Stories of a good God

On Tuesday 19th April 2011 M and I were going home, having made a “build-a-bear” dog – a birthday gift to M from a friend. It had been fun and M was very happily walking by my side.

As we left the shopping centre he commented on a woman sitting on the curb smoking a cigarette… I looked over and smiled at her as I responded to M’s statement “she is smoking”. She smiled back and called out that it was “naughty”. I said it was not “naughty, but that it was a choice that was hard to stop once made” …

I looked again and felt to ask:”do you want to give up smoking?” She said “yes” but also said it was hard to do … I agreed, saying that I had done so myself.  I said I could pray for her and tell the addiction to leave, which would make it easier to stop. I asked her what her name was, she said “C” and she agreed to me praying.

I crouched down by her, putting my shopping bags down by my side and I took her hand as she extinguished her cigarette. M skipped about with his new toy dog.

I felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit come as we briefly chatted and she looked a bit teary. She mentioned that she had a lot of stress in her life. I looked at her and agreed and said in fact she had copped it from all sides, that it had been “really crap”. I could hear God saying to me “it has been really crap” and I figured if He used that language it was ok for me to use it with her. She agreed it had been and I started to pray.

As I prayed I told her that although it had been “really crap” she had the heart of a lioness, that she was mighty and that she was a survivor. I told her that deep inside there was a mighty lioness’ roar. I told her she was amazing, that she had an incredible call on her life, that she was created for greatness in the Kingdom of Heaven.  I prayed the spirit of addiction to go, and released peace for her, and as I did I quoted and prayed for her Philippians 6:4, saying something along the lines of …

… you shall be anxious for nothing but with prayers and supplications [I stopped there and looked at her and said you pray and ask for what you want … you let him know what you want … and so I asked for peace for her] and you shall make your requests known to God and the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus …

I then explained that she would feel great peace in the midst of the storm. I “saw” a cage fall apart around her. It was a cage like Tweedy Bird used to sit in from the cartoons … I saw the cage fall apart from the top. I explained to her what I saw and then I prayed it, releasing her into her destiny – I stopped and explained what I was doing and how I had seen people prayed for released into destinies within 24 hours of such prayer … I also prayed and gave her favour, blessing her, again explaining that my husband and I walked in great favour. I prayed for favour for her, with God and with mankind* (thank you Jason Westerfield) … I then said I had prayed the same for others and they had seen favour come within days …

At one stage she asked if I was psychic. I said it was like being psychic, but that Christians called it prophecy, that God was showing me stuff about her and about who she truly was so that I could pray it for her and in doing so he would release the angels to start fulfilling what I declared for her life … I smiled and continued to call out her destiny. I looked at her and said “you are not a Christian yet are you?” She agreed. I told her that I had not stopped to shove the Bible down her throat, but that she had an amazing call on her life, that there was greatness on her, that she would decree or declare a thing and she would see it done…

I said “it has been tough because the enemy, the devil, satan, whatever you want to call it, has seen that greatness on you and has tried to stop you from walking into it and discovering who you are” … she looked a bit teary and said that she had wondered about God, that she was the youngest of 5 children, 3 had died in an accident and the last one was a missing person. I said that that was not from God. She then went on to say she was the only one in her family that was not Christened and that she was a ‘mistake’ – her Mum had told her she had been a ‘mistake’…

I looked at her and said “you are not a mistake”. I confirmed that there was something very significant on her family, I felt that her family had a remarkable gifting and told her so, saying what had happened to her family was not a normal thing to have to go through and that there was obviously an attempt to stop whatever amazing gifting was on her family … she then went on to mention her divorce or separation and how she was with someone now and that it had been hard when her husband had left …

I gave her my number, which I do not always do, and suggested she call me to catch up. I also wrote up the name of our church movement, mentioning that there was one locally, and telling her about the one I attended and I suggested she check it out on the internet. I said to her she had an amazing call on her life, that she was out of the cage now, and that I could see her flying straight up, rather than stepping forward and out as I had “seen” others do. I confirmed that she was on a journey and that when she became a Christian it would all open up for her … God was on her life, but once she had Christ in her it would be a whole other ball game … she was created for greatness.

I briefly said it was not a matter of being christened or of attending church, but a matter of a relationship with Jesus. I told her she could pray and invite Him into her heart, she could give her life to Him. I said with that there would be an amazing shift … she said she might try that … and we parted our ways in the car park. 

As I walked away I looked back at her through the car park I called out and said “let that roar out”.

I hope and pray she walks into her true identity. I thank God that I was able to say to her that she was not a “mistake” but that she had been created for greatness. I am so glad that God showed me her heart, the heart of a lioness. The enemy had tried to steal her true identity from her, but I trust that this “chance meeting”, which was not by chance, will change the course of her destiny, I trust that she will walk into her future because her future has now been released through prayer … I hope she does, for she is amazing … I know her future will be bright because …

God is Good!

*Note: I figure if Jesus increased in favour with God and mankind then we need to as well and so I ask for an increase for myself, my family and others … see Luke 2:52


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