Stories of a good God

Just after New Year’s my husband and I were in town taking advantage of the sales.  We had finished up in a store and were paying for our purchases and as we did I turned and spoke to a family fresh from the shores of Ireland.

The mother had spoken to me earlier, as I had tried on a summer dress.  She was kind and full of energy and enthusiasm.  Her daughter and husband were with her.  The woman and her daughter looked like they were going to the races with their pretty summer dresses on, heels and huge sun hats … gorgeous but quite out of the ordinary for shopping in inner -city Melbourne.

As we paid I overheard their daughter’s name – it was the same as my own daughter’s and so, taking the “hint” from God I checked whether I was to “stop for the one” and offer to pray … I was … and so I mentioned the “coincidence” …

I asked the young girl if she knew the meaning of her name, she didn’t, and so I told her and as I did I offered to pray for her …

I asked her parents if I could pray and the parents agreed – good naturedly.  As I prayed a blessing I started to prophesy over her … I asked her whether she was 11, she was, and I started to speak into her future … the next 10 years that would be so very pertinent to her growth and future …

The parents watched me … my husband watched them …

Later, my husband mentioned to me that he had the feeling that the mother acted a bit as if the whole deal was a bit “cute” … until a moment came when there was a shift of attitude from the mother and her focus became intense.  I believe it was possibly when the anointing became tangible, as I started to move into calling out her daughter’s destiny … when ever and what ever it was … there was apparently a definite shift of attitude …

I finished the prayer and smiled, thanking the daughter and the parents for allowing me to pray.  I asked if I could hug her and he parents agreed and as I finished hugging the daughter the mother threw herself into my arms, eyes full of tears and thanked me with an intensity that caused me to take a step back (figuratively speaking) … I was a bit overwhelmed … she was so grateful for what I had said done …

Having not been aware of the parents joking attitude at first, but discussing it afterwards, I realised that obviously some transaction had taken place that was significant for the family … I had felt the anointing … but it was obvious later due to full-on response from the mother …

We left with our goodies in our hands … business shirts in bag and a new summer dress 🙂 …

And, this lovely Irish family, that had just reached our shores to live, left with God’s promises for their daughter … His encouragement for a good future in a foreign land, where different pressures would come to play out on her life as compared to a life in Ireland, and, as I pointed out to the young girl … God obviously loved her a lot if He was going to put it onto my heart … a stranger’s heart … to stop and offer to pray for them to call out details of her inner beauty, to call out her potential and future promise …

The future is good for this young girl … and I trust and hope that she will always remember that God loved enough to speak to me about her … He let a stranger “read her mail” and call out her future …

I trust it will be an encounter that she remembers when she doubts her worth … I encouraged her that she was significant enough for me to stop, sense the heart of God for her and to step out and offer to pray … even though it was uncomfortable for me to do so …

I trust the same for her mother … when she doubts …

I trust that through this encounter with God that they will remember and hold dear in their hearts that indeed

God is Good!


Comments on: "Stopping for the Irish…Stopping for the one…God is Good!" (4)

  1. Ireland is a long way from Australia. I would suppose having someone reach out to them was encouraging to them.


    • Maybe. I was just a random stranger and left presumably never to see them again so I just figured God touched the mother’s heart as I prayed given that she started off finding it cute but something shifted and she got quite intense … either way … God is Good 🙂


  2. Speaking abundant life, to the young girl, affected not only her life but her parents. The love of God for this girl and her parents shines. Thanks for letting us share in your God is Good life!


    • I thank you for commenting, continuing to encourage, and for continuing to read! It is a privelege to share Gods goodness … and I figure we all need to keep declaring it … until his the earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea. Habb 2:14 🙂


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