Stories of a good God

I just met a fellow blogger ( whose own journey of faith has been awe inspiring … a new friend made, a blessing received … thank you God!

As we chatted about the goodness of God I mentioned a story I thought I had posted years ago about praying for a hairdresser … I cant find the particular story I referred to, but I reread this one and decided to repost!

Ironically the hairdresser who received the miracle through a friend called me last week to let me know she had been blessed with twins after this first pregnancy, and that she had opened her own salon …

She surely has tasted and she has seen that …

God is Good!

God is Good!

Good news warms the heart, so, why do we so willingly repeat bad or sad news?

There was a book, or rather a series of books, that I read over ten years ago called “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. They were lovely books, celebrating the goodness of God … the goodness of people …

I had forgotten about those books, until this Wednesday, when I received a call that warmed my heart … and the idea for the title for this blog started to stir inside me … Yet, it was on Friday, when a dear and beautiful friend landed on my doorstep with a huge pot of chicken soup, that I then knew that the title of this blog had to be “chicken soup for the soul” … I needed to affirm how good news is truly good medicine to the weary, hopeless and sad …

Last Wednesday I received a…

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