Stories of a good God

We had an unexpected hour or two alone after church one day and so my husband and I decided to head down to a local bay side restaurant and have lunch.

We got a window side table and enjoyed the sun drenched views of the water and beach and we ordered our lunch, and waited for our meals to arrive.  As we did, I went to the “ladies”, aware of being on the look out for any people to pray for after having heard Kevin Dedmon preach the week before at church (see podcast for 19/02/2012).

On my way back to my table I saw a young mum with a baby looking, with her husband, for somewhere for to change their child’s nappy.  They were obviously first time parents.  I saw them heading towards the bathroom and stopped them saying … “there’s no change table in there and you can’t do it on the floor in there, just wait a minute …” and I went to the concierge at the front desk and asked permission for them to change their young child on the couch, away from where everyone was sitting.  They got the nod, and I went to sit down, noting as I did that there was a woman at a large table of people with a tell-tale scarf around her head …

We enjoyed our lunch and as my husband took care of the bill I noted that the girl with the baby had sat with the woman with the scarf, and I said to my husband … “I have an assignment over there, I will go and do that while you take care of the bill …” and without thinking too much I walked over to the large group of people.

I approached the table and leant down to the woman with the scarf and quietly said …

“excuse me.  I am sorry for interrupting your lunch.  I am a Christian and I can see that you have been battling with a serious illness and I wanted to know if I could pray for you …”

I went on to say that people in our church had been seeing people healed of all sorts of conditions …

She immediately agreed and said that she had been battling breast cancer.  I said that it did not surprise me that it was beast cancer, and I explained that I often seemed to be prompted by God to offer to pray for women with breast cancer …

I asked her name as I took her hand and she said my name is “B”, to which I smiled at the “coincidence” and said “… oh, you have the same name as my mother-in-law …” She nodded and then said and this is my daughter “B” to which I took a retake because it was my name too … the exact version of my name … it was not a shorted version of anything it was exactly my name  … and the “daughter was the girl with the baby I had helped before …

I explained the coincidence saying “that’s my name too!” … I was surprised and delighted, knowing that this was clearly an assignment from God …

I turned back to the woman and held her hand and felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit come.  I commanded the cancer to leave and released “healing” and “health” into her body … declaring that there is no cancer in heaven and so therefore it did not belong in her body and I prayed as Jesus taught us to pray in Matthew 6:10, for it to be “on earth as it is in heaven” … for her body to be made whole and healthy, and for all side effects of treatment to cease.

When I finished I thanked her for allowing me to interrupt their lunch and for allowing me to pray … I wished her well, gave her a kiss and we went on our way …

As my husband and I walked to our car through the heat of the day, I mentioned the strange “coincidence” of the woman having his mum’s name and her daughter having my name and how it was the same girl I had helped earlier …

I said “well I trust that something happens for her … it was so clearly a God assignment … I will never know though” and I felt a little despondent knowing that I may never know the outcome, having stepped out through the discomfort of interrupting a large group of people and having knelt and prayed for this woman before a table full of strangers …

My husband responded saying “well you were obedient” and he then said laughing “I believe that what you did will cause that whole table to buzz and will cause a discussion to erupt in that family, a discussion that I believe will stir things up and they will have to address some issues about God” …

I agreed, and shrugged my shoulders, and said … well, the results are none of my business, what was my business was to stop and offer to pray … and leave the rest up to God … and I smiled as we climbed into our car knowing that whatever the outcome it was not a waste of time because God so clearly had wanted me to stop and knowing full well that …

God is Good!


Comments on: "It was no “coincidence” and the results are His because…God is Good!" (2)

  1. These stories always amaze me. God is in the details time and time again. Praise the Lord.


    • This one freaked me out a bit 🙂 but it sure was a sign to me that I was in the right place at the right time … God is Good!


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