Stories of a good God

I was leaving kindy drop off on 15th August when a sweet girl I have spoken of before (click here for story) stopped me and asked for a moment of my time …

It was freezing cold but the look in her eyes told me of the importance of her request and so I stopped and listened.

She started hesitatingly, telling the story of why she was stopping me …

Her daughter had taken an ambulance ride, she said, and so I heard how her young two-year old had collapsed, had a fit and had been rushed by ambulance to hospital.  A scan was done, and an irregularity discovered in her brain … “epilepsy” was announced as the possible diagnosis … and more tests were advised …

My friend was obviously and understandably shaken, and started to sleep with her daughter, frightened she will fit again …

She told me the story … and shared her fears and as she did I knew she was reaching out to me, not as a friend, but because she knew I prayed … because in the recent past she had been healed by a loving God of a chest infection, she had felt His peace as I had prayed and she knew that God was a possible solution … and so she stepped out and asked … without asking, if I would pray …

I did pray. 

I placed my hand on her daughter’s head and commanded any irregularity to leave, for her daughter to be healed of any issues, and I told her of another friend whose daughter had been scanned and irregularities had been found in the nerves of her back … a possible diagnosis of “multiple sclerosis” had been announced … I told her how the daughter still had symptoms, but how further scans had been done, or rather, re-done, and the scan had come back completely “all clear.”  The doctors continue to search for a diagnosis and explanation for the other symptoms presenting, but the original report showing the nerve damage in the spine, was replaced with a further scan report that had come back all clear …

I told my friend this story … nerve damage identified in one scan … prayer … nerve damage all gone in the next scan … I spoke to her of God’s goodness and she shared some further fears and concerns with me … and as she did I offered her Jesus … I offered her an opportunity to ask Him into her heart … but told her to only do so if it was right for her now …

It was … she was ready … it felt right to her …

So, on the nature strip my friend quietly asked Jesus into her heart and for the Holy Spirit to fill her … she felt it … as did I …

The story is short, sweet and simple … it will be sweeter again with a report that all is well with her daughter, but for now, the Kingdom of Heaven has been released … the Kingdom of Peace, Joy, Health, Love … onto her daughter … and onto and into her mum, my friend …

I ask … unless we ask them if we can pray for them, unless we let them know we believe in a good God and believe He will heal and answer our prayers … how will they know to come to us in crisis and seek help from a loving God?

I dare you to show your Christian colours and reveal a good God … reveal a God that cares … about the big and the little … a God that heals… a God that died for all …

Do you dare … ?

If you do both, we and they will see that …

God is Good!

Comments on: "How will they know to ask if you do not show them Whose you are?" (7)

  1. Thanks for sharing this! Sometimes showing the Christian colour is difficult, especially in a family or community where Christians are minority. Thanks for the encouragement =)


    • Agreed. I am the only Christian in my family; however living in Australia there is no fear of death for sharing the Gospel … That’s why listening and obeying the Holy Spirit is so crucial, and for some, life saving! Thank you for commenting!


      • There is no fear of death in the U.S. either. What we do have here is constant humiliation for anyone who follows Jesus. We are getting more and more secular. The schools can teach meditation or any form of new age philosophy, but mention Jesus and you will be in big trouble. But, so what– we are called blessed when we are persecuted. I’ll take that any day.


      • Australia is the same, but I find that here (and my experience was the same in the States) that if you offer as you go people are touched that you stop and pray … I figure God will take it from the ground up as we release Heaven on Earth …


  2. A woman shared a story in church about how she had a heart condition that was not supposed to get better (according to the doctors) but it has gotten better. G.K. Chesterton simply said that “The most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen.” So simple, yet so true. God can do anything. We must not forget it.


    • I love that testimony about the woman. Healed heart condition. Do you have any more details? I will share it with a friend who has improved miraculously but is waiting for the results to be declared in full health.


      • I don’t know what the exact heart issue was. I do know that the doctors said it would never get better. She had cancer two different times in her life, so they are figuring it is the result of some of the treatments. She is cancer free and her heart is working as it should. God has done it again. Are we surprised?


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