Stories of a good God

Well before Christ was born, Egypt was crawling with frogs.  They were everywhere.  Moses offered to pray and rid the land of the frogs, but Pharaoh said he would get Moses to pray the following day … and in doing so effectively said he would live (as would all of Egypt) with the frogs for one more day.  Moses was ready to do it there and then!  (see Exodus 8:1-15)

Pharaoh waiting for one more day has never made sense to me … but people are not always logical … and so I tell the story of R’s tennis coach who wants to keep his “frogs” a little longer …

I was dropping R off to tennis on this Monday afternoon.  While chatting to her coach he mentioned he had hurt his back.  I asked how and where and then offered to pray, telling him about the girl that had two broken legs healed prior to Christmas …

He looked at me a bit surprised and said to me “thanks, if it’s still bad next week I may get you to pray for me then” or something along those lines …

So, I’ll offer again next week.

I tell this to encourage people to know that you get your “nos” and your “not yets” or your “not nows”.  You’d think people would give it a go – they have nothing to lose … but sometimes, just like Pharaoh, they want to keep their frogs for just a little longer …

Either way …

God is Good!

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