Stories of a good God

I was out and about yesterday picking up something that I needed to complete a doona cover for my son … long story … I don’t sew, but God wanted me to make this cover, a prophetic covering for him … I have already completed my daughters…

In any case, I just needed a little more cord detail to collect so I could make the pillow cover, and hence I was up at the local shopping centre.

As I headed back I stopped by the store where I get my jeans.  I was not up to trying any on, so I chatted to the girl, and together we sorted out what I may need.  I made my purchase knowing I could return them if they were not quite right…

As we finished up, I sensed I needed to pray for the girl.  She said something about a “proper” job.  I queried her, saying she had a good job … nothing wrong with retail … and she said she had completed a university degree in a marketing field, but she didn’t know what she wanted to do yet.

I smiled saying I still didn’t know what I wanted to do yet, and I told her my qualifications, and said how I had indeed worked many years ago at a jeans shop, finished my qualifications, worked, become a mum and now in my forties, still didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up …

She smiled at that …

I offered to pray, she agreed, and I took her hand in mine, invited the Holy Spirit to come and, feeling the anointing flow, I declared her destiny open in the name of Jesus Christ.  I had explained to her how doors open for people over and over again after I pray this for people …

She looked at me quizzically as I prayed …

I then sensed to pray for provision for her and so I did and I said to her that I felt she was saving up for something.  She nodded. 

I said: “you’re saving up to go overseas, aren’t you?”. 

She nodded again, looking a little surprised, explaining she had friends in London … she wanted to go …

I prayed favour for her and resources, finance and open doors and I went to leave. 

As I left I said to her briefly: 

“Go.  Go overseas.  It will all open up for you.  Have a ball working overseas.  Even think about spending some time in New York …” and I mentioned how wonderful London and Europe was and I said how I wished I had travelled to New York to work when I was younger … what an amazing city it was …

I said again: “Go, you’ll have a marvellous time, and the rest will fall into place” …

And with that I left.

“So what?” You may ask … “you didn’t heal her, lead her to Christ, shake her world up, read ‘her mail'” … she didn’t shake, rock and roll …

Well I believe that the encounter was a way of God letting her know He was real, He cared, and He knew her … that all would be well … she got a “taste” of Heaven … a first kiss … a first delicious taste of Heaven and of a good God … and I do not believe she will ever forget …

Yes it’s a simple story, but one I figure worth sharing … for I believe that if we will all just stop for the one, encourage, pray and release the Kingdom of Heaven, as God directs, as our heart directs, as our compassion directs, that the world will change, atmospheres will change, lives will change and people will see that …

God is Good!


Comments on: "Stopping for the one – destinies opened because God is Good!" (12)

  1. It’s the small things that matter. If you are faithful in the little things, God trusts you with bigger things. But to this young lady, it wasn’t a small thing, showing her that God cares about the smallest things in her life. She will not forget the love that flowed to her from you. 🙂


    • That’s what I hope and trust for … The simple encounters are still powerful for the person involved, but in relaying them on the blog I sometimes think it is repetitive after 200+ stories … Yet the simple encounters are sometimes the best and you never know who may be inspired to step out and stop for the one when they discover that it need not be complicated … Just full of God’s love.


  2. Mark said:

    Simple but very cool! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Yes, you never know who it will affect. You never know how your obedience will affect that person. They might be someone who does great exploits for God and wins many to The Lord. Your posts are inspiring!


  4. Kate said:

    Thank you for your stories. I love them. They are so refreshing to me. I really desire to be used by the Lord in similar ways to what you describe. At the moment, I feel like it’s hard to get past “they need to hear the gospel, they need to hear the gospel!” and so I tend to feel quite a pressure to share the gospel with people. I’m not sure whether this is because it’s what God has in mind for me to do (I know each person has different gifts/callings) or what. I’d love to be able to sense what God is saying to particular people. I know that hearing the gospel is super important, but I also realise that it’s not always where people are up to at that moment. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks again for taking the time to share.


