Stories of a good God

God is Good!

On about the 21st of April 2009 (Tuesday afternoon) I felt to pop in and ask R’s teacher (R, my daughter was in prep) how she was doing regarding some vertigo that she had been suffering from earlier that year.

 She said she was doing ok.  I told her that we had been praying for her and offered to pray for her then and there.

 She said she would give anything a go and so we headed into the prep class room and I prayed for her.

She felt a real calm and she said she felt very relaxed.

Recognising that the Holy Spirit was moving on her I asked her if she had ever asked Christ into her heart.

She said that she had gone to church but no she had not.

I asked if she wanted to and she said “yes”.

I prayed with her…

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Comments on: "Salvation at Primary School and a healing the following day (21 April 2009)" (2)

  1. I’m not deeply religious but I enjoy reading your positive stories!


    moira tobin

    duck’s back pty ltd | sustainable fitness & food

    Mum | Personal Trainer | Thermomix Consultant

    0418 10 11 67 | 61 Station Street Malvern Vic 3144 |

    think green, please read from your screen



    • Hi Moira! The stories are a bit like Chicken Soup for the Soul 😊
      Thanks for your encouragement!
      I love reading your updates and thought of you just yesterday wondering about what you would be up to in your garden … It must be a magical space 💐
      Blessings! God is Good! 😀


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