Stories of a good God

God has a sense of humour … and yet He is intensely serious, intentional and certainly knows how to maximise on available time …

Sometime before this day I had bought an item for my daughter from the same store that the following story took place (see link: And Peace flooded her soul).

At the time I had felt we were to buy it, but I also felt that we were not going to keep it … so, at the time, the purchase did not really make any sense to me … ahhh … me and my wisdom J

In any case, on this particular day in March 2013 I had a coffee catch up with someone.  The timing was tight with needing to leave for school pick up.  Regardless, I sensed that I was to bring the item in question, a poncho, with me … thinking that perhaps I would be able to return it while at this other major shopping complex.  I wondered why, given the tight time frame, and given that I did not know where the store was in this huge shopping centre, but thought “why not” it was no great bother to take the bag with me, and “who knows” I thought “the store just may be close by …” …

I brought the item I needed to return and met my friend, and as we headed down the escalators to the coffee shop, I told her the story of the return and, to my surprise and delight, laughing at the irony, I pointed out to her as the store came in view, that the very store, where I needed to head to, was opposite our coffee spot, up the mall about three stores … God was funny!

I had my catch up and, after paying the bill, praying for and prophesying over the guy that served us (I felt the swirl of the Holy Spirit as he served us earlier, which told me I needed to pray for him), I said goodbye to my friend, saying to her wouldn’t it be funny if there was a God appointment there, while thinking “surely not” … and I headed over to the store to return the item.

As I stood at the counter, I looked at the hair of the girl who was serving me.  I was inextricably drawn to her hair.  I was impressed with its lustre and its golden beauty.  I sensed there was something in that, and noting that I had a desire to pray for her, I commented on how beautiful her hair was, how amazing it was, and, as she responded I then knew why I had the impression that I was to pray …

The girl looked at me and said it was amazing hair because it was fake, not hers, but a wig. 

Greatly taken aback (I had not seen that one coming!), I gently asked her what was wrong … fearing chemo, cancer … she was dying… my mind raced… the fear and the mocking started in my mind before she could even respond … and yet I went on to explain that I was a Christian and had felt a strong desire to offer to pray for her, and that I had not known why, but that perhaps this was why …

She instantly teared up , and said that she was suffering from alopecia, which had caused her total hair loss … she was completely bald.  She gave me permission to pray, saying how overwhelmed she felt, how loved and how emotional … and she visibly struggled to control the wave of emotions that beset her …

I gently said it was normal to feel teary when the Holy Spirit came, and I explained that God was present, He loved her and wanted her healed, why else would I offer to pray?  I went on to explain that what she was responding to was His Presence, His Holy Spirit … that He was with us tangibly … and He was … I could feel Him all around …

I took her hand.  I introduced myself and she told me that her name was F, and so I prayed … releasing healing, blessing favour, and a verse that a woman’s hair is her glory came to mind (1 Cor 11:15) and knowing it was for her I prayed it declaring that her hair would be her glory and it’s return would be to His Glory …

I sensed to bless her and call forth favour, and so I released the blessing of the Father, gently kissed her forehead as I held her head in my hands … with her tears gently dropping down her cheeks …

As I finished, a girl walked out of a back room, behind the counter, and said smiling … “Hello B” …

I’m sure I looked shocked!  I certainly felt shock!

She was from the local clothing store I usually shopped at, and was the person from the story “And Peace flooded her soul … God is good! (see link here: story).

The irony was too great to fathom …

Surprised, I said “what are you doing here? God is soooo funny …fancy you being here, with me praying for F …” and I turned to F and explained that I had prayed for this other girl before Christmas …

I laughed at the coincidence, the ridiculous level of connectivity that was going on … God’s hand print was so obviously over the situation, it was beyond ridiculous … it was nearly implausible … and I had thought that God was just making the return of the item easy …

I asked her how she was and she said she was doing so much better than the last time I had seen her.  At that particular moment I could not recall what I had prayed for her, but I did recall how she had followed me around in the store when I had prayed for her … exclaiming that she had “felt that!

