Stories of a good God

It was Sunday night and our kids were having a sleep over ar my sister’s house … an exceptionally rare treat since my  sister lives in the States …

We decided to head up to Gordon Biersch, where my sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner had been held the Friday night before. That night, my mum had collapsed within 5 minutes of arriving, and we had missed the entire night (we did get to ride in an Ambulance with the sirens going); and so, my husband got the sense we were to return there this night, to somehow redeem what had been stolen …

We walked in and a lovely girl came and gave us the spiel … “I am delighted to be serving you etc etc etc …”

With ironic Australian humour I wryly looked at my husband and said “she will be delighted she served us, we are kind, friendly, I am going to pray for her, prophesy over her and we will tip her well”.

She returned and gave us our orders and I asked her how she was doing. She stopped and looked at me … maybe not many ask that question of wait staff.  She said she was doing ok, but had a sore knee.

I looked at her and repeated what I had said to my husband … rather cockily I am ashamed to say, but I was feeling reckless … It shocked even me … but it had been an intense few days …

She said “ok”so I said give me your hand, I told her the testimony of M a non-believer, who played footy after  I had prayed for his knee to be healed.  I introduced myself and she said her name was S …

I invited the Holy Spirit to come, and asked God to do for S what He had done for M back home, in Australia.The anointing flowed and she looked shocked and said “oh wow”.

I then looked at her, listening for God’s word, and I felt to open up her destiny. I said that I felt she had not yet discovered what she was destined for but that it would come and I blessed her, calling forth favour.

She got a bit teary and I told her the story of my friend’s husband who had waited nine months for a contract to come through, his dream job, and that after praying his destiny open the contract had come by email within 24 hours of the prayer …

I sensed that she had a special joy about her. I called forth the Joy of Heaven over her and said that I sensed that people would be drawn to her because of her joy and that at times she would not quite know what to do with this and that she would need to walk in wisdom in how to set boundaries for the people would come and want to be with her because she carried a special Joy.

I told her how special she was and she said how she had felt the strength of what had just happened to her … as we spoke a work mate of hers walked past and said something like “I could do with some of that” and so I stopped her and took her hand and prayed for her too …
This girls name was M and her mum needed healing so she could go home and be with her fiancée and children. I prayed for her mum, again sensing the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
I asked M if she was a Christian, she wasn’t but said all her family was … I sensed she had grown up in a Christian home though and I started to prophesy over her.
I said that when she gave her heart to Jesus that she would radiate and glow with His Glory in a very very special way. I could see it all over her!  I said that there was something really really special about her …
I do not think she quite knew what I meant but I do believe she knew she had something special in her … I sensed the promise of the Glory so strongly and I said that I felt people would be drawn to her just because they would sense this upon her … It would be nothing that she did, it would/was a gift from God …  just because of who He was …
I finished up and we returned to our snack and drinks, and as we chatted my husband looked at me and said “that’s where your 7 fold return will come … In fact it will be 14 fold because there were two” …
I cheerily agreed saying that’s the double portion blessing on our life …
Two destinies, two girls touched for God … We had returned to get back some of what was stolen the Friday night before … God had directed us back there to redeem the memory of the place, to make it a good memory for me … and to release Heaven on Earth in the atmosphere and over two young women for …
God is Good!
Post script: Yes we did tip her well if you were wondering … and what was so lovely was, as we left, the first girls knee was feeling a bit better.  She said how touched she was and I thanked her for allowing me to pray.  She then excitedly asked if we lived here,  if she could come and live with us … I laughed and said “no” so she invited us to live with her … I smiled, gave her our contact details to let us know how she gets on and gave her a cuddle… a cuddle I hope that sloshed God’s love all over her because …
God really is good!

Comments on: "God’s 7 fold payback…sloshing His love" (4)

  1. God is so good to let you redeem your time at that restaurant. The two waitresses were also doubly blessed. You are an inspiration for Holy Spirit boldness. Thank you!


  2. Thank you. From the time my mum collapsed I started looking for Gods hand and blessing through it all … A lot gas happened and I am now riding home from the airport in Melbourne Australia after a longer than anticipated stay in the US.


  3. There are so many needy people out there. It is amazing how people respond to the love of God expressed to them. Everyone needs to see the grace of God shown to them. — Also, I am so glad you tipper her well. I often try to talk a bit with people waiting on us. I feel like too much of their job is just business that the personal component gets lost. That and so many people are just rude to them.


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