Stories of a good God

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.

(Habakkuk 2:14 NIV)

I love celebrating God’s goodness.  I love hearing about the breakthroughs, the healings, the goodness, the miracles … it encourages me to keep going, to keep stepping out and offer the Kingdom of Heaven to others – to believe the promises in the Bible for me, my family, my community, my country …

I love learning from another Believer’s journey … because in every story there is something to glean, to learn, to consider … just as in the parables, there is always a hidden gem …

I love celebrating with people on breakthroughs.  I love hearing the prophetic words over people – it is a glimpse into who they have been created to be by God … and in knowing that I can then encourage them to step into that identity, into that call, and I can adjust my “lens” to see them more in the way God sees them …

There is a woman on the other side of the globe, who celebrates God’s goodness too.  In the natural she is a stranger to me; even so, she is a sister in Christ, who loves Jesus with a passion … and so there is a connection …

I found her when I found a story of her son’s healing, by mere “chance” after posting one of my blogs.  The story was of her husband stepping out and praying for her son in a busy airport.  In it she honestly reflected her embarrassment as her husband prayed in public, and she shares her surprise and delight at her son’s immediate healing …

She celebrates the little things, the kisses from God, like gifts of candles from friends, recognising God’s hands in the gift because they were just the right fragrances …

She celebrates her children’s prayers being answered

And she celebrates when her family is freed of debt  in miraculous ways …

And, after reading about one of my stories where I stopped and prayed for someone in the hospital recently, she took the time to encourage me, a stranger from the other side of the world, and sent me a similar story … of how a stranger stopped and prayed for her son in emergency.  She was a brand new Christian at the time … it was a gentleman, who prayed, after which her son “mysteriously” got better – very quickly … click here – it is worth a read

What stories are you keeping to yourself?  Whose stories are you grabbing a hold of and asking God to “do again”? He is no respecter of persons, so if He has done it for one of us, He will do it for another …

I believe that we here in Australia need to get over the “tall poppy”syndrome, and yes I know it is dying, but we all need to get on with telling our stories about a Good God … and in doing so the earth will be filled with the knowledge of His Glory … We will encourage each other to live as Christians … as mini Christs … because we are all empowered to do so. 

Why not step out and tell some stories, encourage some others, tell some non-Christians of His goodness, tell other Christians of His Goodness … just talk about Him and who He truly is … how He protects, loves, delivers and heals … in this life … He wants it “on Earth as it is in Heaven” … (Matt 6:10).

And, we should be telling the stories and celebrating all that He does for His family, for His kids, because …

God is Good!


Comments on: "Celebrating and sharing the Goodness of God the world over…God is Good!" (4)

  1. Thank you. I can not tell you how much this post surprised me. You are very kind.

    You have encouraged me so much that I recently made a “testimony” category on my blog because I believe there will be so many more to share and I commit to do so. God is so good. We just can not keep quiet about it. Too many people are searching….they have to know how great and loving He is!


    • Hello and belated Happy Thanksgiving! A “testimony” section sounds wonderful … people in Melbourne Australia have taken your testimonies and prayed for the same break throughs … they have been greatly encouraged, as have I so … lets go viral with God’s Goodness the world over! The power of the tesimony is a mighty thing (thank you Bill Johnson), and to share them is to share potential because each break through radiates with God’s loving intention towards us 🙂 … because God is Good!


  2. Beautiful story, ty for sharing. I came across your blog from another person, I must admit your name caught my attention and pull me in. GOD IS TRULY GOOD. GOD BLESS U 🙂


    • Hi! Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for the encouragement! And as your recent post suggests … we can loose the love of God upon others because … God is Good!


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