I said good-bye to F, wishing her well and as I walked out from the store I looked at the other girl, sensing her hunger, and took her hand.  She was now standing by the shop door. As I did I felt to just release the presence of God.  I could feel sense, even feel her draw on the anointing … her hunger for God was apparent as it had been that day before Christmas …

I asked God what to do, pray and sensed just to bless her, to release a double portion blessing … so I did … her feeling it … Him coming in waves upon her …

Once He said “enough” … I left …

Gods timing is impeccable.

I got to school pick up in perfect time … having caught up with someone important, and having prayed and blessed three people as I went …

His humour – delightful!

He had reminded me of the purchase to return.  I had bought the piece knowing he wanted me to buy it, but sensing that my daughter would not be keeping it … and now I knew why … it was a set up to touch the girl with the golden hair and to feed a girl who had been touched once before …

I found the coincidence of it all so ridiculous it was funny!

The possibility of the girl from the past being there when I offered to pray, and walking out just as I started to pray … the possibility of me being at that shopping centre, and the location of the shop being so close that I could return the product with minimal fuss … it was ridiculous … implausible …

Implausible? … yes … Impossible? … No … not for God …

He had set me up!

God is amazing; God is funny; and yet at the same time He is intensely serious about touching people when they need Him … and while it may have made me smile, and I enjoyed the joke with Him, feeling, sensing the Holy Spirit’s delight as I walked back through the shopping centre to my car, I was also acutely aware of His passion and heart for the people around me … I was acutely aware of girl’s suffering that needed a kiss from God, a touch of His love, a touch of concern … I was acutely aware of His love for the one before me … for that was the one I could impact, then, at that moment in time … that one

He makes our walk fun … if we will just listen and walk and obey … but what He is doing through us is not a joke, but alters the lives and destinies of those we have the courage to stop for as we go … and if we will stop for the one as we go we will, together, as a body, change the face of the world because …

God is Good!


Comments on: "Her hair was to be His Glory…God is Good!" (12)

  1. God uses us in amazing ways when when follow his leading. Living a life that affects so many others for the kingdom of God, by not paying attention to your own wisdom but allowing God to disrupt your plans. So glad you were obedient and shared how God used you. Thank you for showing us how good God is and inspiring us. 🙂


    • Thanks Pure Glory – yet again! I know it takes time to read and comment and your encouragement is always so welcome!
      It really was very funny that it was riidiculous 🙂 but that is certainly how God works to show us how He is involved in our lives, and to show us that He cares, and that I think we are on time, and in the right place 🙂


  2. Lyn McHugh said:

    Hi B, This story is amazing. God is so good!

    Love, lyn


  3. Monita Ma said:

    God is amazing and you are too. It may take time to read and comment but it would have taken you much longer to write. Thank you so very much for taking the time to share your testimonies. They are truly inspiring and very encouraging for us to also do the will of God and follow His promptings as we go about our day.

    Love and blessings,


    • Hey Monita. Thankyou so much for your encouragement. It takes time to read, and to then comment … so I thank you!
      Yes the stories do take time to write up … yet God wants us to know that we can all walk in signs, wonders and miracles… and most importantly, in Love, and as we do we are walking in our true design and through us His Name is glorified 🙂
      Blessings to you!


      • Monita Ma said:

        Hey God is Good,
        I am hearing your heart and agreeing with you. Yes!!… it is all for love and for the glory of God. Thank you for showing the way in walking in love and walking in our identity as sons and daughters of an awesome God.

        Blessings to you and to your family too!


      • Thank you Monita.


  4. Encouraging indeed, I know my God is able .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there. God is able … and I hope that this girl, who cried as I prayed was healed! I have never seen her since, but I hold onto the fact that the following day I met someone healed of the same condition who was healed after prayer … God is Good!


  5. […] have written about alopecia in other stories.  For these stories see links here and […]


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