Stories of a good God

We are having our floors resurfaced in our main living area of our home, after many years of life’s wear and tear. This necessitated moving all furniture and family out of the area for a week – effectively requiring us to find somewhere else to stay … and so we took the opportunity and headed down Great Ocean Road along our rugged, and very beautiful, Victorian coast line.

We left a day late, life being what it has been recently … too frantic, too busy, too stressful, and we arrived midday Saturday.  On our arrival we hurriedly got ready for our inaugural wander on the beach, with plans to stop and have a Devonshire tea (well scones) at the conclusion of our beach walk …

As we went down the stairs I saw a man and his wife waiting for the lift on the ground floor.  He was not quite elderly, but he had a walking stick and so I called out to my five-year-old to not hit the lift button since someone downstairs needed it more than him … he loves going up and down the lift even though it is quicker to take the stairs.  I walked on through the foyer smiling at the couple and gathering together my children, not noticing anything else in particular …

My husband had mentioned that we had forgotten something and so I said we would wait on the beach for him as he went back to the apartment …

We waited … and my husband seemed to take an extra amount of time …

Eventually, he ran onto the beach and said he had stopped to pray for someone … I laughed knowingly and said “it was the guy with the walking stick wasn’t it?”

He said “yes” and went on to explain that he had noticed him and immediately felt God’s prompting to pray for him.  Trying to ignore it he came down the stairs, realised he had forgotten something, went back into the apartment and as he walked back out of the apartment he walked straight into the guy and his wife who had got out at the wrong floor … or so they thought … my husband knew better … it was a God appointment for him!

As he told the story I said I had seen the guy but had thought nothing of it except that he needed the lift more than my son … in comparison, my husband had seen him and knew that he was meant to pray from him, and even in trying to ignore the prompting, God had set the encounter up in a way that was unavoidable and so to not stop would have been blatant disobedience …

And so, my husband obeyed, stopped and offered to pray … knowing that this one was definitely for him

The couple happily agreed to the prayer and my husband prayed what he felt God was prompting him to pray … that he would have lightness in his step and that their time would be filled with unexpected favour …

We are all being called … more and more … it is not just the ones and twos that are called to release Heaven on earth … but all of us who believe … for Jesus told us how to pray … “on earth as it is in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10)…it’s not hard … but it is challenging …

There is a surge, a ground force, a wave arriving and hitting the Body of Christ … people are choosing to display God’s love in tangible ways … they are taking “risk” … which is walking in faith (thank you Bill Johnson) … and choosing to offer God’s goodness, His kindness, His blessings to the world at large … and, as the Body of Christ rises up to be all we are called to be, God’s goodness will be displayed and atmospheres will be changed with His glory, with His goodness … and I believe that even if nothing seems to happen at the time they have at least, as Heidi Baker puts it, had a “love encounter” … they will know that God loves them enough to send someone to them to stop, go out of their way and offer to pray …

The results are God’s … our place is to listen, stop and offer … their choice to accept or not …

A swing and a hit or a swing and a supposed miss makes no difference … every attempt matters, every attempt is a success …  just to swing, just to listen stop and obey God’s prompting will affect the atmosphere, will affect the nation … just as a bat that swings and misses causes shifts in the air around it … so too our obedience in stopping for the one … just stopping and offering makes the difference …

As we offer, seeds are scattered …  the rest is up to a loving God … and the results, no matter what we think … are always good if we are acting out of obedience because we serve a good God … a kind God … a loving God … we may never know the outcome of our obedience or the outcome of our display of love and compassion, but we can always be sure that through obedience we change destinies, we change people, we change nations because …

God is always Good!


Comments on: "This one was for him because…God is Good!" (6)

  1. I love this….and had to chuckle at the scones. We desperately need our floors redone, but it is on a long list of desperatelies and not the squeekiest wheel at the moment. I keep throwing rugs over them!

    “Oh Lord, help me to listen and stop and offer. You are so good!”


    • The irony … not my assignment … It was a bit if an in joke between my husband and I too … he always thinks they are my assignments … but they are not always for me … 🙂

      Floors were desperate … With the drought in Melbourne breaking a lot of repairs are required … the floor just one … Bedroom ceiling next on the list before it falls in 🙂 … while you have a little one or two as a priority over floors right now.

      And, your assignments are out there … just ask Him for some and He will give them to you … in the meantime, from what I can gather you are pretty good at hearing and responding 🙂

      Be blessed mighty woman of God!


  2. Obedience is the key to it all. Being willing to step out of the comfortable and let God do the work is important. The opportunities are endless, if we open our eyes. — Scones…well, some of them are alright I guess.


    • Obedience is the key … And i believe through it we discover who we are … As for scones … I think American scones are different to English scones, or the ones i saw a friend eat with breakfast in Boston years ago were at any rate … English scones, which are what we eat here are slightly sweet and are very yummy with jam and cream and a cup of tea or a cafe latte … we may have some for morning tea … 🙂


      • I guess there would be a difference. We like coffee here and scones can be dry, at least the ones I have had. Americans probably like donuts better anyway. Boston has some other pastry items, but I very rarely eat anything while in Boston. Of course, I am usually at the hospital with someone while I am there. I guess I need to explore a bit more.


      • Devonshire tea scones should never be dry and crunchy (yuk) … they are a bit denser than donuts but not as sweet, a bit like fluffy bread, made from flour egg butter and milk … They rise in the oven like little cup cakes and warm with a little jam (your jelly or fruit preserves) and whipped cream they are delicious … although a really good cinnamon donut with coffee is always a treat too 🙂


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