Stories of a good God

Friday was a day of double portion … two praise reports … two moments of encouragement from a loving God … and both provided from pre-Christians!

I encourage you to read … take the testimonies and release them on someone soon … dare to see what may happen … give it away and stand back and watch … because God is Good!

I had dropped my daughter off to school for her first day back.  I was leaving the grounds when L stopped me and told me about her husband’s new job …

I had prayed for L at the School Twilight Fair late last year (see Door to destiny opens … answer to prayer … and inviting God to “do again” and “again” dated 15th and 17th November 2010).  While chatting to L she mentioned that her husband had not been able to get work all year, after taking a redundancy package in Singapore and coming home to Australia.  It had been the second such prayer I had prayed that day, and was after I had prayed for Little S’s Dad who got a job contract within 24 hours of receiving prayer … God had me busy calling in the promise contained in the earlier miracle for others with the same need.  He had established a precedent … and He wanted to do it again!

On Friday L stopped me and mentioned that within about a month her husband had got “the dream job” with great money and that he had started just before Christmas last year.  She said she wanted to thank me in case I had anything to do with it … I was delighted and said so, confirming that God “did it”!  She said that she had wanted me to know.  I mentioned briefly about what God had been up to and told her the story about the girl with two broken legs getting out of a wheel chair and walking just prior to Christmas …

I waved goodbye, but, overwhelmed with joy thought “what the heck” and I ran back and gave a very surprised L a big hug and said again how delighted I was.  I felt a bit foolish for the display of affection, but figured “who cares … that’s me!”

Later, I was at pick up and we saw my daughter’s Grade 1 teacher from 2010.  I had prayed for her and her husband late last year (See Prayer for the groom … and a praise report – another destiny opens dated Thursday 9th December 2010).  I had prayed healing for her husband and favour for them as a couple, especially for their honeymoon to Italy.  I included “upgrades”, and told a testimony about a friend that I had declared the same thing over and who had got upgraded to business class on a flight to the US – this was apparently impossible because of their ticket conditions, but God did it anyway … He does not care about ticket conditions … when He wants to upgrade you He is going to upgrade you so you might as well sit back and enjoy it!

Anyway, my daughter and I said “hello” and we asked about her honeymoon.  She had a marvellous time and keenly told me that she had upgrades throughout her honeymoon.  She said she did not know if I had anything to do with it but everywhere they went she and her husband got upgraded … they flew business class everywhere, and got upgrades in all their hotels.  She said that another teacher had complained when she told the story of the upgrades stating that she only got congratulated on her honeymoon!  The teacher I had prayed for and her husband had a wonderful trip and was delighted with the business class flights and hotel upgrades … exactly what had been asked for!

I ponder this, and think, what power we hold in our words, in our prayers if we will just take a hold of each others stories, declare them over others, claim them as precedents and ask God to “do it again” … He is no respecter of persons so why not you? …. Why not your next door neighbour? … Why not that person on the street? …

If we together released God’s will all over the world wouldn’t it be a fun place to live?

I have had so many other opportunities to release destinies.  I had two yesterday – one while shopping for a young British girl that was travelling and one for a girl who called me after I prayed for her a year ago while in a shop where she worked … This second girl is a prodigal and I believe she is coming home.  I gave her my number because I felt God ask me to do so after I prayed for her, and now a year later we are catching up …

I spoke with her yesterday and I told her about the miracles, about what God is doing, she listened and I could hear her voice catch as we talked … I prayed for her over the phone and declared her destiny to be open, I called favour for a job, and for her broken heart to be healed … I prayed what I heard for her in my heart where the God that loves speaks to us all with such gentle little whispers …

I will see her next week … it will be fun to see what He does for her too …

I know it will be grand because …


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