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It’s a Baby Boy because God is Good!

Stop by and pray for her” I felt Him urge me again … and so I turned and found a park and got out of the car.

It was a prompting to pray for a girl who was the owner of a local clothing store.  I had been in there 2-3 weeks earlier and at the time I got the distinct feeling that she had wanted a baby, but had not yet conceived.  I had not offered to pray at the time, sensing it was not quite the right time …

This particular morning, on my way out, I felt Him urge me to make time that day to stop and pray.  I was heading out and I asked Him to remind me on my way home if He wanted me to stop.  I was actually flat-out trying to get ready for a major trip overseas, and we were leaving the following day …

True to His word, and to my request, God had reminded me on my return trip, and so, having parked the car, I made my way over to the store.

I wandered in, and after the usual greetings, I told her why I had stopped by.  A little taken aback, she had said yes she had been trying to get pregnant, that it had not happened for her and her husband yet … that she would absolutely like me to pray.

Ironically she had the same name as my daughter, whose conception was a miracle.  I explained the story to her, and laid my hand on her gently and prayed, as I felt led, asking God to do for her what He had done for me those 11 or so years earlier.

She got teary, and said thank you and I left, saying I would pop back in after our trip.

We went away, returned, and life went on as usual until about 3 months later, when I felt the gentle prompting to return to the store … to just wander through and see how she was getting on …

She was there and was serving a customer, so I waited.  When she was done she turned to me and said very quietly, that not even her family knew, but … yes … she was pregnant and she was overjoyed!

She went on to tell me how freaky the timing of my coming into the store that day had been, that her “fertile day” was the day after I had prayed, and that she had conceived that day (God had answered the prayer within 24 hours) … but as she spoke a shadow fell across her face and she said with great vulnerability that she was so frightened that what had been given would be taken away … she was frightened of a miscarriage and she searched my face for confirmation it would be ok …

“No pressure” I thought … but then I chose to step into the truth and told her that God is a Good God, a Kind God, and He does not give just to take away, and that He would not have had me stop to pray for her with that sort of freaky timing, just to allow the baby to die … and I told her so, and I asked if I could pray again …

Looking relieved she said “yes” and I gently laid my hand on her stomach, and prayed for that baby … I prayed that the baby would be healthy, full term, sleep well, and that the pregnancy would  be a blessed and easy one … the fear on her was palpable, but I felt it leave as I prayed and I said to her that when and if the fear returned she was to remind herself of her own testimony … and that God was all over this, that the baby was His own good idea and that the baby would be fine!

Oh faithful one that I am (and I say that with great Aussie irony!) because I did get into the car and start to intercede for her and the baby as I drove away … but as I did I felt a quiet confirmation in my spirit that all would be well and so in faith  I stopped and thanked Him for His loving kindness …

And yes, late last year, I drove past the store and I saw the sign in the window of the store …

It’s a baby boy!”

Purely and simply because …

God is Good!




And he played footy that Saturday

This is an older story – an early one in my journey of “stopping for the one”.  It was the start of a journey that this man went on over the next year or two, where he started to question his atheistic belief system, and wonder whether he could also be loved by God.  It was also the start of a journey for me where God dealt with me quite firmly about my issues and my embarrassment in stopping in a known environment amongst peers … it is a story in which He essentially says … “get over yourself, stop being a prude, kneel down and pray …”

It was mid Winter and I was driving to school to collect my daughter.  It was smack in the middle of the Aussie Rules football season and in typical Melbourne style it was raining a drizzly type rain.

As I drove I saw a stay at home Dad that I had got to know called M.  He was walking to school in the rain.  M is a rough gem who wears shorts and thongs or runners all year round (winter and summer), and who had got many of the women’s tongues wagging up at the school for his lack of  “charm” … in other words he called “a spade a spade”.  I liked him.

I pulled over and offered him a ride.  He responded by saying that that normally he would say no, but that on this day he would say yes because he had hurt his knee.

He jumped into the car and we rode the short distance to school, chatting as we went.  I asked about the knee and he said that it was an old injury that required a knee reconstruction.  By the time we were in the playground waiting for the kids to come out I knew I had to offer to pray, but did not know how to do it with him – in front of all the other mums at school pick up.

God had given me a picture, and I had just learnt that God will sometimes give us a picture of how He wants us to pray to release a healing.  The picture I had received was that I was to kneel down in front of him and place my hand on his bare knee and pray as I knelt.

I offered to pray.  M said did not believe in any of that stuff but that I could give it a go if I wanted.  He then went on to say that if it worked it would be great to be able to play football that Saturday … but he doubted it would work.

I did not want to kneel – it was wet on the ground, he was a man wearing shorts and I felt it was inappropriate to kneel in front of him in the wet with my hand on his bare knee … and, what was worse, it was in front of all the other mums, milling around waiting for their kids to come out of school!

So, in my “wisdom” I placed my hand discreetly on his shoulder and started to pray.  As I prayed I felt/heard a strong rebuke from God who said “Get on your knees” – essentially saying “I showed you how to pray, now do it”.

I took a deep breath, focusing on the fact that M could be healed, and told him that I needed to place my hand on his knee.  And so I knelt in the wet, with the cold and wet coming through my jeans, in front of the car park mums and prayed.  The mums looked at me and I felt very embarrassed, but went on regardless.

