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Stopping for the one – freedom for Lucy Sunday 27th March 2011

We were heading off to a BBQ after church and stopped in at a bakery to buy a cake to take.  I had both children and M (nearly 4) was really “pushing buttons”.  I made my purchase while the whole time being aware of a young girl strapped into a wheel chair with a person I assumed was her carer.

My husband popped in and I gratefully motioned to him to take the kids.  He looked and knew that I was stopping for this one, so he took the children and they all waited for me in the car.  I knew it was God’s heart to heal her …

I looked at the girl and then spoke to her carer and asked if she was her Mum – she confirmed she wasn’t.  I introduced myself and asked if I could pray for the girl … all the while reminding myself that she did not belong in the wheel chair … she had been born for freedom.  I asked the carer what her name was … it was Lucy.

I looked Lucy in the eyes, as best I could since her head shook backwards and forwards and lolled up and down.  I asked her if I could pray for her and in reply she looked intently at me and threw her hand into mine. 

I invited the Holy Spirit to come and as I did her head stopped shaking, she grabbed my hand with her free hand and gazed at me as best as she could … she held that gaze as I prayed …

I prayed freedom, destiny, healing, for her body to function as it was designed by God to run and function perfectly, I declared “on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10) in her body … I prayed as the Holy Spirit prompted me in the glorious name of Jesus Christ and the anointing fell upon us both.

When I felt I was done I thanked Lucy and her carer for the privilege of being allowed to pray for her and I noted that the shaking had begun again.  The carer thanked me and looked at me as if to say “thank you for stopping and caring”.  Even though the shaking began again I reminded myself that the shaking had subsided as I prayed, that she had grabbed me and gazed into my eyes as best she could as I called her destiny forth and I have no doubt that change was effected, something shifted. 

As I left the shop I reminded myself of little A who had stood for the first time the day after prayer for her two broken legs and how she had walked without any aid within 2 weeks … weeks and weeks before the doctors said she could or would … and had her Mother never called I would never have known … Lucy may too I thought and climbed in the car. 

I may never know the results of my prayer in the natural, but I know that it made a difference because “the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5:16).  I am righteous in Jesus Christ, so my prayers are powerful and effective. 

I also know the prayers made a difference not because of anything I am, but because God wants her healed and free.  It was about her not me.  I know He wants her healed and free because …

God is Good!

God’s provision and favour bless an American family in 2011 – M’s story

I received this testimony on Wednesday 16th March 2011 from an Amercian friend who moved here a few years ago with two young girls, and a little later her husband joined them. It has been tough for them, but they believe they are meant to be here and so they walk in faith and God keeps turning up and seeing them through in a way that only God can because … God is good!

She writes:

My husband has been unemployed for the past year. Our girls attend private school. We had been praying for a job so that they could continue in private schooling this year. We were waiting until the last minute possible to make any changes as I assured my husband that God would make a way. It was the weekend before school started and nothing had happened. With all my regret I agreed to tell our youngest daughter that she couldn’t go back to the private school. We would make a sacrifice for our older daughter since she is in VCE.

The Saturday night before it is time to enrol them my husband is checking our accounts and discovers that we will be receiving some money that we were not aware of. We rejoice and talk about using it for our youngest daughter’s school fees; however, by Sunday morning he is concerned doing this since we were still short on our day-to-day budget. I’m all upset and ask God where He is in all this. I always try to seek God’s will before taking decisions and when I enrolled our daughters in private school I did it because I felt God led me there. I kept reaffirming God’s provision and His miracles in our lives throughout the past year and I couldn’t believe God was staying silent.

School started on Tuesday, so Monday morning I conceded to my husband’s wishes to enrol her in the local state school. We went to the private school first to let them know we would only be enrolling our oldest daughter and that we would be coming back to them if we had a breakthrough in finding my husband a job. We then went to the public school to enrol our youngest daughter and to pay the fees. As we were finalizing the transaction and handing in the cheque my phone rings. I ask the person who calls me to hold and say goodbye to the receptionist at the state school.

As we’re walking out I answer the call. It was the private school’s business manager calling. He said he had spoken to the principal and they felt that both our daughters belonged in their school and asked “if 50% discount would help us out?”

I almost fell to my knees—we couldn’t take a step further and just sat by a planter outside the office doors … in awe of what had just happened. We prayed and thanked God for showing His face to us once again and asked Him to forgive us for doubting.

I immediately went back inside to see the receptionist and told her of the miracle we had just experienced. After that, we went home and shared the good news with both our daughters—we were all in awe and simply thanked God.

Soon after school started, my husband got called in for some work. He is now working between 2-4 days a week and he is able to cover the tuition for both our daughters. PRAISE GOD!!!

