallelujah!!!! God is GOOD!

 It got me excited to pray for more … cheers  

We may get wet when we get out of the boat, and to be honest I do not think that we ever stop getting wet, or will ever stop from shrinking back at the thought of taking a dip, but as we give it a go, as we go, we just may see what we have all been dreaming of … remembering that the river in Ezekiel gets deeper, the further from the Temple it flows (47:1-12) … and so I figure … its time to learn how to swim, step out and we just may walk on the water, or perhaps we will just enjoy taking the dip because …
God is Good!
Post Script: This girl wrote to me again and said about her Christian friend:
my friend asked me all about the encounter, what I said to the girl from beginning to end.  She later messaged me this…”Thanks for tonight it was great.  Love seeing you step out : ) its encouraging.”

That made it all worthwhile … to stir up another also!!

Catching the wind – a week of other peoples testimonies – a friend’s testimony received 11th January 2011

This week seems to be a week of other people’s testimonies.  I have my own drafted, ready to post, but I am receiving many testimonies from others, and I can sense something stirring in the wind … people are catching the breeze … or is it that the Breeze is drawing them …?

 “The wind blows wherever it pleases.  You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.  So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” Jesus speaking in John 3:8  
Another amazing woman of God wrote to me by e-mail, received Tuesday 11th January 2011.  It says:
I went to the skate park with the kids while my husband was playing cricket at the same park.  3 kids came to play there too.  I was listening to a pod cast about awakening and I felt prompted to talk to these kids about Jesus!
 To cut a long story short, 3 kids aged, 9, 10 and 16 gave their hearts to the Lord.  One was a rededication – a 16 year old from South Africa (went to a church in South Africa that had 3 stories it was so big!) and the other 2 were first timers. Knew nothing about the gospel!

Then another 3 year old came with his Dad to skate.  He fell over and hurt himself.  K [the writer’s 5 year old daughter] was talking to the 3 year olds dad, just a few feet away, when the boy came crying to his dad.  K asked if she could pray and they said “yes”. The little boy felt better!

I must say, I had an attitude about going to a skate park, and have been stalling this decision for months.  God’s timing is perfect.  The kids who got saved, their dads were also playing cricket and they were just hanging around!!
But not in God’s eyes.  It was a divine appointment … and my kids had the best time ever!!  So did I!!
We do not know where the wind blows … but if we stop and listen, we will hear … and if we are game to let it draw us, it will draw us to a life of fun and surprises …
Can you hear the wind blow, calling you to something more?
Can you hear the wind blow, calling you to something grand?
Can you hear the wind blow … calling you so that you can discover for yourself that …


God is Good.

Girl prays heart of God and sees answers reported in the news! – testimony received 10th January 2010

A friend passed this testimony on today from another friend.  It so clearly shows how powerful our prayers can be when we choose to respond to the news, which is so often negative, and pray God’s will into the situation – God’s will is always one of hope, life, peace, joy and love …

“… if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land …” 2 Chron 7:14

We serve a mighty God.  We have a superior covenant in Jesus Christ as compared to the Old Testament times when this promise was given – therefore, how much more should we believe that God will hear our prayers, and heal our land.

The praise report given to my friend on 6th January 2011 reads:

There have been news reports of a schizophrenic man who attacked Police in Healesville and has been on the run for several weeks. Just before news years I heard he was in the Sherbrooke Forest and was stealing food.

I felt really sad for him and thought he must have been so frightened. He was weeks without medication, seeing any friends or family etc and had no where to go.

I began praying for peace for him, that the fear would be gone. Also that he would be brought back to society without getting hurt or hurting anyone else. It was really on my heart and I told many of my friends about him. I have been praying for just about a week now.

This morning on the news when I wake up I hear that the Police are amazed as the man gave himself up by walking into a police station.

Who knows what power the prayers had in this situation, but I like to think my little part in this was of some influence in the spirit.

I am so pleased he is ok and the situation has ended peacefully. The new prayer is for healing for him, so he won’t need the medication.

