Stories of a good God

In about April 2010 I was in Harvey Norman to purchase a new electric beater.  My hand had got caught in the last one and miracle of miracles I suffered nothing long term but bruising, although in the natural it should have by all accounts been a mashed up broken hand – at the time the healing power of God came on me in force as my husband prayed while I shook with the impact of the injury … God is good!

At Harvey Norman I quickly made my choice and as I was served by a girl I felt to offer to pray for her.   She agreed.  As I prayed the anointing of the Hoy Spirit came with strength and she wept openly.  We started to chat and she said she was a Christian, a single divorced Mum of a young boy … and she was having a tough time.

I invited her to church and gave her my personal contact details, inviting her to call for a coffee and a chat anytime … I hoped that perhaps some good has come from the event that had tried to cause me harm … someone was shown how much her Daddy God loved her, regardless of where she was at, just because someone had stopped and prayed, listened and given her a hug …

Well this January while we were away I received a text message that said:

Hi B how are you I am “C” that you met at Harvey Norman … last year and I was wondering if I could ring you tomorrow and catch up and talk … I really need to talk to someone … I hope you remember me x

I did remember her and we made a time to catch up.

A few days before we were due to meet I called to change the time and I sensed I needed to pray for her on the phone … the prayer included “open doors and open destinies” for C.  I told her some testimonies and once I finished praying she said she had been looking for a job for sometime … her voice catching somewhat as we chatted …

In any event, we caught up this Tuesday for a couple of hours.  We discussed lots of things; including how her son wanted to come to a church having given his heart to Jesus up in Queensland at her Mum’s church, so I suggested a great church close to where she lived that had great kids/young youth programmes for her to plug into.

She told me that she had been smoking.  I said God could deal with that, and she told me that for a couple of hours after I had prayed with her on the phone all her cravings had left …

At one stage I said, “lets pray for you”, and as I did I felt inclined to ask if she would like to invite Jesus back into her heart, just letting Him know she wanted Him and that she was sorry … she started to weep as she formed the prayer and invited her Lord and Saviour to fill her fresh and new … she confessed what ever came to her to confess, and she spoke of her desire to have Him with her again … we continued to chat for a while, and as we finished up I hugged and kissed her, and promised I would stand by her as she got established again …

As I hugged her goodbye I turned and saw a magnificent girl from my Church.  I exclaimed with delight and promptly sat down for a coffee … so like God to arrange a catch up and the timing was impeccable … I had wanted to see this girl for coffee for soooo long … in any case, she and my nearly 4 year old boy played beautifully as we chatted and exchanged God stories …

As we finished up, and I collected my son’s jigsaw puzzle pieces, I stopped and looked at a girl that had been having a snack hiding behind a pillar near us … I had chatted to her briefly, when she had spoken to my little boy … I felt to pray for her and offered …

She said “yes” – looking a bit surprised.  I noted a cross around her neck and asked of she was a Christian – she was.  I started to pray and felt God gave me a word about her … she had been “hidden”, but that was to be no more, it was time for her to come out into the open … He showed me what a beautiful kind heart … I told her this …I even said I would love to know her given what a gorgeous heart she had as shown to me by God!

She looked a bit amazed and said yes she was hidden.  Yes he was kind.  I said – “well no more … its time to come out” and I called her into her destiny with the vision/words that God gave me … she looked at me a bit incredulous but accepting since apparently He was telling me with accuracy who she was and how she had been … and I was telling her that “He saw her” and that it was time to “come out”.  I headed off with my Church friend, saying how amazing this girl was and my friend agreed …!

God is so very grand …!

A prodigal comes home from seed sown nearly a year ago … and I would hazard a guess many prayers from her family and friends …

A Catch up with friend that I had long wanted to see for coffee …

A beautiful child of His hidden … is called into visibility, a princess of His called out into her destiny …

As I have said so often before …
God is Good!


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