While on my knees, feeling very vulnerable, I looked up at him and asked if he felt anything – he said he felt heat and so I kept praying and then asked him to move the knee around … he did and he felt some relief so I prayed again, still on my knees and I then stood and asked him to try it out …

He bent it back and forth and said all the pain was gone.  I asked him to jump on it, jumping up and down next to him as I did.  He jumped up and down on it and looked amazed and said there was no more pain and that he would not have believed it … but that he had felt the heat and that it was amazing, that maybe he was wrong about all this stuff …

Delighted (and that is an understatement!), I got on with collecting my daughter and left it at that …

I saw him the following week and asked how he had got on.  He said, like a little kid, with absolute joy, that he had played his game of footy that Saturday!

And I left knowing without a doubt that …

God is Good!

Myer is full of the Spirit of God – A prodigal daughter comes home

I had a short amount of time to do some chores, wanting to get back home to complete some study.  I went to the local shopping centre and felt I was to walk through Myers on the way to the shops that I had to visit.  I had my first treasure hunt list in my bag and thought I may find a treasure (see Kevin Dedmon’s book – The Ultimate Treasure Hunt).

I bought a t-shirt in Myers for my husband and was served by a beautiful woman.  I asked if I could pray a blessing for her, telling her that she was obviously a blessing to so many others with her lovely disposition.  She agreed.

I felt nothing in particular as I prayed a 10 fold return on the blessing that she had been for others.  I trusted that God followed the blessing through.

I then headed towards the escalators feeling that I was to go upstairs through Myers to where I thought I was headed …

As I went up the escalator I saw C.  I had prayed for her before – she had graves disease which was causing her right eye to bulge.  She had told me it could eventually cause blindness.  I called to her as she headed up the escalators and I asked how she was.

She told me that she had been loosing more sight and pointed out that her eye was bulging.  I offered to pray a “quickie” since she was heading back to work after a break.  She agreed.

I laid my hand on the side of her face, after asking permission, and prayed, quoting the blind shall see.  She immediately felt something in her eye area.  I laughed and told her that her eye looked less bulgy than before.  I told her to go to the toilets to check it out.  She left excited, saying she would.

I checked out the sheets on sale in Myers and then felt to go to Adairs instead … where I got the best product and price … God’s favour and blessing!  I returned some shoes and then felt that I was to head straight back through the third floor of Myer to go home – I thought I would stop for a takeaway coffee  …

As I headed through the 3rd floor God reminded me that I needed to buy some pyjamas for M.  I felt great – this limited shopping time was turning out to be an excellent time of prayer, ticking off chores, and blessing and favour all rolled up in one … a smorgasbord outing with God!

I stood with my purchases at the cash register and waited.  An older lady called J was all anxious etc.  Her credit card would not work – I wanted to get home, but chose to remain calm and I offered to pay for her goods.  She accepted and then told me about her grandkids and started to cry.  I said to wait and I would pray for her.

She waited as I paid for my purchase and we stood to the side and prayed. She wept under the anointing.

She then started to pour her heart some more.  I wrote off the rest of the time I had and figured God would redeem the time and that she was far more important.  I suggested we have coffee (I knew I was getting my coffee at some stage).  I bought her a hot chocolate and listened while she told me her story in the middle of Myers.

I offered to pray some more.  She had arthritis – I held her hand, commanded the arthritis to go, and then felt to take her to her “God space”.

When she had located her God space she said God was “way up in Heaven” and she was “down here with me” (we were still sitting in Myer).  I said “ask Him to come closer”.  She did.  I asked her where He was.  She said on the couch opposite us. I said “do you want Him to come closer?” – she said “yes”.

I said “ask Him to come closer”; she did, and started to cry.  The anointing grew heavy.  I asked where He was and she said He was kneeling right in front of her and that He was saying that He had forgiven her.  I told her to tell Him what she wanted to tell Him – she wept and said sorry for being away from Him.

I then felt to say would you like to ask Him into your heart.  She said she had a long time ago, but I said do you want to ask Him again, afresh – she said “yes”.

She recommitted her life to Him and shook and wept as he started to heal her broken heart. The anointing was very strong and thick – it grew stronger and stronger each time she asked Him to come closer and closer –  I shook a bit and could feel Him all over us.  She could feel tingling on/in her hands.

We talked some more and she asked Holy Spirit to come and wash her clean, and back into her heart.

After she had recommitted her life to Jesus Christ I prayed and told the demonic to go and not come back, and for Holy Spirit to fill her completely up.  I also prayed an impartation of the gift of healing (she said she wanted it – her husband was in a wheel chair due to some condition).

I gave her my number.  We talked about church and about a seminar I was going to where Joshua Mills was talking – inviting her to come.  I told her how I had seen an arm growing out at a Joshua Mills seminar last year – she said her husband’s arm was shorter than the other (a coincidence? … no).  I said he could be healed and that it was worth coming.  She said she wanted to get back to church – I made some suggestions.

We talked a little longer and I walked her through the shopping centre to a point where I hugged and kissed her goodbye – telling her to call and how God loved her so much that He had sent someone to be there and to call her Home to Him.

Throughout the entire “encounter” she said people were watching us.  She said that there was a man during our coffee that looked just like a man from her past – a Christian that had cared for her when she had suffered from post natal depression after her first child, many years ago … I do not think that was a coincidence  either … God was so very on her case.

As we parted I told her she was an answer to my prayers – that the orphans would come home … and they are because …

God is Good!

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