Stories of a good God

Who is waiting for you to bother … who is waiting for you to be who you are? 

I have been accused of taking too long to “tell them” about God’s Goodness … what are we waiting for?

We change atmospheres.  We change realities.  We bless as we go …

We don’t have to …

We get to …

As I have mentioned previously, my daughter has recently changed schools.  I had thought, maybe hoped, that I could perhaps “fly under the radar” for a while … but God has us all positioned for assignments as we go … where ever we go … healing, loving, encouraging, giving … we are the salt and He wants to sprinkle us through our society, where ever we may be, to release His fragrance … to make a difference.

A few weeks ago I had bought my daughter’s teacher some flowers for International Teacher’s Day.  I also wanted to thank her new teacher for taking extra care of my girl, and for going well beyond the call of duty.  I got her some pink roses, colour as chosen by my four-year-old son, who declared to me that the roses had to be dark pink “because she is beautiful!” I readily agreed.  On this occasion I had gone, but I had missed her, so I left them at reception with a girl who popped them into a vase and left them on the teacher’s desk in the hope they would last the weekend – they did.

Two weeks later, on Thursday 17th November 2011, Mrs R kept “popping up” in my mind and so I started to pray for her.  I knew that she had not been well and as I prayed I felt to purchase some roses and I “saw” a picture of red roses.

I argued on this one with God, wondering if it was just my imagination … but, feeling it was something God wanted me to do, I did it, feeling a bit of a dill since I had only just bought her some flowers only two weeks prior …

I knew that these roses had to be red since they were a gift from God, a gift to say “I love you” …

I was running late for pick up on a very hot day, and told God that he better make it possible for me to get there on time!  I rushed into the school, late, in the heat, with my four-year-old in tow and ran to the classroom … no Mrs R!

I ran to reception and spoke to the girl there … no Mrs R! … she had gone home early ill …

I lifted the flowers to show the receptionist, feeling foolish, and the receptionist smiled and said “oh no not again”.  I smiled, rapidly backing away after leaving the flowers with her, and explained I was a Christian and had felt that Mrs R was still not right and had been praying for her and had felt to get the roses to encourage her in a tough time …

The receptionist said she would immediately email Mrs R and let her know about the roses, that she would be thrilled … and confirmed that she would not be in the following day due to the illness …

Suffice to say, I was really embarrassed and was a tad miffed at God … He knew she wasn’t there … perhaps I had got the timing wrong, perhaps I had got it wrong, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps … and then I thought … well I knew that He had wanted me to do this, so regardless I had tried to be obedient … and I convinced myself that it really did not matter that I was fast on the track of being dubbed the “crazy Christian woman who keeps giving the teacher flowers when she is not ever there to receive them”.

I kept praying for Mrs R.

The following day (Friday morning) I got an email …

I just wanted to express my thanks for the beautiful roses, you are extremely thoughtful! Hopefully a few days of rest will have me feeling back to my usual healthy self.
Have a lovely weekend and thanks again!
Kind regards,

I responded saying:

You are welcome – in fact it was on a “gut feel” that you were having a pretty tough time, and as a Christian family we like to encourage people when they are having such times, especially when they are put on our hearts to pray for them as you have been for me (this reads very awkwardly and I had hoped to verbally explain) … in any case, I have been praying for you as prompted, and felt that God wanted to give you the flowers and little chocolate … a “kiss from God” so to speak to encourage you in whatever you are dealing with … but as I said, much easier to verbally explain than in writing.

I have learnt through experience that when I feel a prompting like I did yesterday it is best to act on them, rather look like a dag (authors note: “dag” is an Australian term meaning “look silly”) than miss it …

Rest well, and have a lovely weekend.

I thought “I will explain better when I see her next, but either way … I have shown my colours! “

The following Monday I went to pick up and had a really tight turn around with ballet and tennis for the two children.