God is good! He will ensure that we are where we are meant to be when we are meant to be there … He cares about our every day situations, and is interested in our needs, desires and wants … He can be trusted … will you trust Him, or at least … “give it a go”?

See if He turns up … I know He will because I know that …

God is good!

Get a bounce in your step because God is Good! J’s story of a good God received Tuesday 22nd March 2011

A friend has decided she wants to step out. She has been brave enough to give it a go. To her surprise she found it to be “natural”. I believe it should be natural to stop and pray for the one, as natural as breathing. It should be natural for those that are full of the life of God, to want to give it away because God is good … God loves those around us, and He wants to bless not only those that call Him “Lord”, but also those that He calls His children, but who do not yet know Him as “Father” …

My friend writes:

I thought I would let you know that I stepped out on Saturday and to my surprise it seemed natural….

In a nut shell I offered to pray for a lady I know from kinder who was having her dad and step mum come for lunch and she was really nervous (I’ve previously had a conversation with her and she has shared about how her and her dad aren’t close and he doesn’t really give her any signs of love….etc). She accepted my offer, and straight away I felt like a tingling sensation in my arm. I prayed for her to be herself and to flourish, as well as for peace to fill her….. I asked her at the end if she felt anything and she said she did and she felt peace too….I then told her she was a wonderful person and gave her a hug. It was so easy!

When I checked on how her lunch went she said that although she got uptight with the food preparation, she was more comfortable with her dad.

So praise God!

It gave me a bounce in my step that day!

Get a bounce in your step … try giving what you have away and see it impact lives … and as you do you and they will see that …

God is Good!

Sarah and 3 others – Monday 2nd February 2009

These are stories from February 2009.  I felt to blog these now.  Many speak with me and say “well its fine for you, you have been doing this stepping out thing for two years”. 

Well, here is an early “stepping out” story … This is to encourage you to know that it is all there for you on the other side of the veil, not two years down the track but now. The veil is called “fear” and it is torn in two through obedience … I want you all to know that it is just a veil, easily cast aside and stepped through …

There was another veil (or rather a huge heavy curtain) that was torn in two when someone else was obedient to God … that someone was Jesus as He gave up His spirit for all mankind after He had hung on the cross … and that “veil” was a heavy thick curtain in the Jewish Temple that separated the Holy Place (where the Priests could go) from the Most Holy Place (where God resided) …

Jesus was obedient and in being so tore the curtain … in that one act we all gained access to the Most Holy of Holies … through Jesus we gained access to God Himself … and so now, through love and obedience we too can step through the veil and as we do we will step into who we truly are called to be …. 

Sarah: M and I were up at Southland, buying a cheese slicer when I felt inclined to say to Sarah (who was serving us) that she had a lovely gentle and kind spirit.

She responded that she did not feel that way and that her boys sure would not because she had yelled at them to hurry up to get ready for school that morning.

I said that her yelling at them did not change the fact that she had a gentle kind spirit.  I then explained that I was a Christian and I believed that God spoke to me about about people and that I felt He said that she had a gentle kind spirit.

She said she felt like it was the nicest thing anyone had said to her.

I then asked her if she would like me to pray for her and she would feel that peace and God’s peace in her.

She said yes and asked if I was like those healers that lay hands on people – she has a girlfriend who does that.  I wanted to correct her about “healers but felt not to “correct” her and prayed for her.

She said that she certainly felt something as I prayed for her and that she felt good after the prayer.

Girl 2: I went into another store where a girl had a good laugh at me because I had asked for a product that I was in fact standing in front of (it was behind my back) … in the long and short of it God prompted me to go back after leaving the store just to encourage her to keep her great sense of humour – a commodity quite rare and for her to not let go of it – there was no explanation about why this time, and no prayer … just a compliment for a stranger.

Girl 3: I then headed downstairs on the escalator and noticed a girl sitting at the concierge desk.

I went up to the desk and explained that I was a Christian and that sometimes God points people out to me and I feel that He lets me know that He wants to tell them something.

I felt to tell her that God loved her very much and that she was extraordinarily special to Him.

She teared up and indicated that she felt overwhelmed.

I explained that it must be true of her since I do not ordinarily stop and say such things to people but I explained that He pointed her out to me and wanted me to let her know.

I offered to pray but she said she had to continue with something (she was quite overwhelmed) because she had a new job to start the following day and teary eyed she put her head down and got on with her “study”.

Girl 4: I went into a hair store and was served by a girl covered in tattoos.

I again felt to say something to her so I mentioned to her that she must have amazing patience – what I felt God was showing me about her.  She asked me what I meant and I replied that she must have extraordinary patience for her to sit through all that time it would have taken to get the tats – it must have taken a great deal of patience, and courage.

