Stories of a good God

Yesterday I returned to a little shop, in the village where we are currently staying, to say hello to a delightful and beautiful woman I met a year ago.

She had helped my eight year old daughter choose a trinket and a charm bracelet, and had spent many long moments helping my daughter to ponder the purchase with such gracious patience you would have thought that she was helping a person to buy a bracelet of extreme value … and of course, for my daughter, it was a purchase of great value.

I stopped by yesterday as I felt God prompt me to walk past, knowing that she was rostered on to work, and sensing that I may pray for her again.

I had prayed for her a year ago … for her son to be healed of asthma, and a few issues came up as I received a number of words of knowledge.  It was at the end of our holiday last year, and I was looking forward to hearing how she had got on … the encounter a year ago having moved me to tears as I had prayed for her and her family …

I walked into the store and said “hello”, relieved that she remembered who I was.

I could not remember the details of the prayer from the year before, just the intensity of the moment, but she quickly reminded me of a few points, and my memory started to fill in the missing dots…

A year before she shared with me how her son, a little younger than my own, struggled seriously with asthma for many years …

The details quickly returned and I recalled how she had told me that they had had many trips to the hospital … and he had been on asthma medication permanently …

I asked how he was …

She responded saying they had moved about a year ago and that the asthma was always at its worst during the winter months … the months we had just come through … she then continued to confirm that he had been perfectly healthy throughout the winter, healthy enough to come completely off his asthma medication …

It took a moment for me to register what she was telling me but as I did I burst into a smile and said, “so, he has not had any asthma since we prayed for him?”

To which she responded “no”, he had suffered no asthma that winter and was completely off his asthma medication …

I gasped at the significance … I am still astounded …

I did pray again … for her and her family …  God again generously providing me with words of knowledge about her and her family … giving me words of promise and blessing for her and her loved ones … to be released over, upon and within her …

As I said before, I am truly astounded … and yet why should I be?  I love a kind, a generous, a marvellous God …

All I can say, yet again, to the entire encounter is …

God is Good!


Comments on: "Asthma healed…God is Good praise report!" (5)

  1. God is so good! Praise his name. 😀


  2. Thank you, Jesus!


  3. Remember in Acts 3 when Peter heals a beggar? The man got up and walked. The crowd did not undersand what had happened to this man and Peter senses it and asks a similar question as you did here — “Why does this surprise you?” In their case they had seen Jesus and handed him over to be killed. In your case you have seen the work of God in countless lives. In both cases there is no reason for surprise when God shows up and beings glory to His name!


    • I agree. I have seen God move in many people’s lives, but every time I still seem to get a surprise … I am always delighted, amazed that He would use me … to be honest, I need the testimonies just as much as the next person to keep my faith burning … and my belief high …


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