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God is good for kids too!

If you read this blog occassionally you may have read about my daughter R being bitten by a jumping jack ant … see story called “Bitten by ‘one of the most venomous insects in the world’, she prayed and she felt no pain” posted in April 2011.

On writing this story up, we started recounting many of the stories of God’s goodness that R has personally been witness too, the many times that God has shown up for her over the years … and we decided to start a “Good is good for kids” blog.  See link

The blog is a blog written by kids, for kids … and any adults that want to read too … in fact it is written for anyone who wants to celebrate how God loves children, how He protects them … and how Jesus’ words in the Book of Matthew is played out in life day after day after day …

“See that you do not look down on one of these little ones.  For I tell you that their angels in heaven see the face of my Father in heaven.” (Matthew 18:10).

We hope that these stories, these testimonies, will inspire children to write down their own stories of a good God, to keep a diary, or a journal of their own testimonies about how God has answered their prayers, taken care of them and healed them, saved them from harm … so that when life gets tough they have it in writing, so that when they get older they have a history to pass on to their children, to the next generation, that shows the indisputable fact that …

God is Good!

Link to story about jumping jack ant bite:

She had the heart of a lion…yet she thought she was a mistake

On Tuesday 19th April 2011 M and I were going home, having made a “build-a-bear” dog – a birthday gift to M from a friend. It had been fun and M was very happily walking by my side.

As we left the shopping centre he commented on a woman sitting on the curb smoking a cigarette… I looked over and smiled at her as I responded to M’s statement “she is smoking”. She smiled back and called out that it was “naughty”. I said it was not “naughty, but that it was a choice that was hard to stop once made” …

I looked again and felt to ask:”do you want to give up smoking?” She said “yes” but also said it was hard to do … I agreed, saying that I had done so myself.  I said I could pray for her and tell the addiction to leave, which would make it easier to stop. I asked her what her name was, she said “C” and she agreed to me praying.

I crouched down by her, putting my shopping bags down by my side and I took her hand as she extinguished her cigarette. M skipped about with his new toy dog.

I felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit come as we briefly chatted and she looked a bit teary. She mentioned that she had a lot of stress in her life. I looked at her and agreed and said in fact she had copped it from all sides, that it had been “really crap”. I could hear God saying to me “it has been really crap” and I figured if He used that language it was ok for me to use it with her. She agreed it had been and I started to pray.

As I prayed I told her that although it had been “really crap” she had the heart of a lioness, that she was mighty and that she was a survivor. I told her that deep inside there was a mighty lioness’ roar. I told her she was amazing, that she had an incredible call on her life, that she was created for greatness in the Kingdom of Heaven.  I prayed the spirit of addiction to go, and released peace for her, and as I did I quoted and prayed for her Philippians 6:4, saying something along the lines of …

… you shall be anxious for nothing but with prayers and supplications [I stopped there and looked at her and said you pray and ask for what you want … you let him know what you want … and so I asked for peace for her] and you shall make your requests known to God and the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus …

I then explained that she would feel great peace in the midst of the storm. I “saw” a cage fall apart around her. It was a cage like Tweedy Bird used to sit in from the cartoons … I saw the cage fall apart from the top. I explained to her what I saw and then I prayed it, releasing her into her destiny – I stopped and explained what I was doing and how I had seen people prayed for released into destinies within 24 hours of such prayer … I also prayed and gave her favour, blessing her, again explaining that my husband and I walked in great favour. I prayed for favour for her, with God and with mankind* (thank you Jason Westerfield) … I then said I had prayed the same for others and they had seen favour come within days …

At one stage she asked if I was psychic. I said it was like being psychic, but that Christians called it prophecy, that God was showing me stuff about her and about who she truly was so that I could pray it for her and in doing so he would release the angels to start fulfilling what I declared for her life … I smiled and continued to call out her destiny. I looked at her and said “you are not a Christian yet are you?” She agreed. I told her that I had not stopped to shove the Bible down her throat, but that she had an amazing call on her life, that there was greatness on her, that she would decree or declare a thing and she would see it done…

