Stories of a good God

So often we are encouraged to step into all that we are called to be, to be all we are designed to be, not only so that the world may “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8) … but also so that the rest of the Body can walk into its identity as Beloved Sons and Daughters and function in fullness …

This is a story of one part of the Body, blessing another part of the Body … by just listening, obeying and going … taking the time to stop for another, in love.

We host a night in our home on a fortnightly basis where we invite God to come.  It is a safe environment for those that have been impacted by God on the streets to come and explore What, or rather, Who they encountered.  Some are new Christians, others have been Christians in traditional environments but are hungry for more, and still others are not yet Christians but want to know more.

One of our group, a beautiful woman who has been exploring a new Christian life, has been walking in miraculous synchronicity with her loving God.  She has been on a rapid journey of discovery, and she has desired to really step into who she is in Christ…wanting to hear, obey, and respond to Him.  In the midst of this time a person special, and close to her died.  Naturally, she has been sad.

Unbeknownst to us she had started to wonder whether she was “good enough” … we have all been there … and while we know we can never be good enough the doubts about who we are can erode the truth and shake us to the core.  This can be especially so when we are vulnerable, such as at times of loss.

At about the same time, on Monday morning, I saw another friend from our group who said she was heading off to buy this first friend a bunch of flowers.  She had a “God assignment” and she was off to do as called …

We found out on Tuesday evening, that this second friend had visited four florists.  She had known she was to buy the first friend a bunch of roses and that the roses had to be pink … but it took four florists to find just the right shade of pink …

She dropped them off, knocking on the door and giving them to the first friend, who then recounted on Tuesday night that the roses were the exact shade of pink … a bluey  pink … that she had just days before cast upon her uncle’s body at his funeral, prior to him being buried …

It was also the exact shade of pink of a rainbow she had seen another time te morning after she stepped out for the first time, doing as God had bidden her do… 

As she told the story, I could feel God’s love for her and I said: “what do you think God was trying to say to you through these roses being just the right shade of pink?” … and she looked at me and said

“… He loves me …”

And so it dawned on her that she was truly loved … just because … not because she was “good enough” … but, just because …

So I will ask, will the real Body of Christ please stand up …?

When we reach out to one another in love …

When we reach out to the world in love …

I believe the that the world truly does … taste, and see that

God IS Good!


Comments on: "Will the real Body of Christ please stand up? Being the Body, blesses the Body because…God is Good" (2)

  1. I agree we need to do a better job of loving one another. The world notices these things. So much time is spent on ourselves that others get left out. It is a shame and a far cry from what Jesus called us to. Another great story, thanks.


    • Hi Derek. Thank you for your encouragement. John 13:34-35 has always resonated for me … “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” … our love for one another is another witness to the world … so we can continue to encourage one another to love each other … as a verb … an action …


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