Stories of a good God

We were at the check out in Coles this Saturday afternoon and I felt God prompt me to ask the check out girl if she needed prayer …

She looked at me and said that her parents were Buddhists, but she wasn’t.

I said I was a Christian and I told her that I felt that God wanted me to ask her if she wanted prayer for anything … I asked if there was anything she needed, wanted, or needed healing for … she said “no”.

So, I asked if I could just bless her figuring I must have got it wrong … and it was then, as I took her hand, that she looked at me and said that she may have breast cancer, that she had found lumps and that she was going to the specialist …

I looked at her and said that was what God must have wanted me to pray about.

She asked if I could “see” it on her.  I said “no” just that I had felt that God wanted me to ask her if there was something she needed prayer for …

So I held her hand and prayed for healing.  I told any cancer to leave her body, for all lumps that had been found to dissolve and leave her body in the name of Jesus, I prayed for all cancer to go, I also told the fear to go away in Jesus name and I released hope, health and peace in the name of Jesus …

As I prayed the next customer came.

I felt the anointing come.
 I do not know if she felt anything – I hope she did … I also hope that the specialist finds no lumps …
I know God wants her healed.
I told her that she had courage to tell me …
I trust (and hope) I will see her again.  If I do I will ask her how she is … something good will have come from the prayer.  It may be that I have to pray more than once … it may be that I have to stand and fight for her, it may even be that I need to gather some people together to fight for her … and it will be worth it because I know that regardless of the outcome …
God is Good!

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