I said “it has been tough because the enemy, the devil, satan, whatever you want to call it, has seen that greatness on you and has tried to stop you from walking into it and discovering who you are” … she looked a bit teary and said that she had wondered about God, that she was the youngest of 5 children, 3 had died in an accident and the last one was a missing person. I said that that was not from God. She then went on to say she was the only one in her family that was not Christened and that she was a ‘mistake’ – her Mum had told her she had been a ‘mistake’…

I looked at her and said “you are not a mistake”. I confirmed that there was something very significant on her family, I felt that her family had a remarkable gifting and told her so, saying what had happened to her family was not a normal thing to have to go through and that there was obviously an attempt to stop whatever amazing gifting was on her family … she then went on to mention her divorce or separation and how she was with someone now and that it had been hard when her husband had left …

I gave her my number, which I do not always do, and suggested she call me to catch up. I also wrote up the name of our church movement, mentioning that there was one locally, and telling her about the one I attended and I suggested she check it out on the internet. I said to her she had an amazing call on her life, that she was out of the cage now, and that I could see her flying straight up, rather than stepping forward and out as I had “seen” others do. I confirmed that she was on a journey and that when she became a Christian it would all open up for her … God was on her life, but once she had Christ in her it would be a whole other ball game … she was created for greatness.

I briefly said it was not a matter of being christened or of attending church, but a matter of a relationship with Jesus. I told her she could pray and invite Him into her heart, she could give her life to Him. I said with that there would be an amazing shift … she said she might try that … and we parted our ways in the car park. 

As I walked away I looked back at her through the car park I called out and said “let that roar out”.

I hope and pray she walks into her true identity. I thank God that I was able to say to her that she was not a “mistake” but that she had been created for greatness. I am so glad that God showed me her heart, the heart of a lioness. The enemy had tried to steal her true identity from her, but I trust that this “chance meeting”, which was not by chance, will change the course of her destiny, I trust that she will walk into her future because her future has now been released through prayer … I hope she does, for she is amazing … I know her future will be bright because …

God is Good!

*Note: I figure if Jesus increased in favour with God and mankind then we need to as well and so I ask for an increase for myself, my family and others … see Luke 2:52

Stepping out as he goes – S’s stories received 10th April 2011

My friend, whose stories I posted most recently, also sent me these stories about her husband called S.

S is a mighty man of God, a hero, although he would probably blush if you said so to his face. He is a great man of the word, a man of integrity, a man after God’s heart. My friend writes about her husband as follows:

… S also prayed for a customer in their home. The customer had a brain tumor and has been told he won’t be alive for long. S will see him again in a few months time.

S also prayed for a man in a wheel chair who stopped him to ask for directions. The man was very excited to have S pray for him and the lady pushing him said she was a Christian. The man in the chair very cheekily said, “I’m not”, and S’s response was, “that’s ok, you’ve got time on your side”. He prayed for supernatural healing of his torn tendons in his leg and that he would come to know God. Go S!!

And I repeat in complete agreement … “Go S!

It takes but a moment to stop and pray for a person, whether they be a stranger or a friend. And yet, in that moment destinies change, healings take place, lives are restored, eternal salvation is received … for it is …

… “not by might nor by strength, but by my Spirit,” says the Lord Almighty. (Zach 4:6)

It is not us, but Him … but He needs us (the Body) to release Him. He has chosen to co-labour with us … what a privilege … what an awesome responsibility … what an honour … and as we do we can be certain that change occurs … regardless of what we see with our eyes, change does occur, because “the prayer of a righteous person are powerful and effective” (James 16). We are righteous in Him. We do not do it, He does, but we do release it … and as we do, the world will change for the better for …

God is Good!

