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They turned off the life support because he was dying…we prayed and he lived! A praise report because God is Good!

A few weeks ago a dear friend sent me a testimony of a bus driver who had a stroke moments after he safely arrived with a bus full of children who were heading home from school camp.

My friend, with a team of fellow Christians, prayed just as the bus was arriving, not knowing why they were praying, but responding in faith to a prompting from God. See link below for link to story.

It is my belief that these prayers stayed a potential tragedy on our streets … had he had a stroke while driving through heavy traffic with a bus full of children, many could have been injured … just like God to call in the intercessors (the prayers) and thank goodness those called to pray responded in faith, even though they felt somewhat foolish at the time …

To follow is an update on the bus driver.

Many of you prayed for him, and many have wondered how he fared … well here is more of the story …

My friend wrote me on Saturday 25th June 2011 saying …

Been meaning to send you an update on our bus driver!

He had the 2 strokes on the Friday and come Tuesday they turned off life support – he was dying and was not expected to pull through.

However, [my comment … I love God’s “howevers”!] come Thursday he opened his eyes and started saying words. He is now in rehabilitation and is starting to make sentences and his mobility is improving.

Praise God for your prayers and for those of others!!

I truly appreciate them. If they turned off life support things must have been pretty dire……

I’m still praying for him. I want him even better.

I am truly grateful for everyone who prayed immediately after his strokes as it looks again as though God “answered” our prayers-in the way we hoped for!

So … the moral of the story … our prayers count!

So please keep praying for full recovery of this man … I pray that God will “sozo” him … complete healing … spirit, soul and body.

Our prayers change lives for the better.  They heal bodies and heal hearts, they save lives, they save souls.  They are mighty and powerful because they are the prayers of a righteous people (James 5:16), people sanctified by the blood of Jesus Christ … our prayers count and cause change because …

God is Good!

Link to story:

*”Sozo” is a Greek word used in the original Biblical text which is often translated in different ways in our English Bibles.  I believe it is an all encompassing word which, when used, meant all that it meant in Greek … which means “to save, rescue, deliver, to heal … saved, save, healed, bring safely, cured, delivered, get better, made well, make well, saves, survive” … so by extension to have “sozo” means complete healing spirit, soul and body … which is what Jesus paid the price for … (as defined by Zondervan NIV Exhaustive Concordance, 2nd Edition, 1999) … so when we say “That if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the Dead, you shall be saved[sozo]” (Rom. 10:9); or, “for the son of man came to seek and save[sozo] what was lost” (Luke 19:10) we are in fact speaking not just of salvation for the “hereafter” but fullness of healing and health, spirit soul and body here and now on earth!

(thank you to James Heth’s comments at his blog for a lovely expose on the word “sozo” which also covers the ministry of “sozo” …)

Freedom – we have a right … but also a responsibility

In stopping for “the one”; in seeing the person before us; in calling out destinies; praying for freedom of others … freedom from sickness, disease, despair, hopelessness; in declaring God’s Goodness and Loving Kindness; in “…seeking first the Kingdom of God” (Matt 6:33); and, in walking in the knowledge that “…the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” (Jesus speaking in Mark 1:15) I sense that we are breaking free and stepping into who we are created to be, a new creation in Christ, a wonderful, glorious child of the Most High God, a carrier and deliverer of the wonderful news that Jesus Christ has come and set us free, to be all that we were created to be …

I know I must press into all that I am created to be … to not fold in on self, or pull back.  Indeed I believe that we all must do so … and I sense that it is essential we press forward on for our freedom … so others can and will follow.

I sense there is something in the spirit being broken into … a freedom that is essential for this wonderful move of God … a breaking open that will pave the way for others to be all they are destined to be … if not for you, then for the others to come … if not for the “others” then for your children … for they are watching you, and although you may be telling them that they were created for greatness, they are also watching what you are doing with your particular call …

For men, women, children to be all they are called to be, they must first be free … free of fear … fear of man, fear of failure, fear of success … We must fight first for our own freedom, for how can we say “come” if we are not at least on the journey … and then they may follow in our footsteps …

We cannot say “be free” when we ourselves are trapped.