A Princess in tune with the heart of God, releasing God’s will into the life of a stranger …no recognition, no personal involvement … except that God cares and therefore she cares … and so she opened her mouth and prayed God’s will …

I wonder what would happen if the body of Christ started to pray God’s will into news reports … crime on the streets could decrease … floods and fires and droughts would resolve … one girl and God is a majority … what would an entire body of Christ be with their God?

I believe that we will see the answers to these questions because there is a stirring across Australia and the giant that is the Church is waking up to the call of God on their lives, they are waking up to the call of God on their families, the call of God on their communities, their schools, their workplaces, their Churches and the call of God on this mighty and beautiful nation of Australia …

I believe that the land will be healed because the Bride is stirring, and saying “not on my watch” and because …

God is Good!

Stepping out and taking a risk…its called “FAITH”– a friend’s testimony received 30th December 2010

A beautiful princess came to me at a service and told me about her boldness, her courage, in stepping out to pray for a work colleague who had shattered and dislocated an elbow.

This is a story of courage and risk – courage to step out and offer to pray; courage to take the offer one step further out of obedience to God; courage to follow through and believe the best of God regardless of outcome … and a story of risk, which is faith in action (thank you Bill Johnson) as she put herself at risk of ridicule, risk of rejection and risk of failure … but she stepped out regardless and re-presented her God … a God of healing, a God of kindness, a God of love, a God of Goodness … and one more person has tasted and seen that God is Good!

She writes:

Hi B … as promised, here is my testimony regarding one of my work colleagues.

… I was challenged at work to pray for a colleague….not just pray but I felt God wanted me to lay hands on this woman and pray for her.  Fairly easy if someone is receptive to God… not this woman…she is so far left she is almost toppling over and her view of God is that he is heartless and mean because he allows so much injustice, pain and hurt within the world, needless to say we have had some interesting conversations where at one point she actually said that God was evil…

”Hmmm…”I thought “… so God you want me to lay hands on her…okay”.

This lady had fallen over and not only shattered her left elbow but also dislocated it. She had to have surgery and the comment from the surgeon was that it was like putting together a puzzle there were so many pieces!

So, one day I was bold and asked if she would mind me praying for her, (as in privately in my bedroom not actually with her…no great challenge there, nice & comfortable!) – to which she replied – “that would be nice”.

God nudged me further – “I want you to lay hands on her” to which I replied – “you have to be kidding – you know how she feels & what she is like.”  He said “I want you to lay hands on her….”

“okay” I said … “but I am trusting you to do something here.”

So the next day early at work an opportunity arose & I boldly asked if I could lay hands on her elbow & pray for healing.  Amazingly she agreed & away I went, thinking, “God you better show up here”.

I prayed specifically that the pain would go (she was in a lot of pain at that time) and that her bones would knit together perfectly so that she would have full use of her arm again.  Her next x-ray was on the 22nd December 2010 & I believed the elbow was going to be healed.

22nd December rolled around & she had her x-ray.  The radiologist reported that there was still a big crack & the bone hadn’t healed – she was devastated.  I simply told her “I’m still believing it will be healed completely & the first report is not the last”.

Finally she saw the Doctor who looked at the x-ray and said there was still a small crack – (not a big one as the radiologist had reported) and that she could take her sling off, which was giving her so much grief.  She has a lot more use in her arm than she expected.

So, while things are still not back to 100% I believe that seeds have been sown in her heart that God does care about her & will heal her completely.

You know what is really funny is that her best friend is a well known Christian’s PA – I often tell her He has his eye on her!

God is Good … and He wants the news to get out!

… “on Earth as it is in Heaven

There ain’t no shattered elbows in Heaven … so it don’t belong here!

… “on Earth as it is in Heaven”!

It is the perfect prayer … it is the prayer that Jesus gave us …

And so a Good God called His Princess to represent, or re-present Him on Earth, and with courage she took a step of faith, and said “not on my watch” and she prayed … leaving the rest to Him knowing in her heart of hearts that …

God is Good!

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