Stories of a good God

A couple of weeks ago I was at my son’s kindy and saw one of the mums standing outside in the cold, looking miserable with a snuffly, red-nose.  She was clearly full of an infection. 

I stopped and asked how she was doing.  She said she was standing outside so as not to infect anyone inside with her cold… so she was standing in the drizzle, in the cold wind, out of concern for others …

This girl is one of those beautiful people … a heart of service and kindness, caring for others as well as caring for her two young children … always with great patience and love …

She went on to explain that she did not seem to be able to shake a string of infections that kept on hitting her chest …

I empathised, and told her my story of continuous illnesses for over more than two years, illnesses that just kept coming.  I went on to tell her of one woman, one special friend, who started to pray for me daily and the infections immediately stopped (“the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective” – James 5:16) …  

As I told my testimony I felt the familiar prompting, and offered to pray. 

She agreed. 

I asked if I could pop my hand onto her chest … over the point of infection. 

She agreed.

I laid my hand on her chest as she snuffled and I invited the Holy Spirit to come.  I commanded all sickness to leave in the name of Jesus, and I commanded her chest to be clear of all infection …

I said to her that I was going to ask for “pay back”, and I did … I asked for a seven-fold pay back on all the illnesses I had suffered from and then I commanded any spirit of sickness to leave, releasing the Kingdom of Heaven as I did and asking for the Holy Spirit to fill her with His healing Presence and oil …

Feeling a little embarrassed, I said “let me know how you get on”

She responded that she felt better already, that she felt like something had lifted off her chest … I smiled and said something like … “well God wants you well, there is no sickness in Heaven so it does not belong in you”… and I went into the kindy to collect my son …

A couple of days later I saw my friend.  She looked at me over the sea of heads at kindy pick up and she said she felt sooo much better …

That was a few weeks ago …

I have seen her regularly since and this morning I again asked how she was.  She responded that she was great … all healthy …

It is a simple little story, but this encounter showed my friend the love of Jesus for her

He cared that she kept getting sick, and He wanted her well … and so … a loving God reached out, touched her life and healed her …

She tasted and saw that …

God is Good!  (Psalm 34:8)


Comments on: "A Psalm 34:8 healing – she tasted and she saw that God is Good!" (6)

  1. Yay God!!


  2. It is those “simple” encounters that can show the love of Jesus is such powerful ways.


  3. His truly Good! God Bless 🙂


    • He sure is … from baterial infections to down syndrome diagnosis … its all the same to Him … an easy fix … and He wants them all healed for God is so Good!


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