I then said to her that I was a Christian and that I felt that God not only let me know that she was patient and had courage but that He really “dug her” and thought her tats were great (I wondered about this but went with it because I figured He loved her with or without them!).

She then got a bit emotional and said that she needed to hear that because the day before had been the anniversary of her sisters death over 20 years ago.  I said to her that my Dad had died over 10 years ago but it still hurt.  She agreed.

I then offered to pray for her.  She agreed and I prayed quickly and she absolutely gazed into my eyes as I did it – praying just what God had said about her and how He loved her, how He thought she was great and dug her tats and that she was a girl of courage, patience, and to give her peace – I thanked God for the fact that her sister was ok.

She looked like she was ready to tear up more, but she was also very conscious that she was at work.  It was very quick – she too felt God touch her.

What an amazing loving God to send me just when she needed to be loved, the day after a painful anniversary … coincidence?

I think not!

You can do it … step out and dare to believe you were born for something greater!

Step through the veil for … God is Good!

CEO’s melanoma gone … God’s peace given – D’s story of a Good God

I have a friend who is a mighty man of God.  He has decided it is time to step out and stop for “the one.”  He did this in style – he stepped out for “the one” in his path that was what you would call “the scary prayer” … the boss that you just did not stop and talk to … and God came through … and gave a little extra (just like God) and left this boss with a big dose of His peace!

I heard this testimony on Thursday 10th March 2011.  I trust you enjoy it as much as I did.  D said:

I had decided to give “stepping out a go.  I had heard that the CEO of the company I work for had been diagnosed with a melanoma on his foot.  I was at work one day and I saw the CEO walking down the hallway.  I decided this is it and I stopped him and said that I had heard he had been diagnosed with the melanoma.  He looked at me as if to say “here we go”, but regardless I pressed on and offered to pray – to which he agreed and we found a quiet conference room, he sat down and I prayed for him.

A couple of days later I received a phone call from him – he was overseas on business and never had time to stop to even say “hi” usually, but here he was calling me.  He reported to me that the melanoma had completely disappeared and advised that he had the most uncommon sense of peace ever since I had prayed!  This man is a very high powered business man, who is intimidating and does not stop for anyone or anything.  God had healed him – and he was taking time out to give me a call to let me know.

Step out and give it a go!

It does not have to be the CEO of a major company … just the one that you see “as you go!”  It is worth it – not just for you, but also for the one you stop and pray for … because …

God is good!

Heaven’s clarion call to arms – Tuesday 15th March 2011

I came out of a shop with M this morning and saw a woman waiting for a taxi with a plaster cast and a sling on her right arm. I looked and thought “better stop – there is a call to arms.”

I offered to pray and she readily agreed. Her name was Linda and she had broken her wrist. She was very open to prayer.

I invited the Holy Spirit to come and as I did a taxi rolled up. She ignored it and let me keep praying.

She felt tingles at the break site. She then felt heat at the break site. I kept praying. She then felt the arm throbbing, not painfully but pulsing … she then felt pain, not bad pain but pain in the area (I rebuked the spirit of infirmity just in case) the pain continued and I had a hunch it was the healing occurring and spoke to her about people having great pain in their brains as brain injuries were healed – I said I had not seen it but heard about it.

I left my hand on her and asked her if she was a Christian – she said no but she believed in a greater power. I asked if she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart (telling her that this was not why I stopped but that I stopped because of the arms that I had seen around and that God wanted me to pray for healing for people with broken arms). She said “no, not for now” and I suggested to her that she was on a journey, to which she agreed … she then said that the pain had left, and that the arm felt like it wanted to rest.

Two taxis had come and gone. When the first left she said that obviously she was not meant to get that one.

She told me she had been at her friends for a few days and had caught a bus to where she was and had been saying to herself that she really wanted the wrist to heal quickly because it had been quite painful, even after 3 weeks, and then I showed up … she noted the “coincidence”.

I gave her a kiss and I helped her into the next cab which had been there a while. I wished her well on her journey and waved her “goodbye”…

M and I went on. We had a coffee and milkshake together, popped into the bread shop to say “hello” to a new Christian and then walked home, and as we walked I saw another right arm in plaster.

I followed the woman with the plaster cast into the fruit shop and explained the arm coincidence in my world and offered to pray. She agreed. Her name was Josephine and her break was in exactly the same place as Linda’s.

I prayed. She felt nothing, but I let her know that some did and some did not feel anything, and I told her about Linda feeling tingles, heat, throbbing etc. She looked surprised. She asked what sort of Christian I was and I explained my background. She was a Catholic and she said she believed in the power of prayer to make a difference.

I thanked her for letting me pray for her and wished her well and M and I went home.

I am convinced that there is a clarion call to arms coming from Heaven … will you answer the call?

Give it a go – it’s worth it because …

God is good!