Regardless of where the battle comes at us, whether it be in our homes, our work, our schools, the streets, we must press forward to gain our freedom that has already been won on the Cross … This does not mean violence or an overriding of others … it is not an aggressive thing against others, an overriding of their boundaries … but it is forceful.  “For the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force” (Matt 11:12) …

Fighting to be “free” means, I think, a decided purpose to discover who we are in Christ and to then to walk it out in its fullness … not allowing the fear of man or any other fear to stop us in being all we are called to be …

What is “freedom”? … We need to know because “ it is for freedom that Christ has set us free” (Gal 5:1 emphasis added).

I believe it is being all that we are created to be, regardless of who or where we are … to be all that Jesus Christ paid the price for.

To walk into our inheritance not only means a mental assent to the concept that we are seated with Christ in Heavenly places (Eph 2:6), but it also entails a walking out of all that we are purposed to be, all that God foresaw for us at the beginning of time.

For us to grasp who we are personally created to be (and that takes time spent with God, for He is the One that knows!), and to then walk into that identity and destiny … and to then also capture that we are seated with Christ in Heavenly places, and from that place of authority, walk into our destiny, means we will break forth into the glorious Truth of the risen morning star, the risen Son.  We will discover that we are sons and daughters of the Most High God, and as such have a right and a responsibility to press in and forward, and break into freedom, for what greater freedom is there than to be who and what we were created to be, in all its fullness?  And, if not for ourselves, then for those to come … I sense a battle afoot, and we must take a stand … so that His light may shine and His Goodness may reign throughout the world for …

God is Good!

Pay it forward … and together we will change the world

Last Wednesday (15th June) I had some things to donate to the op shop and I needed to buy some bread, but I was running tight for school pick up.

I said a quick prayer asking to see God’s favour with a good car park.  I got one just by the op shop. I ran in and out with my things and then M (my four-year old) and I went to the bread shop to make our purchase.

While there I was given a free sour dough roll (yum yum) and as we waited for our change I overheard that the person by my side was having trouble with the credit card machine … it would not work and she had her child waiting in the car and she was going to have to “leave it” …

I looked at her pile of bread and asked how much. It was only $12.15 … I grabbed the money from my purse and felt a strong anointing come as I paid for her purchase.

She was not “needy”, she was not desperate, in fact, she was clearly well off, but she didn’t have cash and the card machine was not working…

She looked at me and said “oh no” or something along those lines.  I said to her “receive the blessing”. Her bread piled high all cut and ready for her to take! She then looked at the girls serving and said she would drop in the money to pay me back.

I said “no – receive the blessing!” She continued to make objections and I smiled and said that it was “… a random act of kindness so just receive … “ She continued to object and so I looked at her and said … “if you must, why not ’pay it forward’?” She looked at me, and I could see she knew the movie.  The girls behind the counter nodded.  She said she wouldpay it forward”…

I left feeling the anointing. I checked with God that I was not meant to pray or do anything else. I felt Him confirm that this was all I was to do … release a random act of kindness, change the atmosphere, and usher in the Kingdom of Heaven. The act was not because she could not afford the food or because she could find no other solution … it was “just because”.

Just because she was loved by God … just because she was a fellow mum under pressure and time constraints … just because she was at the right place at the right time to be the recipient of God’s love … just because He sent His only Son to die for her … just because …

A small act of random kindness that will be passed on, and then maybe on, and then maybe on, and who knows … together, we may just change the world just because …

God is Good!

