Stories of a good God

I know I have not been writing … but that has not stopped God from moving!
A number of friends have suggested I reblog some old stories … and so I am starting with my first testimony, and one of the first times I “stepped out” and prayed for someone.
I don’t know the outcome of this story, but I know the family were touched … and for me it was the start of a crazy intense walk with God … which drew me closer and closer into Him … I hope you enjoy …
Blessings, God is Good!

God is Good!

We went away for the weekend with the extended family to a farm in the Western District of Victoria.  The whole area was wet from the recent rains and the river through the farm was flowing for the first time in years. 

During a chat on our last day, with the farmer’s wife, I found out that there was a serious threat from locusts.  She said if they were not stopped before they hatched they could decimate whole areas, with nothing to stop them – only diversionary tactics could be used (smoke, chilli oils etc). 
As she spoke I thought of Neil and Jan Dowling’s testimony about how when still on the land he or Jan, had prayed and pleaded the blood of Jesus over his farm and when the locusts came they flew over his (Neil’s) property leaving his property alone.  I wanted to say something, but didn’t…

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