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It was a set up of the most magnificent kind – the lame shall walk…and a daughter is loved because, God is Good!

Last Sunday 11th September 2011 our daughter was at a pool party at a local pool complex and my husband and I decided to take 4-year-old M for a swim while we waited for the party to finish.  I had a sense to go, although the thought of a quiet couple of hours at home was appealing …

We walked into the complex with M skipping excitedly and, as the blast of hot air hit, I looked straight at a man in a wheel chair sitting by the pool.  I instantly knew I had been set up by God …

With M happily ensconced in the water – his father watching – I walked over to the man and said “hello”.  I quickly explained that I was a Christian and asked if I could pray for him, telling him about A whose two broken legs had been healed after prayer (see:  To my surprise he readily agreed, and he told me his story as best his could, for his speech was badly slurred …

In 1990 he had been in a car accident.  Someone had come through a stop sign and he had been hit.  He said he had suffered brain damage and was a paraplegic.  I asked his name, but I could not quite make it out – I later found out from his wife that he was called Archie.

He suggested I put my hands on his head, but I said I would start with my hand on his shoulder and see what God did.

I started to pray for him, feeling the anointing come in waves.  I blessed what the Holy Spirit was doing and kept asking for “more”.  As I prayed I felt to ask if he had forgiven the person that had hurt him … he said yes he had forgiven them and responded further by saying that he was Greek Orthodox.  I exclaimed in delight saying that he would then know that there was healing for him, that Greek Orthodox believers have great faith in communion, and I reaffirmed saying “there is healing in the communion”.  He readily agreed.

I then felt to place my hand on his head and as I prayed my hands got very hot, or his head got very hot … I knew this could have been the healing power of God, or it could have been the environment … either way, I kept praying and thanking God for healing this kind man.

I then felt to pray for his chest and I asked if he had problems with his chest and he said yes his lungs.  I placed my hand there commanding it clear and be healed in Jesus name.

I looked at his hand which was crippled over and crunched to the point where one finger actually bent back on itself at the tip … I started to pray for it, holding his crippled hand in mine and prayed for movement to return, he started to flex his hand, and gained more and more movement, flexing his hand, saying he had not been able to do that before.

He then looked at me and said he felt he had a word from God for me … that I needed to receive God’s love, and he looked like he went to hold me, uncertain, I pulled back a bit and suggested I keep on praying for him, but in my mind I wondered if God had done a double set up because this is one of the issues that God has been dealing with me for some time … daughtership in the Kingdom … I am currently reading an excellent book called “Healing the Orphan Spirit” by Leif Hetland and I am anticipating God will go much deeper …

I went to his other side and asked about his other arm and hand, which was buried under bags and jumpers belonging to his family.  He said he could not move it and I saw that the hand was screwed tight.  I said try to do something you could not do before.  He started to move the arm as I prayed and he swung it further and further afield, flexing his hand as he did so.  He told me he had not been able to move like that before… 

Feeling encouraged I said keep trying things you could not do before … and I kept praying and thanking God.  As I did I explained how A (with the two broken legs mentioned above) had stood the day after I had prayed for her, and bit by bit she was healed, so that by the end of two weeks she was completely out of the wheel chair, using no leg braces or crutches and was walking free … and that, by the time she was only just meant to be out of her wheel chair, she had joined the cadets … (see: and )

He said he would keep trying and thanking God.  His family came around him.  Strangely they did not seem that excited … I thought that perhaps they may be battle weary, and I knew I could not judge … His father said to me “we shall see how he goes” and I again explained A’s story of healing and how it could be progressive, and I quoted James 5:14, that he could go to the elders, be anointed with oil and the prayer held up in faith will make the sick person well.  His father did not really respond much, and neither did his wife, which I found sad and a bit strange.

I then said to Archie, you pray for me, and so he took my hand and prayed, silently, for me.  I felt a gentle anointing come.  He said quietly to me that I must love myself before I can love others … Ouch!  I thought, God go deeper!

I then asked his wife his name and asked if I could give him a kiss on the cheek.  She shrugged so I lent down and said “thankyou” and kissed Archie on the cheek and bid him farewell, looking for my family as I walked away.

I had been set up.  Another wheel chair – right in my line of sight as I entered the complex … and a word about loving myself … God wants me to be His daughter and know His love, see myself as He saw me …

There is a journey we take.  We do not stop for “the one” to perform for God’s love; but, we stop for “the one” from a place of God’s love … I need more of His love to go to where I want to go … which means that I must allow Him to love me more, so I can then I have a greater capacity to love others more … Archie was right!

We will transform the world from our place of inheritance … as we go about doing life, we can also go about doing the Father’s business … giving away His love.  And, just as Archie saw in me, we need His love before we can give it away …

“… as the Father has sent me, so I am sending you … “ (Jesus speaking in John 20:21).

Jesus went about doing His Father’s business (Luke 2:49), knowing that He was the Son … we are called to do so too … doing the Father’s business, while being the children of God.

We are in a family business … healing the sick, raising the dead, cleansing the lepers, casting out demons (Matthew 10:8) … setting the captives free (Luke 4:18) ….

But, to be about the Father’s business we need to know the Father and in knowing the Father we will know His love for us, not just so we can give it away (which I believe we are all commissioned to do), but also just because …

God is Good!