Note: movie is called “Pay it forward” released 2000

He was dying … but then he lived … because God is Good! August 2010

So many of us attend functions, schools, seminars … on healing, miracles, signs, wonders, God’s power, His will for our lives … We get excited, even convinced that we will use all that God has for us, but then we freeze, fear grips, or we are tired, want a rest, or just do not want to face rejection … or perhaps in the moment we truly believe we will step up and out … but then we get “busy” and we forget the thrill of feeling, hearing, learning about and from God … and life gets back to “normal” …

This is a story from August 2010.  It is a longer story but I think worth the read.  I had attended Randy Clark’s Healing School 1 in Sydney, at great cost and effort to myself, my family, and those that offered to help out while I was away.  I had prayed for a few people while in Sydney … seen a girl be healed of nasty hay fever (God is Good) and now I was at the airport … relishing the last few hours I would have to sit quietly with a coffee and start to read a book I had just purchased from the school.

God had other plans …

I went to get my coffee.  God said that I was to pay for the order for the people behind me.  I did.  They were shocked and blessed.  I was thinking about my book and the half hour I had to sit and read.

I then went to the desk to see if I could get a better seat – praying for God’s favour.  I got it!  I got a seat in the first row or two in economy, so that (as the girl at the desk said), I could get off and see my kids quickly after being away.  I felt to offer to pray for the girl.  She readily agreed and I imparted favour, received a word of knowledge that she was a single Mum (which she was) and prayed for her future, for a wonderful person to come, her “knight in shining armour” that would treat her as she deserved to be treated – a princess.  I also prayed for favour for her trip that she was about to take.  She responded amazed and I could see she felt truly blessed.  God is Good!

Again, thinking “that must be it” I wandered over to the gate with my coffee and book.  There was a really cute little “poppet” who kept smiling at me so I pulled out some biscuits and offered them, with the parent’s approval.

I made myself comfortable again and started to get into my book … when the girl nearly opposite me took a phone call and screamed and started to sob.  I tried to ignore it … someone else went to her aide and I felt that I just wanted to be quiet and read … but the prompting got so strong I put my book down and went over to offer to help.

Her name was H.  She was on her way to Melbourne.  Her dad had just come out of surgery for prostate cancer and she was going down to see him.  The phone call had been her sister calling to tell her that there were complications and that her dad was dying … his heart had stopped and they were trying to revive him and he was unlikely to be alive when she got to the hospital.

The other woman sitting with her was obviously a Christian and was comforting her well – far better than I could.  I thought … “well, I’ve been to Healing School, there was a word during the school for healing of prostate cancer and my own Dad had died of the disease … I had a right of pay back and I had the anointing for healing of prostrates because it had been released at the conference”.  I quickly explained this to her and asked if I could pray … and I did with the other woman looking at me as if I was crazy because I was calling “life and not death” … I thought to myself “what am I doing … what if he dies?“ but I kept on regardless.

With the prayer out of the way I gave her my card for support in Melbourne and said to her I would try to arrange for her to sit next to me on a seat further back, to keep her company … or she could take my seat to get her off the plane quickly, and went to speak with the hostesses.  Instead, they gave her a business class seat and promised to keep an eye on her throughout the flight …

We got on the plane and there was a very angry American.  He was very offended at me for having a large bag on board and refused to move his bag, even when the air host tried to get him to help.  I found somewhere else for my bag, refusing to get angry and offended back although I had felt shamed before everyone …  I had got on board late due to the “event” with H.

Once lunch had been served and cleared God made it clear that I was to apologise to the American and the fear physically spread up my lower back.  I apologised, especially since God made it clear to me that He did not want the American to carry an offence.  He forgave me, melting as I gave an unreserved apology.  I climbed back into my seat and again tried to settle to read, but as we started to ready for landing I got a head ache and so stepped out and asked if the guy next to me had a head ache … he didn’t, but after chatting I ended up praying favour for his family and kids and for an upgrade for him – he was travelling overseas and this was his first leg of the trip.  He said he would ask for a better seat on to the overseas destination where he was going after I told him about my favour with seating and another friend’s favour that I had prayed for an upgrade and who had received an upgrade to business class going to the States  … on tickets that “just could not be changed”.

And H … The long and the short of it … her dad survived and to follow are the emails that I received …

Sent: Tuesday, 24 August 2010 12:39 PM

We met at the airport on Sunday. I just wanted to say thank you for being there for me and thank you for your prayers. My dad is still fighting he is in intensive care but improving every day.

