Stories of a good God

Easter Saturday I was set up by God to “cross the chicken line” by being given an assignment to pray for an elderly woman in a wheel chair.  She had got up and walked off into the shops after prayer for an injured knee, leaving her daughter-in-law and I standing beside a wheel chair she had gleefully left behind (click here for story).

I left the story at this point – the elderly woman happy and apparently healed of all her pain and discomfort … shopping … and while I had finished there, so much more occurred …

If you did not read the post click here to read for the context …

After the elderly woman trotted off to shop I turned to her daughter-in-law who was in awe of what had just occurred, and as she watched she explained that her mother-in-law did not believe in God …  she was breathless at how amazing it all was, and how God had shown His hand to an unbelieving woman …

I gently placed my hand on the daughter-in-law’s upper back, behind her shoulder, where I felt God direct me to touch her, and I asked if I could now pray for her.  She nodded enthusiastically, still watching her mother-in-law walking through the store with a big smile … and tears began to fill the daughter-in-law’s eyes.

She turned to me and as I invited the Holy Spirit to come a strong sense of God enveloped us.  She started to openly weep and I started to sense some of what she had been through.  I asked her/said to her … “you have been through a really tough season, but I sense that God is saying it is a new season … a season of joy, and hope, …” and with that I commanded all darkness to leave in the name of Jesus and released life and light into and over her.  She gasped and looked up at me and said with a smile that in that instant she felt a heavy darkness lift off her and she said she felt light … and that she felt full of light and hope … I smiled and said that Jesus wanted her free … that He came to give us life in all of its fullness, and to give it to us abundantly (John 10:10) …

I continued to pray as I felt led, and cut off all generational curses in the name of Jesus.  I then released a blessing over her and her family, declared her destiny open in the name of Jesus and asked God to release the stockpiled generational blessings that were there over her and her family.  She stood and wept some more …

As I prayed I felt some of the strength of God’s love for her, it was powerful and strong and I found myself getting teary … I asked if I could hug her and give her a kiss on the forehead, to bless her with the Father’s blessing  … she agreed and so I wrapt my arms about her and kissed her gently, releasing the blessing of the Father over her and as I gently held her she sobbed some more as we stood by the wheel chair in front of the store …

She eventually quieted, looked up at me, and I gently explained that while I believed that God wanted her mother-in-law healed,I felt that the appointment was in fact for her.  I went on to explain that I had been waiting for them to come, that God had wanted me to wait … and as soon as I had seen them I knew they were the ones I was to stop for and offer to pray …

She continued to cry and as we stood talking, unbeknownst to me, her son and husband came up behind us.  She took my hand and earnestly and asked if I would bless her son, as I had done for her.  She turned to her husband and explained all that had happened … pulling her son over to me … and she quietly explained to me that they did not believe either, but would I please pray for her boy …

I turned, expecting a little boy, and instead was before a young man, taller than me … who was, I found out later, 23 years of age.  I asked him if I could pray for him, explaining what I would do.  He agreed, and so I laid my hand on his arm and invited the Holy Spirit to come … knowing and trusting that, although he, his father and grandmother did not believe in God, God loved them regardless because always, and through and through …

God is Good!

to be continued …


Comments on: "Crossing my chicken line…the lame DID walk…part 2 … releasing a word of hope and life – God is Good!" (8)

  1. don’t leave me hanging – I am so looking forward to the next instalment! Thanks so much for sharing your stories. They’re a great blessing, challenge, and encouragement.


    • Hi Beth. Thank you for your encouragement. I do not usually leave the stories half told, but it was such a long one that I thought it best to break it up into each person’s encounter to make it an easier and quicker read … I will post the next one asap 🙂


  2. Thank you for sharing how you crossed the chicken line. You have a real talent for leaving the reader anticipating the next episode. You following Holy Spirit is a real challenge for me to do the same!


    • Thank you for your encouragement yet again. I look forward to hearing about one of your attempts at “crossing the chicken line”… maybe I could post it as a story, for every attempt is a success 🙂 and every effort to listen and obey a reason to celebrate …


  3. God is good!!


  4. Isn’t it always to be continued? I mean that works well with this and all stories of God’s work.


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