Stories of a good God

Fun with Tradies

Here is a story from a friend of mine who steps out with Jesus every day. He is a young husband/dad, on fire for Jesus, and is taking God at His word … that greater works will he do in Jesus name (John 14:12). He is giving this “stopping for the one” a go … read and be blessed … because … God is Good!

Gr8erworks's Blog

Well, thought i had better start another blog. Haven’t done any for sooo long. Have so much too tell. Too much in fact. Thats probably why I haven’t had time to blog and its easy to get out of the habit. Anyway, this one particular day I had been feeling like it was a power day. To explain this; I have themes at times. Some days I just know God is healing people with displays of power. So, my antenae is tuned to finding people with either obvious physical issues or words of knowledge for healing. Today happened to be one of those days. I have other days when Holy Spirit is just encouraging people with prophetic words and prayer. Of course it can be either and I have decided to live my life in a way as to be ready no matter what He is doing. It is heaps…

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