Note: “clarion call” means “a direct public request for people to take action”

God weaves His love through the fabric of society – Monday 7th Tuesday 8th March 2011

God so wants to be woven into our lives and through us into the lives of others. The two testimonies to follow coincidently both happened one day after the next … both in fabric shops, and both had family members with learning issues … an invitation to weave God’s goodness into their lives … well I think so anyway … I hope you enjoy:

I had two TinkerBell costumes to make and so last Monday, after trying our local fabric shop for some white wool for the shoe pom poms I asked God which fabric shop to try next.  He  showed me the Lincraft store at our local shopping centre and so that is where we went.

I had never been into Lincraft before. We found some white wool and M and I made our way through the cluttered shelves, considering all that they had … all the while I had a burning feeling in my spirit, and I could not place why it was there … it felt like extreme anxiety so I rebuked it, but it stayed …

I went to the cashier to pay and I was very vague – vague to the point of forgetting my home phone number of 14 years. I apologised as I bought our items and as I collected the bits to leave I checked with God to see if I should stop and pray for the girl at the check out desk. I got a very clear “yes” and so I waited while she served someone else.

Her name was “L” and as I spoke she started to cry immediately – God was all over her. All I had said was that I was a Christian and I felt that God really wanted me to pray for her for something … was there anything that I could pray for. She struggled to contain herself as tears fell down her face and she said “yes, my husband …”

Before she could say anything more another customer came. She struggled to contain the tears as she served. I stood by and said I would wait, that it was important enough for me to wait – that she was important enough for me to wait.

I waited and the customers left but then her boss turned up and she indicated he would not be happy with me praying for her. Respecting her boundary I again said I would wait and we managed to speak while I looked at some sowing machines (which I was genuinely interested in) …

She told me her mum had been a Christian but she was not. I said it did not matter, that God loved her and wanted me to pray for her. It turned out that her husband had quit his job as a chef to become a policeman and he was struggling with the study … in fact he was failing the exams. I asked her if it was the legal study, she said it was. I told her I had been a lawyer and encouraged her that it would all fall into place for her husband … I said I understood and she looked shocked at the obvious coincidence. Her boss was still close by and more customers came, so I said I would go and do a few other things and I would come back to pray because it was important.

M and I did a few other things and I returned. L was there, and so was her boss still. I looked at her and said ‘give me your hand, you can tell him it’s my fault, that I insisted”. She gave me her hand and the tears started again. I prayed for wisdom, for finances (they were tight with him not working) I prayed for an ease and for her husband’s destiny to open to him, for open doors … as I prayed she acknowledged that she could feel God and then said that her husband had a studying disorder, I said my sister had dyslexia and I asked for healing for this too. I then prayed for her to have great peace.

I told her about the anxiety I had felt walking into the shop and I told her that it had now gone … that God had been letting me know that there was someone He wanted to touch … she was visibly moved. I gave her my name and number on a piece of paper and invited her to call for a coffee if she wanted. I wished her the best and we went on our way.

I noted that perhaps the anxiety sense in my spirit had been a new sign for me from God, to find someone for Him, a hidden treasure, for me to find and pray for … I am still exploring this.

The following day, I popped back into my local fabric shop with M and a friend. After getting help from a lovely woman I again got the sense I was to offer to pray for her son – she had told me during our chat that he also had a learning disability – dyslexia … the coincidence was not lost on me. There were people wating to be served and I had not yet offerred to pray.   I waited as she served and apologised to my friend, explaining the situation and she was ok with it …

I spoke briefly between customers to her about praying for her son and she agreed, as she did she literally turned away from the customers and let her co-worker deal with them … she really wanted the prayer!

I prayed healing and wisdom for her son and for his destiny to be opened and then I felt to ask her about her husband, I felt there was something about her husband I needed to pray for. She got teary and said “yes, he needs prayer for his heart”. She explained the problem and I then prayed God’s loving peace on her and healing on her husband’s heart, much like I did for L (pneaumonia, heart arithmia etc) late last year … I prayed that her husband’s heartbeat would come into line with the heartbeat of Heaven … I looked at her when I finished and, like the woman from the day before, she too was teary.  I said I would stop by and enjoy hearing about the healing that had taken place in her home. I thanked her for allowing me to pray for her and left …

God is waiting.

He so desires for us to weave Him into our days. He wants to be woven into the fabric of society and he needs us to do it with and for Him … we are the vehicle through which He gets access, we are the needle if you like, and He is the thread, the magnificent golden rainbow thread that knows just what hue of colour someone is needing, as we come across them in our day …

We just need to say “hey, could I pray for you?”

Are you willing to let Him weave Himself into your day … and into the day of others through you?

Give it a go … it is truly addictive because as you do you will taste and see for yourself that …

God is Good!

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