Stories of a good God

Yesterday (Thursday 10th November 2011) I was heading home from kindy drop off and I remembered that I needed some basics of food.  I checked about stopping on the way home, since kindy time is usually my “date with God” time.  I queried God about stopping at one supermarket and got the very faintest impression of a car park behind a local fruit/vege/meat shop in the area, and it really was the faintest of impressions.

I hesitated but thought that I would drive there, double checking with Him that I should not stop at the large supermarket, which made more sense.  I drove to the area of the car park that I had the impression of and got the sense that there would be a really favourable car park for me to run in and out.  I drove slowly up the lane and thought … “there is the car park”, figuring it was a blessing for me …

I hopped out of the car, and briefly glanced back over my shoulder, and as I did I saw Katy (her name, as I found out later), a young girl in an oversized pram, all hunched in on herself, small, bent, screwed up in the face and hands and arms and legs all huddled and crunched together in a little mass …

There was no clear “yes go pray for her,” I just did.  “She could be healed!” I thought and so I stopped, turned around and walked up to the pram where the mother was loading the car with her shopping, her daughter huddled, a little mass of limbs, under a little light jacket, to protect her from the slight chill in the Spring wind.

I smiled at the mum quickly explaining that I was a Christian and I offered to pray.  The mum said “sure you can, others have, but you go for it” …

I quietly asked what had happened and was told that Katie had been a completely normal little girl at the age of two.  She said that she had taken Katy for her two-year old injections and after this time Katy had started to “fold in on herself” … she had stopped growing and withdrew internally, into herself so to speak.  I asked what the doctors had said about it and she responded saying that the medical profession had refused to listen to her, telling her that Katy’s condition was purely due to a “time bomb” in her … that she was missing an enzyme in her brain …

I listened, introduced myself and asked if I could lay my hand on Katy.  She said “sure”, and so I bent down to Katy’s level and introduced myself , placed my hand on her and invited the Holy Spirit to come.  I felt the Holy Spirit come and in the chill of the wind I released healing in the name of Jesus.  I prayed for healing and a rebalance of hormones and enzymes.  I said, whatever the cause, be healed in Jesus name.  I prayed for Katy to be made whole.  Her mother mentioned that Katy had started being very fearful a few years earlier and had withdrawn even more, and so I rebuked that spirit of fear and released peace.  I also released Katy into her destiny, “seeing“ her as she was destined to be, not the little huddled shell that she was, but the young, amazing, vibrant girl that she was meant to be … that she was destined to be …

The mother told me that she believed that there would be a miracle, that Katy would be healed one day.  She said that many people had said that Katy would be healed before her 15th birthday, and she told me that Katy would turn 15 in a few weeks time … she said how refreshing it was that I did not beg and plead with God for her healing, as other Christians had … she then said that she did not believe in God anymore … how could He let this happen?  I listened, without judgement, and gently suggested that God was not the author of this, that He did not “let” this happen, and that Christians, as people left in charge, we, us Christians, were responsible for praying  … she was not convinced, and I knew it was no time for a theological discussion.  Instead, I told her of a friend of mine who, only the day before, had told me the testimony of her son and how he had been healed of cerebral palsy.  It had not been an instant miracle, but a gradual healing … and I now note how important it is that we all share our stories for we overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb and by the word of [our] testimony (Rev 12:11) …

I then asked God to do the same again for Katy … and prayed some more. 

When I sensed it was enough, I asked if I could give Katy a kiss.  The mum agreed and I kissed her on the cheek, quietly telling this young girl that she was beautiful … I turned and asked the mum if I could give her a hug, my heart went out to her and all she had been through … she hesitated and said “no” telling me if I had not asked and just done it she would have been ok …

The mum then suddenly said “we nearly called Katy, _____ “ and it was my exact name.  I looked at her astonished and said it was no coincidence, thinking to myself first of the deaf girl, with a close variation of my name, and then Katy, who was going to be called my name … “no coincidence!” God was up to something.

I thanked the amazing mother for allowing me to stop her and pray for Katy.  I wanted to pray for her too, but knew it was enough, so I did not offer.  I gave her my number and the name of my church so if she decided she wanted more prayer for Katy, she knew where she could go …

I went on my way, praying for Katy, and her mum as I went.  I collected my shopping items and went home, knowing that what had just happened was no coincidence.  I had been set up again by God.

I have received prophetic words about the “strange cases” being healed.  The deaf girl and Katy were both an invitation to step into my destiny … however, regardless of me … what I was even more aware of was the sense of responsibility and of my own ineptness … I started to pray for more power and anointing and I very quickly received the response … you have the anointing … just step into it … so I then said … well God I need more power …

We have all been called into the ministry of healing as we go … We are all called to stop for the one and set them free … We are all called to be like Jesus … We are being transformed, and as we are becoming more like Him, how else do you suppose we are going to truly discover who we are until we step out into the very basic ministry to which all believers are called …

And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak in new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover (Mark 16:17-18)

I am not suggesting that we should drink poison or run around picking up snakes to prove this … but I am suggesting that we all should step out and give “laying hands on the sick” a go, and keep giving it a go until …

His word says I will lay hands on the sick and see them healed … I have the power to lay my hands on the sick to heal … who am I to refuse to believe God’s word … who am I to hold that back from someone like Katy …? If her mum had said “no” at least I had given them the choice to receive or not … I have no right to hold back what I have …  and so I step out and “do the Fathers business” and in doing so I am sure that I will see that …

God is good!


Comments on: "And the meaning of her name was “purity”…praying for Katy in the car park" (4)

  1. You are so brave! I love your stories, I love your child like faith in a loving Papa who sees and cares for each one! The people you come across are so blessed! I am sure they think you are an Angel after you are gone. God must love them so much to entrust them to you! Your stories inspire me to step out too! To take time to listen and include this Wonderful God in every aspect of my every day life. I now have stories to share, your stories, as I reach out to pray as well.
    Bless you!!!


    • Thank you so very much for your encouragement and comment! That is what the blog is all about … sharing the stories, the triumphs and the not such glorious times … to encourage others to step out, to equip (through sharing my and other’s “wins” and “losses”); and, to empower others with stories of a marvellous God, so that they too have testimonies of God’s goodness and grace to share, impart, release, and ask God to do again … and again … and again … and He will because … God is Good! Love you and blessings!


  2. This post is a five star in my opinion. THANK YOU for the testimony and the teaching.


    • Thank you for catching the wind on this one … God seems to put a little lesson in most of these for me, and for those that have “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” … and you have a hungry, and loving heart so very ready to receive … so I pray Jesus increase the hunger for this beautiful woman of God and I will enjoy hearing about your exploits with a loving God.


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