… you and the other lady were two angels by my side and I can’t thank you enough for being there for me.

When I got off the plane I found out that his heart had stopped and they had to resuscitate him, that’s why my sister got the call from the hospital to tell her to come in.

We are praying that he recovers, but he is still really unwell.

I just want to thank you so much you are an amazing person, and God bless you for being there when I needed someone by my side

Lots of love


She later wrote in response to my email:

 On 27/08/2010, at 4:11 PM

Hi …,

Thank you for your kind offer and for continuing to pray for my dad.

Our priest came past and read a few prayers for him, and you are right miracles do happen.

He [is] doing so much better today, his doctor can’t believe how well he is [emphasis added] compared to how he was on Sunday.

Thank you again …

And again she wrote:

Tuesday, 31 August 2010 10:01 AM

Hi …,

That would be nice thank you [author’s note: in response to my asking if she would like her dad prayed for by our church’s prayer groups]. When my sister called me last Sunday they took 20 minutes to resuscitate him, by that time I was on the plane and didn’t get the update of how he was until we landed. [Author’s note: she was told at the airport he would not live and to come straight to the hospital from the airport].

He came out of intensive care yesterday and hopefully will be home by the end of the week. Things are looking good my family is very happy and relieved how well he is doing, and he can’t wait to come home!

I leaveMelbourneon Saturday, but it has been nice spending time with the family.

Hope you and your family are well.

Best wishes


I am glad I “interfered”.  I am glad I stopped and helped, even though I could have left it to the other stranger that had gone to help.  The miracle happened while she was on the plane and she arrived to a father that lived … that was dying or dead in the natural when she received the phone call …

He was dying, but then he lived because …

God is Good!

Using what we have and giving it away … praying for Casey

On Monday 13th June 2011 we decided to head up to the local park as a family, so the kids could show me some new tricks they had learnt while I had been away.

We walked up to the end of our street and as we crossed the road to the park I saw a guy with a walking stick and a huge bandage over his right calf/knee. He was walking carefully and had obviously injured himself quite badly. I looked and knew I was to stop and offer to pray … especially since I had been away at a school of healing in Sydney for five days … what was the point of the time spent, the expense incurred and the seeking God’s power if I did not stop and offer … !

I walked back across the road and approached him, excusing myself, and said to him that obviously he had hurt himself. He said “yes”. I said to him that I was a Christian and had just been to a healing school and had seen many healings and miracles. I then asked if I could pray for him.

He said “if you want to…” so I introduced myself, and he said that is name was Casey.

I asked what he had done and how. I found out that he had torn his right calf muscle and that he had done it in some sort of fighting style sport (cannot remember what it was). I asked him if he had forgiven himself and the other person and he used the street version of “stuff happens” and so I asked if I could place my hand on his calf to which he said was very painful…

I knelt and prayed, placing my hand on the front/side of his right shin/calf. I felt the anointing and I knew God had wanted me to stop.  I asked him if he felt anything … he felt nothing.

I was hoping that he would feel fire, heat, cold, see angels, visions of God, fall under the powerful anointing I carried … well not quite, but I was hoping he would feel more than nothing, especially after nearly a week of learning and receiving God’s power.

I said “no worries … not everyone feels anything but they get healed anyway”. He said he did not believe in that stuff. I said that did not matter and prayed again – hoping he would feel at least something.

Again, he felt nothing.  I thanked him for letting me pray … stating “you never know it may be healed by tomorrow” … to which he answered that the injury would take 6 weeks to heal … I replied that he may just be healed sooner than that and again recounted a few more healing stories. I wished him well and crossed the street again to head off to the park and watch my children, that I had missed so much, play in the park.

I know God wanted me to stop. I know that God wants him healed. I know that he could be healed very quickly … and I know this all because …

God is Good!

A job obtained, a mentor called in and a house for A too … and prayer for the hungry seeking the Truth … Praise report and more! God is Good!

