Stories of a good God

I was returning some PJs last Wednesday, and collecting a surf board as a surprise birthday gift for my husband …

Kevin Dedmon from Bethel Church, Redding California had been to our church a couple of weeks earlier and there had been an impartation through the laying on of hands on the Sunday night … ever since I have been aware that I needed to grow all that God had planted in me … and I was on the look out for someone to pray for, a God assignment to continue to water and grow the seed within … to give away what I had been entrusted with …

I walked past people in wheel chairs, people with slings on their arms and wondered which one, thinking about “the call to arms” and decided to return the PJ’s first and stop on my way back through … feeling a bit guilty I tried to listen to what He was directing me to do, while quieting the fear of failure …

I headed into David Jones (DJs) and a woman I had prayed for before served me.

We got talking and joking about it being the day when women could propose to men …

As she spoke I felt God’s prompting for me to pray …

I asked for her hand saying I was going to pray for her, and she mentioned how I had done so before a couple of years ago …

I started to pray and prophecy over her … calling her into her future, “seeing” what she had endured and calling out the gems, the gold within … as I looked into her eyes and released God’s words of love for her she started to tear up …  I did too …

God had seen her, God knew what she had been through, and He loved her, He wanted the best for her …

I finished up and could feel the strong presence of the Holy Spirit around us.  I felt I needed to kiss her on the forehead and I leaned over the counter, placed my hands on either side of her head and kissed her gently on the forehead letting her know that her Father God loved her …

The flood gates opened as she was kissed … she removed her glasses and as she wiped the tears away she said “gee that was powerful …”

I mentioned to her about our group that gathered regularly to learn to hear His voice, to sit in His Presence, a group of people like her that had been touched by God and wanted to learn how to reconnect with a loving God … she asked for my number again …

She may call and come tomorrow night for our next get together … she may not … but the door has been left open and she has been touched again by her loving Father in Heaven … she has tasted and seen, very powerfully this time that …

God is Good!

Click here for Kevin Dedmon podcasts – Sunday services and teaching in a seminar all free of charge through our church website


Comments on: "DJs, PJs and tears … God is Good!" (6)

  1. I like the name of this post. All that aside, it sounds like another productive day.


    • Thanks Derek. Sprinkling the goodness of God as we go always makes it a great day because we always get caught in the overflow 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for the link of podcasts.


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