Stories of a good God

Last Tuesday I was at the local shopping centre with my two children on our last day of holidays … we had just finished shopping for my little boy’s kindy bag … and were on our way down some escalators to see a movie as a final holiday “hurrah” …

The following day I had a funeral to attend – the funeral of a friend’s mother.  She had fought off breast and bowel cancer years before and had been diagnosed and fought brain cancer last year but the fight had got too much and she went home to be with Jesus.

As I turned to go down the escalators, heading off to the movies … with just enough time to get an ice-cream and settle into our seats … I saw a woman with her three daughters follow us down the escalators, with the tell tale sign of a scarf around her head – I immediately thought of my friend’s mum and sensed it was breast cancer … I knew I needed to offer to pray …

At the bottom of the escalators I turned and spoke to the woman, indicating that I could see she was dealing with a serious illness.  She said she had breast cancer – it had been tough!  I offered to pray explaining that I had been praying for many people that were battling breast cancer recently … and she agreed. 

As I prayed she felt heat cover her body, she got very hot from the head down …

I finished and thanked her, looking to her three girls, and as I did I asked if I could pray for them too …

The three girls held hands and stood before me in a line … I held their joined hands in mine and prayed for them.  I prayed for courage, peace and joy and as I did I started to receive “insight” into each of these three beautiful girls … and I began to call forth their destinies …

I looked at the eldest and prophesied into her future, telling her that I sensed she was bold, strong and noble … a tower of strength (I looked at the mum and she nodded in agreement).  I suggested she needed to continue to walk to her own drum beat regardless of what others around her were doing … that she was created for greatness … to continue to stand tall and strong … regardless of peer pressure in the next few years …

I turned to the youngest and I could feel her sweet compassion … she was gentle and carried the weight of the world on her shoulders … the mum nodded again in agreement and I told the young girl that God had created her sweet and gentle, that she was very precious to God and I prayed for her to have wisdom in what burdens she picked up, and to find wisdom for the burdens she cast down … I then prayed and asked God for this wisdom, for protection and for the strength to know how to set boundaries and say “no” when she should …

The middle daughter was standing and I could feel the pull on me of her desire to be “seen” by God … I had a moment of panic, but then settled, reassured that God would not leave out one … because God never leaves any of His children out of His plans and purposes.  As I looked I laughed and said “you are a bold one and you have a mighty gift of healing …” and I turned to the mum and said “you should get her to lay her hands upon you and pray healing in the name of Jesus” … I could feel she was fiery, full of passion – her mum smiled in agreement …

I hugged the girls and turned and asked the mum if I could hug her, she agreed and I thanked her for permitting me to pray for her … and for allowing me to prophesy over her girls …

The three of us … we got to our movie … my little boy had prayed that the movie would not start without us … and it didn’t.  We got our ice-creams; we got to our seats and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on our last day of holidays together …

But, I may add, even if we had run late, and I discussed this with my daughter later on, what a privilege to pray and call forth the destiny of three beautiful girls … what a privilege to speak out Gods design and to pray healing for a woman, a fellow mum … a fellow human being … that is fighting for her life against a disease that we have the answer for … all in the name of Jesus …

Who am I not to stop?  Don’t we have the cure?

For there is healing in the name of Jesus … so … who am I not to stop?

We must offer what we have if we truly believe who we are …

There is healing in the name of Jesus …

We have the cure … we have the solution … if we will just believe and stop as we go and release … the cure, the answer is in the name of Jesus …

So, let’s co-partner and see Him receive His just reward … as His Bride, as His friend, as His servant …

We have the answer … we have the cure … in Jesus … SO let’s offer Him to the world so that they too may see that …

God is Good!


Comments on: "Calling forth the destiny of the next generation…God is Good!" (12)

  1. Jennifer Vidal said:

    Mark 9:23 “‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for him who believes.”


    • Hi There. Thank you for reading, and your comment … the choice is to believe … and the challenge is to put that belief into action in stepping up and out … but with Him all things are possible … because God is Good!


  2. Then Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.”- Acts 3:6 – The way you ended this post reminded me of that story. We do have much to offer, but it has nothing to do with us. We need Jesus, He is the answer.


    • Yes … I agree … I am weak YET He is strong … If we will stop to notice “the one” as we go and offer the little we have (which is mighty and powerful … for it is the Kingdom of Heaven) then “the one” we stop for just may take up their mat and walk … And if they do not, then they have at least had a love encounter, for many that I stop for comment on just the fact that anyone would bother!

      Regardless of outcome, I believe, it is for us to offer, for them to accept if they wish and God who will move … for He is Good!

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment! It is most encouraging!


  3. Reaching out in compassion to this mother and her daughters was life changing. I am sure that they will never be the same. Your stopping and not hurrying to the movies made all the difference. Thank you for sharing. 😀


    • Thank you for the encouragement … changed lives … changed destinies; in accordance with God’s will is what it is all about … well that’s what I believe anyway … again, thank you for the encouragement!


  4. So I’m thinking I need to head down under and hang out with you. Your boldness inspires me.


    • Yes … I think that is where you may be heading to get infected … 🙂 although I think you are already doing an incredible job where you are …!!! Stepping out with clarity and boldness before many and being vunerable to cause an entire shift to the culture of your church’s womens ministry!


      • And I thank you for your constant influence to the heart of God. Iron sharpens iron and you are the iron in my life.


      • And you are a constant source of encouragement! Thank you! God is Good!


      • PS: I have tried to comment on your recent 3 posts (which I love) but am having trouble .. something my end, and will give it another go later today … 🙂


      • Another friend of mine has had the same problem today and I am not sure why. I have tried to get into the dashboard and see if anything is off, but I can’t find anything.


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