A couple of weeks ago I had prayed for A while having lunch at a place during a seminar I was attending at my church.  See link below for “A future declared … Saturday 21st May 2011”.

I was back at te same place to have lunch on Saturday 4th June 2011 and I was hoping to see A to hear what had happened after I had prayed. I went to pay the bill and there he was.  I confirmed that it was him and he immediately said my name.  I was touched that he even remembered!

I asked him how he had got on.  He said he had got a job – he started in July (in just over a month) and he said that now he needed a mentor.  I looked and said “would you like me to pray for you again?” He said “yes” and gave me his hand immediately for more.

I prayed and called forth his mentor – stating that the teacher appears when the student is ready and I declared that A was ready.  As I prayed I got a picture of a little white weatherboard home.  I asked him if he was planning to move.  He said yes early next year, perhaps in January 2012.  I told him what I saw and said that God wanted to give it to him.  I suggested that he not be restricted by the “picture” I saw, but I said “… this is what I saw – a little while weatherboard house, single story with a yard in front”.

I then prayed for the vision to be fulfilled, finished up and thanked him for allowing me to pray for him again, saying how delighted I was for him that it had all come about for him so well and that my prayers had been answered for him … I left with him grinning.

As I was praying I half noticed the young girl that had taken my lunch oredr.  She had watched me as I prayed and she watched me as I walked over to collect my bag from the table.  She came towards me saying that she was “searching” or “seeking” or something along those lines.  I looked at her and said “do you want me to pray for you too?”  She readily agreed – I could feel her hunger for the Truth.

I had gone to lunch with a friend and so my friend came along side of the girl too, who was called “H”.  I said to her that she was seeking the Truth and she agreed.  I let her know I was a Christian and she said she was a Greek Orthodox and I added that she was on a journey of discovery (or something along those lines).  I prayed for her and my friend agreed, each of us placing a hand on each of her arms.  I declared a season of fertility, and declared a season of joy for her, seeing bubbles coming forth from her spirit.  I prayed a blessing and called her destiny open.  I thanked God that she would find the Truth and the Truth would set her free.

I gave her my name and numbers and invited her to call, explaining where I went to church.  She seemed very hungry for the truth and I invited her to call and ask any questions that she might have.  I asked if  could give her a hug which she readily agreed to and so I gave her a big cuddle in the middle of the restaurant and gave her a kiss on the cheek declaring and confirming how special she truly was.

I hope she calls.  I trust she will.  And if not me, then someone else, for she is seeking, and as she seeks the Truth will set her free for she is ready and open to see that …

God is Good!

Link for “A future declared … Saturday 21st May 2011″

It’s not glandular fever or a chest infection … because God is Good!

On Tuesday 31st May 2011 I was tracking across the school oval to collect R from school when I got talking to a Mum of a child in R’s grade 2 class. Her son “S” was with her and had obviously stayed home.

I asked why S was with her and had not been to school (they were collecting his older brother). She told me that he was unwell and that the doctor had said that he either had glandular fever or a chest infection, that it would go either way in the next 24 hours and that it would be one or the either.

I felt God wanted me to offer to pray … well why wouldn’t He want me to pray that stuff is not from God! I offered and S’s Mum said yes … saying that she knew I did that sort of thing because a friend I had prayed for last year had told her that I was “really religious” – word had got around.

I placed my hand on S’s head and rebuked sickness. I cut the words spoken over him and released healing and health and blessing instead. I then stood by his side and placed my hand on his back and on his chest, feeling the “rattle” sound on the chest. I rebuked all infection and commanded his immune system to be healthy and well.

When I felt it was enough I finished praying and we continued to walk across the oval together. I said that I looked forward to hearing how S got on – the Dr’s were convinced that he was going to have one or the other – glandular fever or a chest infection. S was expected to have a blood test the following day.

By chance I spoke to the Mum on the phone 2 days later and asked how S had got on. She said that there had been no blood test, no glandular fever and no chest infection … Praise God!

She said it was just a viral infection and he would be returning to school the following day.

Well … all I can say is …

God is Good!

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