    • Hi Kate

      Thankyou for your encouragement!

      I apologise for taking so long to get back to you.

      Our query and your concerns are valid … and let me respond by telling a brief story …

      An amazing friend who I never thought would ever come to Christ, gave her heart to Jesus about three years ago … it was one encounter here, a discussion there, gently gently, and even after she gave Jesus her heart, it was still a gentle process …

      I would have missed her and blown her out of the water had I asked her the first time I met her if she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart …

      She is now on fire for Jesus and stopping for the one, praying for people as she goes and witnessing …

      In fact … she was having a massage from a friend I had prayed for about two years ago.

      This friend I had prayed for, and she had wept as she felt God’s love and peace … but again I did not feel Jesus prompt me to ask her if she wanted Him yet … it was perhaps a first kiss?

      I lent her a James Goll book, a rather mature one, but she was into angels and putting her toe into the new age … so I thought a Christian book on angels may help steer her …

      This was two years ago … she had not read it the last time I saw her … about 6 months ago, but I said that she would read it when it was right for her …

      My friend on fire for Jesus saw her recently for a massage.

      This girl had just been to the Mind Body Spirit festival in Melbourne and had (coincidentally hahaha) been prayed for by people I know that are Christians that were serving there providing prayer …

      They had told her that it was important to receive healing in the name of Jesus …

      This was then discussed over the massage … with my other on fire for Jesus friend who is now, gently, gently guiding this girl towards the Truth …

      One sows, one waters, one reaps … but if He says “ask them if they want me” I do …

      Essentially I try to do what the Father is asking me to do … and trust He has it in hand .

      No doubt I miss it sometimes, but I do my best …

      Others I have met do not agree with me on this and claim that you must ask everyone you meet … but I have found in the last 5 years of doing this that God knows their heart and generally every one I invite into the Kingdom say “yes” if He prompts me … some just need a kiss, some are on a journey and we are sometimes just one of many, and what is lovely is that so often he will let you know how some are doing … I have even had calls from people from 10 years prior to say that they are now Christians and re plugged into His Kingdom … and that makes the heart sing …
      I hope that answers the question a little … I try to “do what the Father is doing” J and leave the results up to Him, for He loves them more than we ever could!


    • Sorry Kate – one further point … if you are Melbourne based … Julie Sgarlata from Stairway Church does training in hearing God’s voice for yourself and others and is doing a very basic training this Saturday … maybe you could check it out … or if you let me know where you are based (approximately) could recommend a training, or even a book for you to get started … but what is lovely is, really, what I have found, is how everyone really hears from God and how, if we really desire to hear Him, He is speaking, and we just need to recognise His voice … I have no doubt you are already hearing very very well! J

      Many of my stories also cover, in story form, how to hear from Him and the varied ways we can …

      Blessings! I sense you are a very beautiful, gentle gifted woman of God!


      • Kate said:

        Thank you so much for replying. Apologies for the delay in my reply!
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I feel that the Lord is helping me more and more to sense His leading in many different areas in my life, so I really am looking forward to seeing fruit in the area of evangelism. To be confident that He wants me to “stop for that one” would be a great feeling. I think I’m getting closer to sensing His direction in this way. Yay!
        No, I’m not from Melbourne. I live on the mid-north coast in NSW. My church is a good one in terms of offering teaching and training in all sorts of areas.. the Lord recently threw me in the deep end with a Prophetic training weekend.. Loved it but it was very challenging!
        I think your Pastor, (assuming you are at Stairway?) is coming for our church conference in a weeks time.
        If you have any books you’d like to recommend that would be great. A while ago I read “Prophetic Fishing” by Jean Krisle Blasi. I loved it. I’m sure it would be right up your alley too, if you haven’t already read it.
        Thanks again for taking the time in conversing with me. Love your work! 😉
        P.S What was the book you mentioned by James Goll? I have an Aunt who is into Angels and the New Age. I might be able to give that same book to her.


  5. My dear friend, I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Congratulations! Please visit this link:


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