Stories of a good God

We had walked past an information centre while away last week for school holidays, and seen a lovely little purple and green hand knitted beanie in the window.  I brought it to 7-year-old R’s attention.  She liked it and so we determined to pop in before we left to see if it was a “fit”.

On our last day, remembering the hat, R and I wandered over to the Information Centre, hand in hand, so that she could try it on.  She looked gorgeous and I checked with God about whether we should buy it, also checking in my spirit whether it had been made by someone who was “ok”.  I got the green light and sensed that it had been “made with love”.

It didn’t have a price but we quickly confirmed the price and approached the counter to pay.   As I arranged payment I said to the woman at the counter that, while it might sound strange, I felt that the beanie had been knitted “with love”. 

She responded that there were more of the beanies in the op shop.  I asked whether the knitter was a Christian and as I did I felt I knew that she was the knitter … she looked at me and said “yes I think the knitter would call herself a Christian” … I said that we were too and that it was great if she was … I then looked back at her and sensing that she had knitted it I said “you knitted it didn’t you?” …

She smiled and teared up and replied “yes” that she had been trying not to let us know …

I looked at her and said “give me your hand I am going to pray a blessing on you”

She came over with tears in her eyes and I prayed …

I thanked God for her.  I thanked God that she had knitted the beanies with love; I thanked God for His love for her.  I then prayed that she would be blessed and thanked Him that all she put her hand to will cause her to prosper (Deut 30:9) and that she would know God’s love for her, I declared that this was the start of a season where she would know God’s love for her … I stopped and looked at her and said “He loves you very much” … I then continued and prayed favour … and then looked again at her and said “it has not been easy has it?” she responded “no it has not” and so I prayed more favour …

We left the Information Centre with her holding up her glasses to wipe the tears away … she was clearly touched by His love.

She had knitted with love, and I know God will visit her again and again with His love because …

God is Good!


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