She stepped out again, and again, and received a praise report – a friend’s testimony

A friend has been stepping out for as long as I have. She has amazing testimonies to tell and I have wanted her to write some of them up for a while. She did one in January where she led three teenagers to the Lord at a park and her 5 year old healed a hurt child in the playground … (see post called Catching the wind – a week of other peoples testimonies – A friend’s Testimony received 11th January 2011) and here are some more received 10th April 2011 …

She writes:

I am finally writing a testimony for you!! I was walking into a shopping centre and a guy walking towards me had a brace on his foot. I stopped him and asked what happened – he had put a crow bar through his foot and broke 2 toes. I told him I was a Christian and asked would he mind if I prayed for it. He was blown away and proceeded to tell me that he was a Catholic but didn’t go to church but his Mum did. He had just had his second daughter christened on the weekend and couldn’t understand how the Catholic Church could be in so much turmoil with scandals etc. and didn’t really like the church. I said the Church (body of Christ) had got it wrong for so long keeping their beliefs and traditions within the four walls of the church and that God wanted a relationship with His people not religion, which kept people in bondage. I said that I went to a church that was committed to taking the good news of the gospel out into the streets, homes, schools, wherever we go and releasing the Kingdom of Heaven into people lives through love and prayer and practical acts of kindness, just like Jesus. I told him how exciting church is and how the kids are taught and how God is using kids in mighty ways and he should consider coming and experiencing the presence of God in a church that is on fire for God. He was really touched that someone would take the time to stop and pray for him. I prayed for his toes and asked him if he felt anything. He said he didn’t but that didn’t bother me. I know it was God’s timing and he was clearly touched. And who knows what God did on his way home, not just in his foot but in his heart and mind.

Then I went to Chaddy and while I was in Myer a lady very kindly helped me in the children’s department. She was very honest and caring and took time to really help me. There was nothing there that interested me and as I was thanking her for her great service I felt very strongly to pray for her. I told her I was a Christian and asked if there was anything she would like prayer for. She just stood there stunned and staring at me and finally said, “I have been praying to God for help and direction as I have a big decision to make. She was delighted that I would pray and so I did. She felt God peace come and I encouraged her with what the word says and how much God loved her.

Then I went to pick up a cake for my mums 80th from the cake shop I go to and the assistant gave me all this free yummy Italian patisserie cakes! As I was thanking her and telling her she could expect a blessing from God for being so kind, she said, “I need all the blessing I can get at the moment.” I sensed to reach out and pray for her so I held her hand and prayed a blessing over her and you could feel God’s presence. She was teary. There were other customers waiting so I had to go, but I said I would be happy to pray for her any time and she was really touched that someone cared enough to pray. I sense in my spirit she will come to church one day. Yay God.

I then went home to find out a lady who had been diagnosed with skin cancer, whom I had prayed for a month ago at my in-laws Salvation Army church in the country, had been given the all clear from her doctors in Melbourne after she had had more tests. Yay God!

My friend is in love with a good God. My friend wants to share that good God. My friend is amazing … her husband is too … and together they are raising two mighty children … the next generation, destined to walk on water!

The Book of Mark says: “They went out and preached that people should repent [change their mind]. They drove out many demons and anointed many sick people with oil and healed them” (Mark 6:12).

My friend and her family are doing this … as they go … it is a lifestyle for them. They know they hold the answer. They also know they have authority and power and with great authority and power comes great responsibility … we must step up and out and give Him away … who are we to hold onto the solution and not offer it to those in need …

I believe it is time that the Body of Christ recognises who they are … it is time that we recognise what we have, and start to give it away, because if we do not then how will those in the world know that …

God is Good!

Bitten by “one of most venomous insects in the world”, she prayed, and she felt no pain…

Last Friday, 6th April 2011, my children and I were on the beach and we whipped our shoes off to walk. It was a beautiful day and my 7 year old daughter R ran ahead to climb the rocks … she was delighted with the day.  Suddenly she let out an ear piercing scream and threw herself down on the ground.

I ran to her and saw immediately that she had been bitten by a jumping jack ant, an insect which is described by Wikipedia in the following way:

Their venom is one of the most powerful in the insect world. Jack jumper ants are proven hunters; even wasps are hunted and devoured…The symptoms of the stings of the ants are similar to stings of the fire ants. The reaction is local swelling and reddening, and fever, followed by formation of a blister. The heart rate increases, and blood pressure falls rapidly… [they] cause more deaths in Tasmania [Australia] than spiders, snakes, wasps, and sharks combined.

I had been bitten by one 7 years ago and the pain was excruciating.  At the time I had read up on treatment and I had noted that babies, if bitten, often died due to the shock of the pain levels …

I got rid of the ant, got her shoes on, slapping one off my foot and helped her to put her shoes on. Unknown to me she had started praying and suddenly the screaming stopped. I had been focused on getting her away from the ants and on the beach into the water and had not prayed. She said to me “the pain has stopped, I prayed and the pain stopped, God stopped the pain.”

