Stories of a good God

About a week ago I was doing a big grocery shop … restocking the bare cupboard so to speak.

As my products were being swiped through I looked at the girl serving me, and a knowing feeling came upon me … and I knew I was to offer to pray.

I looked for any obvious signs of injury and could not see any … always a bit awkward I felt if you did not know why and if it was busy …

My purchase was finished up, and I could sense that the woman behind me was itching to get through and out; so, I resolved in my heart to unpack my shopping into my car, come back with the trolley and then offer to pray.  I silently hoped and trusted there would be a pause in the customers … knowing that so often there wasn’t … either way, I knew I just had to step out and offer regardless of who was there …

On my return to her check out counter I quietly waited while she finished serving the woman after me.  I mentioned to her that I wanted to pray for her, and that I would wait, and as I explained this I saw a bandage on her wrist … I had not seen it before … and I said with a smile that I now saw why I was to offer to pray …

She smiled, and kept serving the woman … turning back to me and smiling broadly …

She finished up, and another person came to be served, but instead she turned to me and I quickly asked about the wrist … it was a very sore repetitive strain injury (RSI) that required the support of a bandage for her to lift and shift the groceries …

I gently held her wrist in my hand and invited the Holy Spirit to come, explaining that I was a Christian, and I commanded the pain, the RSI and the spirit of arthritis to leave.  Once I did I released the oil of the Holy Spirit into her arm … I then asked if I could place my hand on her shoulder … she agreed and I prayed freedom of movement into her shoulder and I got her to swing her arm around, explaining to her I felt the problem extended down her arm from the shoulder, that she needed to gently move her shoulder and arm in a circular manner to release and free the arm …

She did so and I asked her to check the injury out.  She shifted her thumb …

No pain.

She wriggled her fingers …

No pain.

I suggested she take off her support, and as she did she wriggled her fingers and turned her wrist … as she looked at me smiling …

No pain!

With the flick of her wrist, the pain had gone and she was healed in Jesus name!

I said “thank you Jesus!”, smiled and thanked her for letting me pray … blessing her and encouraging her to move her shoulder and arm regularly as I left the store …

A simple prayer … a little out of my way … a small moment of my time taken to release God’s goodness and healing power … a moment to agree with God’s will for another life and now she knew that …

God is Good!


Comments on: "And with the flick of a wrist she was healed…God is Good!" (9)

  1. God is so good! He used you to make this woman whole so she could work without pain and work the rest of her shift rejoicing. You also went on your way filled with joy due to your obedience. Thank you for sharing. 😀


    • You are right! I did go on my way rejoicing … Unpacked my groceries to worship music, chatted to a wonderful Holy Spirit filled friend on the phone and pulled out my violin and played free form worship with my cd i was listening to on the violin … All in all an excellent day :-). Blessings!


  2. what a powerful testimony and spirit you 2 brought– wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I will be.”


  3. optimisticgladness said:

    Love this!


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