Stories of a good God

Last Saturday I attended a Healing Workshop where Joaquin Evans (Bethel Church, Redding, California) had been teaching on healing (click here for free pod casts of the healing workshops – when in click on “Launch Media Player” and you can access the teaching … they are brilliant and full of fantastic testimonies!).

During the first session healing for pelvis’ was released and so I stood and laid hands on myself – I had been diagnosed with pelvic instability (very rare) during my two pregnancies … the second pregnancy I could not walk to the end of the street at 16 weeks and required a wheelchair to go to the shops … suffice to say, at the time I had not grasped fully that healing really was available in the Kingdom of Heaven for me …in any event, I stood to receive the fullness of healing, knowing that the anointing for the healing of pelvis’ was in the room and I was going to take it for all it was worth …

After the sessions, having thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and feeling refreshed from being in the tangible presence of God … having received impartation, I went to collect my nearly five-year-old son from a birthday party.  While saying our goodbyes a girl I barely knew from the kindy came and spoke to me, showing me her new one-week-old baby boy … As we chatted she mentioned that she had been struggling with pelvic instability … not an extreme case but, nonetheless, nasty!

I thought “No coincidence!” …

I had been set up again … for her …

So often we receive impartataion and then its time to step out and give away what we have received … and if we do … it WILL increase … so we have more to give away … and more to give away … and so on and so on …

I had stood to receive pelvic healing me (I am healed, but occasionally it would twinge), when in fact God was releasing it upon me for others … I was to give it away …

I offered to pray, explaining I had suffered the same condition, wanted pay back and the bible promised me a 7-fold return on all that had been stolen (see Proverbs 6:30-31 and Psalm 79:12)… and that I had just been to a healing seminar where healing of pelvis’ had occurred …

To my surprise she agreed … and so I stood in the drive way with people milling around, laid my hands on her hips and prayed, releasing healing in the name of Jesus.

She felt warmth, and as I prayed I recounted the story of A whose two broken legs were healed the year before (click here for story of prayer and here for related praise report 1 and praise report 2).

She told me when the warmth subsided as she tried to check it out that she would let me know how she got on.

As taught by Joaquin Evans that morning, I suggested she take note of any improvement, no matter how slight, and to thank God for it … She agreed she would …

I am looking forward to seeing her after the summer holidays … in February when our school and kindy go back …

I am looking forward to hearing about God’s loving kindness in healing her pelvis …

I am looking forward to receiving 7 fold pay back for all the pain I went through in the form of other people’s healings …

I am looking forward to the 7 fold increase of anointing …

I am looking forward to giving away the “healing of pelvic anointing” that was released while Joaquin spoke … and I know I will give it away again because there will be more opportunities to do so and as I give it away I will see people healed of the very thing I endured because …

God is Good!


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  1. Glad to see a post from you again. I am also glad to hear about how God is working in your life. To God be the Glory…He is good!


    • Hi Derek. Thanks for your encouragement! It has been a while, not the regularity that was my “commission” but thankfully we serve a loving Father who gets the busyness of Summer Holidays and kids … just had a chat with a friend who downloaded and listened to the workshop and immediately after a testimony met a guy with a sore leg … so her kids prayed for him, having just heard the testimony of healing on the second session of the workshop of a four-year-old praying for a sore leg and seeing it healed … same size Holy Spirit in the little and the big … think of the power contained in your mighty household of 6 🙂 God is Good!


  2. Thank you for your post. It is so good to hear how God is moving in your life. It is most encouraging. It is my pleasure to tell you that God Is Good has been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award. Enjoy the honor and check out the details on
    Have a wonderful summer holiday with your children!


    • Dear Pure Glory Team … thank you for the honour of nominating God is Good for the Veratile Blogger Award. Thank you also for your kind wishes for great summer holidays … leaving tomorrow for family holiday to local sea side town … 🙂

      I will set up the award when I get back … in my “About” page I mention that I am really not that savvy with computers … blogs … tweets … and so I will seek help to get it set up so watch this space for a mention and public thank you …

      In the meantime, we really have the globe covered North to South … or South to North … and as we all together in unity, saturated with His love allow Him to direct our ways and light our paths we will release His Glory and “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea”. (Hab 2:14) because God IS Good!

      Blessings … and watch out for those moose!


  3. 😀 Congratulations, your blog has been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award. See my blog at for further details.
    Though I know you have been recently nominated for this, yet you deserve another, and many more others. Though my list of blogs I follow is fairly short, yet I would still nominate you for most any blog awards that I would be granted the privilage of sharing. Be forever, and ever, and continually blessed.


    • Hi there 237 Blessed … thank you so very much for the nomination. As I wrote to Pure Glory, I am going away for summer holidays with the family to a local sea side town (:-)), and on my return I will get some technically savvy people to help me set this up … as my “About” page states … I really am learing all this tech stuff “as I go” …

      Also – I would love to suggest that you are not “overly senstive” but “highly senstive” which is a special gift and trait that makes people amazing … God gave you the sensitivity and insight ability and so celebrate it … being instense and/or highly senstive is a wonderful thing when guided by a loving God …

      Also … been praying for J … how is that all going?

      Blessings! God IS Good 🙂


    • PS: thank you for your continuing encouragement! It made my day! 🙂 Blessings, God is Good!


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