It was only the night before that we had been talking about how Paul had been bitten by a venomous snake (she had been worried about tiger snakes) and how he had not died but merely shaken the snake off into the fire … (see Acts 3-6).

She limped onto the beach and said she was healed … I insisted she put her foot in the water.  She said it didn’t hurt, but I insisted remembering the bite I had a few years prior.

I checked the bite site and we went back to our accommodation – she walked.  Back home she seemed fine.  An hour later, as a precaution (and yes I had prayed by now) I gave her some antihistamine and we put it on ice.

She felt a bit shaky and a bit nauseous, but I put that down to the adrenaline rush from the incident.

Over the last two days, although the area is red and has swelled a little, she has been on walks with us and has generally been in great spirits … merely complaining of the slight swelling and the itch.

We talked to a neighbour who was bitten two years ago. She said she had excruciating pain for 2-3 hours … pain that she said a child would not be able to endure.  She had her foot raised for 2-3 days due to extreme swelling etc.

I tell all this to highlight how amazing R’s recovery has been … she prayed and the pain stopped.

She has been fine since …

Praise God!

Thank goodness my children have an alternative, thank goodness that my children know who they are in Christ, thank goodness they know that God heals today, thank goodness that they know beyond a doubt that …

God is Good!!!

Peace received, peace given away – K’s testimony of a good God

A friend emailed me this testimony on Monday 4th April 2011. She has just started on this journey of stepping out and it takes courage … she has decided to literally give this “up and out” thing a go … and she is changing lives and as she does she is changing the world!

She writes:

About three or four weeks ago someone had given me a picture that he felt God was showing for me. It was a picture of shoes with the word “peace” on them. Not knowing exactly what that meant, I stored it away in the back of my mind, but the events of this day seem pertinent to that picture…

I had an incredible opportunity the other day to pray for my hairdresser. Her business closed down about a year ago but she kept some of her clients … she comes to our house to do our hair.

While she was cutting my hair this time she began sharing about the incredible mess some of her family relationships are in at the moment. We talked about that for a while and then went on to other general topics. As I was cleaning up from the hair cut I said to her: “Just as you were sharing some of those things earlier about what’s going on for you at home, I felt that God wanted me to offer to pray for you.” I quickly added “you can have whatever response you want, but I just felt to ask”. I was anticipating that she would feel really awkward about it, but she teared up and said that she would be open to almost anything at the moment. My Mum was also having her hair cut so we decided to pray after Mum’s hair cut.

While Mum was having her haircut I was Skyping with a friend overseas. While I Skyped I offered to pray for her Grandma who has gone into a nursing home and has been quite angry with the nursing staff. I prayed what I felt to pray – for a release of God’s peace in her nursing home room.

Mum’s haircut was finished, and she invited our hairdresser to stay for lunch. She was quite chatty and even after we’d finished eating she wasn’t rushing off to leave. During a pause in the conversation I asked if she still wanted me to pray … I had given her so many opportunities to back out!

[Author’s note: they want God so much more than we think or know!]

She said “yes” so I put my hand on her shoulder and specifically prayed for peace in her heart and in her relationships, and that she would be very aware of God’s presence as she went back to her home. I didn’t feel anything, just a strong sense to pray for peace. As I finished she looked up and said “I feel really relaxed now!”, and went on to say that whenever she comes to our home it doesn’t feel like work for her to cut our hair, that she feels peace when she comes here, and she looks forward to these times.

As soon as she left I did a little dance.

Go God! He’s so amazing.

I’m excited to see what will happen in my hairdresser’s journey.

We are often given something for us, because God loves us … My friend was given peace, and she decided, whether consciously or not, to give it away …she walks in it (the shoes) and so she can give it away too, it’s her choice!

I believe we need to look for these opportunities to share what we have, and what we have will grow. As we use our talents according to our ability (and anyone can pray for another!) what we have will increase (see Matt 25:14-30). As we share and give it away our storehouse fills and fills and so we give again … and so it fills again … to overflowing … and we will become so blessed we “will not have room enough for it” (Mal 3:10)*.

