Stories of a good God

The last few weeks have been frantic … and the entire family have been stretched to accommodate more … hence, I love dinner times, especially  when they are quietly enjoyed by us, as a time to chat, laugh, bond and generally stop for a moment near the closure of a day …

Tonight, we were having dinner after another very busy day.  We were enjoying each other’s company around the dinner table .. telling each other what the day had held – there have been many, many triumphs and we were discussing these, when my daughter got off her father’s lap from a cuddle, went to sit on her chair, and as she did she started complaining of a really sore foot …

To be honest … I was irritated! 

I was not feeling really sympathetic, I wanted to feel sympathetic, but really I was feeling I just wanted an uninterrupted dinner and so I felt mildly irritated at the complaint … I did not want to have to deal with another “issue” …

I sat down at the table, put my hand on her arm and said somewhat ungraciously …

“Pain leave now … in Jesus Name” …

To my surprise and delight … my daughter instantly smiled and said:

“Mummy … as soon as you touched my arm and said “pain leave now” the pain left” …

I said “oh … that’s good” feeling somewhat guilty for being irritated and a bit shocked since I felt nothing as I did it.  in fact it was a rather flippant prayer … more out of irritation than anything.  I had felt I had to do something and so pray I did … without much expectation at all … and the pain had instantly gone!

At bedtime I was tucking her in and started to pray with her.  She lay there in the soft light and said “Jesus really is amazing you know … “

She then went on to recount all the amazing things He was doing in her life … and went over many of the amazing things He had done in her life …

I sat and listened in awe and said “yes, He truly is amazing”

She then said to me “He really does love me you know …” and I agreed … and, as I sat and listened, I thought to myself …

God is Good!


Comments on: "“Pain leave now…” a flippant prayer answered instantly because…God is Good!" (4)

  1. It would appear that whole event had something for both you and your daughter. As a side note, some of our best faith conversations happen at dinner time.


    • Hi there. the encounter certainly had something for me … that God will move regardless of me 🙂

      I agree too … the best conversations are often around the dinner table … which is why as a life choice we have decided to make such a priority … especially as they get older …


  2. I can relate to this so much. I often catch myself irritated with little things involving the children, esp. after it gets late into the evening and things “interrupt” my plans. I hate to even admit it.


    • I know … I admittd it because I figure we have all been there and the transparency encourages others that we do not have to be perfect for God to move through us 🙂 because … well … God is Good!


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