Stories of a good God

It was the Easter break holidays we had just been to see a movie.  My husband and I both felt strongly that we were to go in to a chain restaurant to eat … none of us were hungry, and neither of us especially liked this food chain … and no it did not have golden arches …

As we walked in and were given a table we agreed that God was up to something and I said that there must be an assignment for us … a hidden treasure that He had waiting for us …

It was not long before she came … her name was Kate.  She mentioned that she had not tried a particular fruit cocktail due to fructose intolerance, and it was at that point that our treasure was revealed …

Until about 10 days prior I had never heard of fructose intolerance, but had just read an article in Child Magazine about the condition.  She was the second person since then that I had met with this condition … it was no coincidence … God was up to something!

I offered to pray and told her about a girl in my church that been completely healed of anaphylactic reactions due to a nut allergy … I also said I had just learnt about the condition and that she was the second person in a week I had met with the condition since learning about it … I confirmed that God wanted her well.

She readily agreed to being prayed for, got us our drinks and then she seemed to disappear.  We finished our meal, me figuring she had thought I was a kook, when we noticed her sitting with a friend on her meal break … I fought the feelings of “kookiness” and the thoughts of potential rejection, reminding myself that it was no coincidence and God wanted her healed and I approached her and checked whether she still wanted prayer … she did and so I sat down by her and prayed.

I took her hand, and then felt to pop my hand on her tummy, she agreed, and as I prayed I received a number of words of knowledge about the start of the condition and the condition of her home life and the stress levels she was dealing with … I prayed around the issues and declared her destiny open … as I did her stomach felt heat … I told her that “Kate” or “Catherine”, which was her full name, meat “pure”.  I prayed purity throughout her digestive system and stomach, and I released the spirit of purity into and upon her … the heat continued …

I asked her to let me know when the heat stopped and I kept blessing what the Holy Spirit was doing … and as the heat stopped I thanked her for letting me pray.  I wished her well and we all went home, having found our treasure, released the healing hand of a good God, and had a family meal all in one …

I hope to see her again some time soon. I know that God does not want her to have a dreadful time.  I believe He would like her to be able to eat apples and onions and all other things that He created for our health and enjoyment … and I trust that she will be healed because He is a God of sugar and spice and all things nice for that is what my God is made of because …

God is good.


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