Give away what you have, whether it be peace, joy, hope, love … pray for someone and give away what you want in faith and watch the tiny little seed grow into something great … the world is so frantic and the pace so rapid, that for us to just stop and give away the Kingdom of Heaven, as my friend did, will give that one person a taste of something more, and that more will change atmospheres, will change lives, will change eternal destinies for …

God is Good!

*Note: I appreciate this scripture is generally used regarding tithing … however I think that it could perhaps apply to all we do … maybe we could give back to Him a tithe of all He has given us … joy, hope, mercy, love, peace … etc … perhaps give away in faith knowing that it is in there somewhere, we just need to give what we have and it will grow … just a thought …

Step up and out … together we will change the world

It has been sometime since I wrote my first blog and described what it is that I do, what this blog is about (if you have never read the first blog … have a look) and so I felt it was time to refresh the vision, so here it is, in a more esoteric form:

This blog’s stories are about God’s love for people … His love for all people, regardless of whether they know him or not.  He wants me to step out and give Him away, into the community, as I do life, to let it be as natural as breathing  … and to then to write some of the stories up to encourage others to step out too …

I believe He is calling us all (“saved” and “unsaved”) “home” to Himself.

A girl I stopped and prayed for at the shopping centre a couple of months ago asked what I meant when I told her God was calling her “home” … she was worried that it meant she was going to die.  This is not what being called “home” is in this context.  In this context being “called home” is purely and simply that God is calling people into a relationship with Him directly … he wants them to come home to Him, to hang out with Him … to utilise the access that has been provided through the blood of Jesus … because through Jesus we can come home to God, just as a child can snuggle into to a loving parent.  We are called home to be with Him and in doing so know Him.

This blog is about God’s goodness and glory, His kindness and humour … yes He does have a sense of humour and it is fun getting to know that aspect of Him …

I sense that I am to write about my joy in knowing Him and His joy felt in knowing me … I understand He knows us all but I believe He has a deep sense of joy that can be felt as He knows us and we know Him … this joy is felt at deepening levels as He asks for and as I give Him my heart and life … I believe that this joy is available for us all!

The idea of giving my life frightened me … it still challenges me, yet I am becoming more sure of how worth it is to give Him all and while we do not give to receive, we do receive in return … in fact He gives us His all in return … it is our job to receive … and then, dare I suggest, … our responsibility to give it away!

Suffice to say, there is so much more for us all to receive, but we need to be willing to give it away as it comes so that it can increase …. for I hazard a guess that if we tried to contain all that He has for us, and did not give it away, it would destroy us in its fullness … and so in His goodness He will give according to our capacity to hold and give to His other children (and by “other children” I mean both “saved” and unsaved”).

I think that His goodness and kindness changes us as it flows through .  Some of it “sticks”, but most of what He gives us we need to be willing to give away and as we give away He can then give more, because He knows that we will therefore not be destroyed in the receiving the expanse, breath, depth and height of His Goodness and Kindness …

I believe that His Goodness and Kindness cannot be contained in just one vessel, and its wholeness has many facets which can only be truly manifest in the many differing vessels created by Him … as we release Him, we discover who we are (personally and corporately), and as we discover who we are we step up to Him and out to the world … and in this up and out motion we step into identity and freedom … and best of all … as we release Him, His Goodness will manifest itself in all creation …

And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all mankind together will see it.” (Isa 40: 5)

I note that when Moses asked God to show him His glory, God chose His goodness to pass before him (Ex 33:18-19) … and so the knowledge of His glory will fill the earth, as the “waters cover the sea” (Hab 2:14).

I sense he is saying:

“joy joy joy, let Me break through like a new dawn, unstoppable and irresistible … glorious in My fullness and splendour”

That said … I suggest that it is time for us to step up and out and give Him away as and where we can … as we do life.  Give Him away in the schools, the shops, the streets, the airports, the stations, the workplace, the parks and the stadiums, the beach and the mountains … from East to West, North to South and everything inbetween … We are to give Him away where ever we are … He is with us and is ready to show Himself mighty … and so together, with Him, we will change the world because…

God is good!

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