Stories of a good God

Hearing God’s voice as we go … to be in His Presence as we walk out our every day life, to hear and step in time, in tune, with His heart beat is surely one of life’s greatest pleasures and delights …

Even when we are listening … even when we hear … we can still miss the mark … He loves us thoroughly, regardless …

Last Friday I placed an order for fruit and vegetables.  As I did felt an inclination to place an order for some friends that were due to return from being overseas the same weekend …

I emailed a query about delivery times, our delivery cycle was for Tuesday, their area was for a Thursday and so I used “logic” to figure I must have heard wrong, since by Thursday these friends would well and truly be home from holidays and would be organised enough to have their supplies in the fridge … I also figured I could place the order later since their cut off time was a few days later than when I was ordering, so I figured I had time …

Yesterday, the following Thursday morning I sent a text message to my friend and received a text back saying she was ill, and had no food in the house and had done no shopping …

I instantly felt a pang of regret …

I texted back I would pray and with a full day scheduled I rang the organic company knowing full well that the cut off date was past and that they would be packing their boxes, for their last day of delivery before the Christmas break of a month … it would be a miracle to be able to arrange a box of produce!

I rang, explained my dilemma.  Thankfully they related, since they are Christians, and promised to do their best, but that they had really only bought enough produce for the current order cycle since they were shutting after this run for Christmas … I prayed for a multiplication of food and waited …

About an hour later, I received a call and was told they had enough for a small box of produce with a few extras …

So, I arranged for the delivery.

The family that received the box were delighted, but I still apologised to them for missing the mark … I knew I had needed to order a bigger box, not delay the obedience, but to hear and obey, and so they had not received their full blessing …

The moral of the story … even when we listen, and hear … we can still miss God’s voice, His will.  My role is to be obedient, not “logical”, because we really do not know what is going on in other peoples’ lives … our choice to obey immediately, or not, can impact others dramatically …

Now yes, I acknowledge that this was not a life and death situation like the bus full of children story, but still …we are a body and we need to support one another … we need to listen and obey … for …

… if you love Me, you will obey [Me] … (John 14:15)

I could have erred on generosity, rather than logic (I’d rather “miss it” and err on the side of generosity and kindness) … if we believe we hear from Him, and we all do, and if we feel we are being asked to do something that resonates with His character of loving kindness, generosity, abundance, encouraging, uplifting …then we cannot go far wrong …

Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ. (1 Corinthians 12:12)

And, as a body we need one another … with Christ as the head

From Him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. (Ephesians 4:16)

So we need to obey, we need to encourage one another, bless one another, up hold one another … in the natural and in the spiritual with prayer … and if we do the unity and love that we show for one another will radiate His glory for …

God is Good!


Comments on: "Even when we miss it … God is Good!" (5)

  1. Yes, he is Good! God Bless:)


  2. All of these experiences are learning experiences. It would be easy to beat yourself up over a missed opportunity, but God doesn’t do that to us. Thank God for grace that He extends to us all.


    • Yes, I agree! And, as well as being called to be an obedient servant I am also a “Most Beloved Daughter” … however, the people here in Australia also want to know about some of my “misses” so to speak … although I believe every lesson learnt, every attempt made, is a success … I also thank you for your encouragement 🙂 thank goodness God is Good!


  3. It seems that the Lord has granted you the purpose of being a personal blessing to others; and you seem to be truly faithful to His calling 😀 Be blessed forever, and the Lord is indeed truly good!


    • Thank you for your encouragement! He has called me to be a personal blessing to others … as I believe we are all so called … we are to be His Body in a hurting world 🙂 we are all called to release the Goodness and Love of Jesus Christ where ever we go, as we go because God is Good!


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