I was a bit early and Mrs R came out to me to say “thank you” again … and I confirmed that I was a Christian … that the first lot of flowers had been from me to say “thank you” but that the second lot of flowers were from God to say “I love you” … and I went on to explain that I had been praying for her, I had sensed that she had been ill and had been praying for her when I felt Him tell me to get the flowers (and a silver heart chocolate) to let her know that she was “on His mind” and that “He loved her…!”

She looked at me in shock and said “was it instinct?”

I said “No, its called being prophetic, hearing from God.  We can all do it …” and I felt the Holy Spirit swirl around as I spoke … she could too and she teared up …

She said it was amazing.  She said that a colleague had dropped the roses off for her that night and that it was so strange because “it lifted Friday afternoon” (her sickness, whatever it was) and from that time on she was fine … she had put 2 and 2 together and realised the timing of the prayer, the roses, the email …

She stared at me and said “stay there, I want to talk to you some more”… and she dismissed the children …

I knew I was late … but I also knew this was “a God appointment” and so I put my own agenda on hold, and waited …

She came back to me and looked at me again … and said “I want to know more …” so I told her again … I had felt to pray for her, had got the flowers, had missed her, and felt a dill, but the flowers were from God and it was His way of letting her know that He loved her … that she was on His heart, and I confirmed that we could all hear from God … she was still teary … and said over again more than once … “that someone would bother”  She said that she had felt loved, she had felt cared for … and she had felt “so touched that someone would bother”…

Just then a child through a temper tantrum … she got flustered, and even though she came back to me the “moment” was gone for her … but I know it was a “moment” she will never forget …

Who in your world is waiting for you to bother?

Who in your world is waiting for you to stop and care?

Who in your word is waiting for you to step out and take a risk …?

There is risk in stopping for the one … a risk of being laughed at, rejected, mocked …

But then there is also the “risk” that we may just impact a life for God … they may get healed … they may feel loved … the deaf may hear … the lame may walk … the mute may speak … the dead may be raised … His love may be released … if we will just stop and try … if we will choose to step into who we are all called to be as Christians …

We must be people who are bothered … we must learn to stop for the one because …

God is Good!


Comments on: "Who is waiting for you “to bother”? Healing and roses from a loving God." (4)

  1. Last night my Pastor touched on this a bit in the sermon. He spoke of the fear of man. That when we allow others opinions or words to affect what we do or don’t do, that we are demonstarating a fear of man.

    Perfect love casts out all fear…..

    How freely you live for Him and His glory. I really love to read your God stories. 🙂


  2. Hi Jessie. thank you again for your encouragement and I must say that you have been such an incredible encouragement to me to keep posting the stories at times, so I thank you!

    Perfect love does cast out all fear … secret is not really a secret … get so filled up on Him and His presence, His love, that you “leak” … let Him fill you with His heart and start to dare to believe the Word for you, and you are driven to stop for the one as you go … because what if they say “yes” and what if they are healed? How can we keep it to ourselves …?

    And, I have to say, it was in Florida that I first started doing this … it is so open over there, people are so receptive to stopping and being prayed for … and so I gave it a go there, and was so desperate to see the healings and the miraculous break out in my own life that I had to take it out to anyone who God showed me to stop for and it is such a buzz when you feel the Presence of the Creater of the Universe come and touch someone in such a dramatic beautiful way that they weep, are healed, are touched, give their life to Him … and even the ones who feel nothing … they too are healed, are touched … some even just feel grateful that there was someone that cared enough to offer, even if they say “no” they note that you believed enough to stop and offer and even in this they feel loved because … God is Good!


  3. 🙂 You have a very wonderful uplifting blog here. Like you I wish only to be a blessing to my brothers and sisters, everyone, for the Lord. Though what I write may not be very cheerful at times, yet I pray that the messages of hope, love, faith, and blessing always come through. Be forever blessed by the Lord, our Savior and Friend, amen.


    • Thank you for your encouragement. God will fulfill your heart’s desire and you will be the imparter of hope, love, faith and blessing, especially as you allow Jesus to fill you with His love, as you overflow with His presence … as he overshadows you, which He will, He will release you into the fullness of your blessing, destiny and giftings in Jesus name because … God is Good!


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