And she felt the warmth of His love …

My daughter is changing schools.  With this change comes all the details of such a change … notifying authorities; purchasing gifts; writing letters of affirmation for teachers and support staff; and doing all the bits and pieces that honouring a group of people who have sown into a child’s life for 3 years takes … and, of course, with a change of schools comes the purchase of a new uniform.

Last Friday (3rd September 2011), with credit card tightly packed in bag, we headed up to the new school to tackle the fitting of the uniform.  As we walked thought the school’s canteen we saw B, who has a daughter at the same ballet school that my daughter attends; who also works in the administration section of the ballet school; and who also works in the school canteen.

We greeted each other and I said she looked lovely.  She coughed and said she had been battling the croup for weeks.  I said I would pray for her and after a quick chat I took her hand across the counter and prayed for a healing of the illness.  I told all sickness to leave her and her home (the entire family had been ill).  I then released life and health and as I did I received a word for her about requiring “provision”.  I asked her about this and she nodded that this was right and so I prayed that for her too, explaining that God would not let me know about such without wanting to provide the “provision” He had shown a need for.

She walked with us to the uniform shop and, as we walked, I got a picture of me placing my hand on the upper part of her back.  As I did (explaining to her what I was doing) I released the Holy Spirit on her and asked for “more Lord”, and I blessed what Holy Spirit was doing (thank you Randy Clark).  I then said “breathe Him in deeply, take deep breaths and in doing so you will breath in the Holy Spirit”.  She did and said with a start after three breaths that she had felt something change or shift.  I gave her a big hug and we went into the shop to sort out sizing etc … much to the absolute delight of my daughter!

I saw B again later that day.  I had dropped my daughter off at the ballet school and B came in to say “hello”. I asked how she was and she replied that it was the oddest thing but her nose had started running profusely all day after I had prayed for her and she felt like “it” was being flushed out of her body … “up and out”.  I said something similar had happened to me a few years ago when I had been quite ill and that I had felt the same way … that it was somehow being flushed out …

I got up from where I had been sitting on the floor and we stood side by side.  Again I felt God wanted me to place my hand on her upper back.  I did so and as I did I quietly prayed as we watched the class.  I felt that something was going on and I asked her about it.  She turned to me teary saying she could feel “something”.  I asked her if it was very peaceful and if it was making her feel teary, like crying, and she nodded gently and quietly said “yes” looking at me with big eyes full of surprise.

I explained gently that God was releasing His love on her and that He was calling her to Himself.  I said that she had not yet asked Jesus into her heart, but that He was calling her to come, that she was on a journey.  She stood teary.

My son, by this stage was rather whiny, and so I started to leave.  As I walked out I turned back, ran across the room and wrapped my arms around her, planting a big fat kiss on her cheek and left saying that she was precious …

I know some of you would ask why did you not see if she wanted Jesus to come into her heart … I wondered too, but I did not feel to take that step … I may have missed it, but even if I did, I know she felt His heart, she felt the warmth of His love, and I know He is drawing her unto Himself and that he will keep drawing her until she comes, and this I know because …

God is Good!

Greek Grandfather is healed and captures the heart of God … Praise report from K

On Thursday 28th July I received this praise report from a friend “K”.  Many of her stories are posted on this blog, and I know more will come because she has chosen to take God at His word and believe what He says in the Bible about what and who we are in him.  This was just one of four praise reports she sent …

She writes:

Office Healing:

A lovely elderly gentleman in our office had a quadruple bypass last year. This winter season he has been struggling with a chest infection that just won’t seem to heal. He said it was related to his operation last year when they had deflated his lungs during the operation. So I asked him if he believed in God to which he replied yes, he was Greek Orthodox. I explained to him that I have been challenged by the scripture in Mark 16:17-18 where it says: ‘And these signs will accompany those who have believed: in my name…. they will lay hands on the sick & they will recover’ I either believe or I don’t and if I do, then I have to activate it.

So I asked if I could lay hands on his chest & pray for him. At which he replied yes, that would be good. (He’s Greek so imagine the heavy Greek accent!) I then thanked God for this gentle man that has such an amazing heart for his family & others. I then commanded the infection to go in Jesus name. I then felt compelled to pray healing, favour & blessing over him and his family. He thanked me very much when I had finished & we went back to work. That afternoon he took the time out to come downstairs and thank me again and said he was going to claim the blessings!

Yesterday he reported to me that he saw his doctor on Monday who was astonished to see that there was no more infection in his lungs! Praise God! & Yay God!

What are we all activating in our lives?  I think we are activating something, I do not think we can remain neutral, even if we want to.  I believe that we are either activating God’s word in our lives, which seems to activate His power too … or we are activating something else …

A post script came in from “K” about this gentleman on 4th August 2011.  She writes:

And, an add-on to the Greek grandfather in our office. He shared a story where he had left is wallet at the swimming pool. Got home & realised he didn’t have it. Went back to the pool, but on the way asked God to help him find it.  When he got to the pool, the lady at reception asked him if his name was “P”, he said yes, she said I have your wallet. So now he wants to know more about this prayer thing! God is sooooo good!

I suggest that we need to activate God’s truth, because His truth will always give us “…a future and a hope …”(Jer 29:11).  His truth is not only remarkable for us in our lives, but in other people’s lives as well … it is contagious; it is wonderful, for both us and the others we meet, like the precious Greek Grandad that has caught the vision that his prayers get answered.  We need to stop for the one, as we go because …

God is Good!

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