Stories of a good God

I had the pleasure of catching up with a very dear friend this morning. In fact she is more than a friend, she is indeed a mighty woman of God and an inspiration. In any case, I had the pleasure of seeing her this morning.

When we catch up I normally see her at a shopping complex half way between where she works and my home; but today, we decided to catch up closer to her work.

We had a chat, a coffee (well I had tea and some more breaky) and there was a beautiful young girl that was serving us. When she came close to our table, I could feel the Spirit of God moving … I noted what I felt, said nothing, and thought perhaps I needed to offer to pray for her before I left.

Our time of catching up came to an end, I said goodbye to my friend and got myself sorted … as you do when you travel with a four-year old …

I chatted to God to see if I should stop to offer pray for this girl, and did not feel compelled, but as I said “thank you” to her I looked in her eyes, and stepped out in faith, and said to her “you may find this strange but I wanted to know if there was anything that you needed prayer for?”

She looked at me, tears forming in her eyes and said “why do you ask?” I said I was a Christian and had felt the Spirit of God all around when she came over to the table and wanted to see if there was anything that she needed prayer for …

She looked at me wide-eyed, and, after dealing with a few delivery people in the coffee shop she quietly said to me that she needed direction in her life, she wanted a new job and that she was a Christian but had drifted away from God …

I introduced myself and asked her if I could pray that her destiny would open and I told her a few testimonies including the story about the dad that I had prayed for that had got the job (link for story and praise report) he had been waiting on for 9 months within days of praying for him … I then told her about someone I prayed for in that very coffee shop months ago, who had the same thing happen (see link for story and praise report) she said she knew the person and said “yes, that would be great” … and I then suggested that she may want to ask Jesus back into her life, to which she replied “yes I do”.

I prayed for her, and prophesied favour and blessing. The Holy Spirit was tangibly present and although she was obviously shy about the public nature of being prayed for, she could feel Him all around her and she struggled to hold back the tears …

I declared her destiny open, shut the door on the past, called in favour and a great job, and then prophesied that, like her namesake, Esther, she was called to greatness and to a place of great authority. I prophesied that she would enter a time of soaking in God’s presence and from there she would discover her God-given identity in all its fullness … I then invited her to pray and make a re-commitment to Jesus … and she did, in her own words, quietly saying she wanted Him back in her life, apologising for leaving, and asking the Holy Spirit to come and fill her … she looked up at me and I affirmed her, gave her my number, the location of the closest church in the area, which just happened to be my church too, and gave her the service times …

I left the shop thinking how she had been on God’s heart. She had just shifted down to Melbourne from Brisbane a few months earlier …

My friend and I never usually catch up in this shop, but this morning we did … God loved Esther so much, He wanted her back in His world … and so He showed her His love in a tangible way by sending someone to ask if she needed prayer (and I nearly missed it!) … and she instantly felt loved by Her Creator and wanted Him back in her life …

God cares about the little things … He cares about each and every one of us …

My son asked me, as he watched the movie Nemo later that day, about why Nemo’s dad kept searching day and night for his son. I said, “well if you were lost I would search day and night too, because I love you”… and as I said it I realised that God does this as well … yes, I know that God knows where we are at all times, but that does not stop Him from seeking us out …

Just as I love my children, so God loves His, in fact He loves them even more … He loves the ones who know Him as their Daddy, and the ones who don’t … he loves the ones who are with Him and have never left, and he loves the ones who once knew His embrace but for whatever reason have left is side …

God will never cease looking for His children, calling them home to Him, and when they are home He lavishes His love upon them … His goodness and love follows us all the days of our lives (Ps 23:6) because…

God is Good!


Comments on: "Coffee, Chats and Commitment … coming home to a good God" (2)

  1. Praise God for loving Esther so very much. This is one of the most encouraging posts. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Blessings!


    • Thank you for reading (because I know it takes time) and thank you for stopping to encourage, for that too takes time … the harvest is ready and ripe … as Jesus said, we just need to pray for the workers … 🙂


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