Stories of a good God

I have a beautiful friend who ministers in church, and ministers in life …

She is a Mum of four, a woman of great wisdom and every time I get to speak with her I am amazed at how beautiful she is, how gentle she is, and how wise she is … she just oozes wisdom, especially regarding the issue of raising children (see her blog on raising kids at: ) … and I hazard a guess she does not even know how just being with her, how just listening to her is full of gems for life, gems that are freely and abundantly given …

Well, I was fortunate enough to be able to drive her home the other night, and as we drove she told me about how she had been arranging dinners for a woman whose husband had been receiving treatment for cancer.  The woman had said that she was doing ok with meals, but my friend said that she did not just want this woman to do ok, but to be abundant…

The dinners come from my friend’s circle of friends and she asks people to advise her when they will be cooking for the family, so that there could be some sort of organisation to the timing of meals for this family in need.

One day a woman came to her with sausage rolls.  The woman said that she had felt to cook sausage rolls.  My friend looked and thought “sausage rolls!? Sausage rolls … for dinner?” but, with the grace that she does all things she gratefully accepted the gift of food for the family, and hoped that it would be received well.

She took the sausage rolls to the family and gave it to the wife who received the meal with thanks…

My friend was later told by the woman that her husband, that night had said earlier something like … “you know what I really want for dinner … I really want sausage rolls “ … and the woman had thought “I just cannot manage sausage rolls “ … and then my friend came with sausage rolls for the family’s dinner, feeling that it was somehow inadequate, but in fact it was just what the man who was battling with cancer wanted … what he really wanted was sausage rolls for dinner!

God knew what that man wanted … He knew what that man needed …

That one act of receiving the sausage rolls that had been made with love, that were received with doubt but with faith and love, and that were then given with love … told that man and his family that God knew what he wanted, God knew what he needed, and that God cared … that He was keeping them in the palm of His hand …

What that man wanted … was sausage rolls for dinner …

And God delivered.

Sometimes it is the little and simple things that impact and communicate God’s heart the most effectively.  We may have no idea why we are doing something, but the simple little promptings from a loving God, followed in faith can have the biggest of impacts …

In delivering the sausage rolls, my friend was delivering God’s love … and that family knew beyond a doubt that …

God is good!


Comments on: "What he really wanted was sausage rolls for dinner …" (2)

  1. Dayle said:

    This is an amazing and encouraging story of God’s love and care for each of us.


    • I agree wholeheartedly … it is even the little things that God cares about, in the midst of storms … like kisses of encouragement to show He is there and cares … 🙂


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