Stories of a good God

Last November I posted a story about my daughter’s new teacher.  My daughter had just changed schools and I had hoped to fly under the radar for a while, in order to at least get settled before stepping out … God had other plans.

This current story is a praise report that follows on from the earlier story.  Please read the earlier post … you will see that I nearly missed what God wanted me to do, and in fact at one stage I thought that I had got it all wrong … but God’s timing and goodness really is amazing … His loving kindness does take my breath away … he knew better!

The first week back in the Australian school year is in early February and it is hot, hot, hot! It was the first day back and I was waiting to collect my daughter in searing heat when her teacher from last year came rushing out to see me … insisting I speak with her.

Knowing I was a Christian she had shared a serious family challenge with me late last year, on the final day of school, after her first God encounter, and she had asked me to pray into it … She knew to ask because, as she put it, she knew I “believed and would pray” … how will they know to ask you to pray if they do not know you are a Christian that prays?

She came out this particular day beaming, ready to report on the issue from last year that I, and some others, had been praying for her about.  She looked somewhat rounder than the year before and she was shining!

She smiled and confirmed that she was pregnant.  She then went on to explain that the days that I had prayed for her last year had been days that she had started to cramp with extreme abdominal pain … they days she had started to miscarry her child …

Throughout our chat she looked and said “I do not know how you knew, but thank you” and her eyes misted up as she said … “I just hate to think of what would have happened if you had not come and been there to pray …” and as she did she gently rubbed her tummy …

I said, “well, God had it in hand … we were destined to come, the timing was His, He loves you so much He would send us just for you and your baby …” and it truly was a miracle, the timing that is … there were so many God connections around our daughter going to this particular school as and when she did …

She went on to confirm that all pain had ceased the Friday afternoon after I had started to pray, and after she had got the roses and the email from me …  she knows that the prayer was all God’s idea and that God had saved her baby …

Powerful and effective are the prayers of a righteous person (James 5:16) …

I stood and listened and celebrated with her while thinking on the inside … “my goodness what if I had missed it …!” knowing full well that I had struggled with the thought of looking like an idiot at the time …

So I ask:

Who in your world is waiting for you to bother … to perhaps risk looking like a dill …?

It may be the difference between a little person coming into the world or not … 

It may be the difference between someone receiving that job offer or not …

It may be the difference between someone receiving their salvation or not …

Who is waiting for you to bother? 

Then [Jesus] said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Matthew 9:37-38)

We all need to go out … and stop for the one as we go … some will come and receive Jesus immediately; others will just taste and see, maturing for their harvesting at a later time …

She wants to know more for she has tasted of a miracle more than once now … and we continue to offer and invite until she says “enough” …

We all have people who God has intentionally placed around us, that He is ready to touch and show them His goodness …

Will you dare to bother …?

Will you dare to cross over and be the church … be the Body … be Christ’s representation, or re-presentation, on Earth?

If you are willing to step up into God, and out into the world, He will co-labour with you so that you, and those around you will see without doubt that …

God is indeed Good!


Comments on: "Raising the dead…a God is Good praise report!" (6)

  1. This is very good and I am always challenged when I read your posts. Thank you for so faithfully sharing.


  2. Once again, your faithfulness to follow God’s nudges, despite your busy schedule, encourages me to do the same. Not only is life of a baby preserved for her destiny but her parents and her family know that God loves and cares for them! The ripples of this will continue, breathed upon by Holy Spirit. Thank you!


    • Thank you once again for your encouragement. Sharing these stories is not only to give God glory, but to stir people up to step into something we were all born for … to stir them up to step into who they truly are called to be … carriers and releasers of Jesus Christ as we go … the baby is due mid July, and I look forwrad to meeting her.


  3. It is great to hear some follow-up on how God is using you. Thanks for sharing.


    • The follow up is wonderful to receive … so encouraging, especially when I know that I very nearly did not obey … I look forward to meeting the bub (a little girl :-)) in mid July … God is Good!


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