Stories of a good God

I was scooting in the morning sunshine with my little boy, on my way to meet a beautiful friend for an impromptu quick coffee.

As I went I felt God nudge me with the idea that I was to pray for the business, for the coffee shop, and bless it … I noted the “nudge” and went on my way …

My friend has set her heart to live a naturally supernatural life (see link for one of her stories), and so we had a thoroughly good time telling each other about what God had been doing in our lives, in other’s lives through us, in others we knew … telling each other testimonies that encouraged immensely …

The quick catch up was over and I went to pay.  As I did I asked the man at the register whether he was the owner and whether I could pray and bless the business.  He agreed to prayer, even though,  as he told me, the business had been blessed when it was opened, since he was a Christian.

I was delighted to hear he was a Christian and I told him what I had felt God say to me as I had scootered to his shop.  I took his hand and invited the Holy Spirit to come … and as He came I felt the anointing and started to get words “pop” into my head …

I sensed the word “decisions” and so I asked whether he had to make some decisions to make … he did …

I then heard “negotiations” and asked if it he was in the middle of negotiations … he nodded …

I then asked whether it was around the lease hold since I had heard the word “lease”… it was …

And so with the topic of prayer established, and sensing “M’s” faith rising, I smiled and told him that I felt that this was the issue that God had wanted dealt with, the lease hold negotiations, and that this was what I was to pray about … and so I did …

I declared favour, favourable outcomes, blessings on the negotiations … favour in the deal … favour for the owner “M” and divine wisdom in the name of Jesus … I then prayed cancellation of debt, favour over the business and favour over M, calling forth favour with God and favour with mankind … all the while M looked at me in surprise …

I quickly finished up and smiled saying that God often had me stop to pray for businesses, and that they were indeed blessed after being prayed for.  I also mentioned that it was clearly the lease hold issue that He had wanted me to deal with  and I said that I looked forward to hearing how it all went …

I waved goodbye, leaving the store with my son and my scooter, full of encouragement and revelling with the delight of seeing and experiencing yet another example of how very good God is …

I will post the outcome when I find out, for I often have coffee there …

I know the outcome will be good, because God’s will had been released over the situation … God wanted a favourable  outcome for the negotiations … if He didn’t why would He have told me to stop and  pray and then given me the words of knowledge around the very issue of concern in M’s life?

This was easy … it was on my way … it was natural … and it was fun  …  it took no more than a few minutes of my day to stop, pray and release the favour and blessing of God to others …

We have a good God. 

We serve a kind God. 

We know a God that cares about the outcome of things … like lease hold negotiations …

We have a God that cares about blessing, favour, healing, salvation, restitution, restoration, abundance and love …

He cares about us … and those we do life with … as we go!

We have a God that loves us, but also wants to get out of us and into the world … will you let Him out?

Join me, and allow the world to see that …

God is Good!


Comments on: "Blessing a business…blessing negotiations…God’s will be done because God IS Good!" (9)

  1. I was talking with some middle school students on Friday night about the significance of our relationship with God. I think so much is just taken for granted. The prayers are somewhat weak because there is a reverence lost for who God really is. God does care about us in greater ways than is often realized. He walks with us in the journey, whatever that looks like.


    • I agree … and think that perhaps it is because there is not a real relationship with a real living person and therefore prayer is thrust out to a concept rather than the Creator of the Universe … once people start to taste and see that He is Good … they start to see that the “coincidences” are not mere chance happenings and that He is reaching to to have more than a casual relationship with us … then the prayers start to change … just a thought … maybe external processing but would love to know what you think …


      • I think your assessment is accurate. When prayer is seen as something we do out of routine, it loses the relational connection. Can you imagine what would happen if we treated family members like that? If we just said, “hello” to them in the morning because we felt like we had to. I think that would change many relationships. A relationship with God needs to be about a personal relationship, not keeping a bunch of routines. Those are my thoughts on it.


  2. Oh, I LOVE this. I ook forward to the revealing of the outcome.


    • I went there yesterday and looked a the owner and said well? and he nodded and indicated all good but there were too many people around to ask specifics so I will wait to hear, if they are happy to share … 🙂


  3. Love how you are following the lead of Holy Spirit and making a difference. It is good to hear. I am sure the owner has a wonderful praise report of how God is so good! Thanks for sharing.


    • I think they may … I popped in yesterday and got “the nod” that all well and hopefully I get a fuller picture when it is less busy … it is so much fun following the promptings of the Holy Spirit … it makes life a real adventure because God is Good! Thank you again for reading and the encouragement!


  4. “naturally supernatural” reminds me of Sid Roth. smile. that’s wonderful.


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