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The sweet sweet presence of God – God is Good!

Last week my husband and I went for a walk up to our local supermarket. It had been very hot and we were treating our children, who were at home watching a movie, to some ice cream.

As we checked out our few items at self-service, I noticed that the young girl overseeing the area had a bandage wrapped around her right hand.  I looked at her and smiled, and felt the familiar nudge from God.  I didn’t want to ignore the nudge, but I also didn’t want to force it.  The checkout kiosk closest to her had just become clear, so I made my way over to it with our items.

As we stood and checked out our items, I turned to her and motioning to her bandage I mentioned that it looked nasty and I asked her how she did it.  She responded that she had cut it deeply with a kitchen knife …

I winced in sympathy, and said to her “this may seem a little strange but, could I pray for your hand to be healed quickly?  I’m a Christian and I would love to pray for you.”

“Sure” she said and I told her my name as she told me hers and I put my hand out to take her hand gently in mine, as she, misunderstanding my gesture, went to shake my hand in greeting.

“No … sorry”, I smiled “I just want to touch your hand gently” and she nodded  leaving her hand out for me to pray, and I prayed, touching her hand gently with mine.

The sense of God swept over us and as it did I felt that she was looking for a new job.  I looked at her and asked her if this was the case and she nodded … looking a little blown away (I was pretty sure she felt the power of God too) and so I prayed for her new job, I prayed for favour and for the doors of her destiny to open, for her to find what she was created for, and that she would flourish …

Finishing up, I thanked her for allowing me to pray and wished her a brilliant day and we left.

This is a simple story, but the sense of God’s presence was powerful, and the sense of His sheer pleasure as I did as He desired was gentle and sweet.

As we walked home, neither my husband nor I mentioned anything about it.  For me anyway, it felt like a very sweet holy moment, and I nearly didn’t want to discuss it.  Eventually, about half way home  A turned to me and said “well done” and gave me a hug and he then said “did you feel the anointing on that?  It was powerful and I wondered if you felt it …”

I nodded saying I had, and I said that it had felt good to step out and pray for her in that way with such a clear leading from the Holy Spirit, with no striving, no fear, and with such a strong sense of His presence as I did what He asked …

In fact it just felt good to be out walking, doing life and stopping for the one because …

God is Good!


She keeps on seeing that God is Good! (Praise report and more)

This afternoon we had 5 children who needed to get outside, and although the Spring warmth turned cold and windy, we decided to head down to a nearby bay side beach.  After a bit of a play, we stopped at a bayside cafe for a cuppa.  My husband and I have been visiting this place for nearly 20 years.  In that time a young Russian girl started working there.  At the time she was young and single, a beautiful girl with an amazing loyal work ethic.  She is now is older, still beautiful and still works hard.  Time and again we have showed up and when we have seen her, we have seen that God has had her set in His sights.

To give some history, the first time I prayed for her, she was wanting a visa, we prayed for her, sensing at the time that God wanted us to stop and pray for her.  We offered, she said “yes” and we prayed.  Her visa came.

A while later, we visited again, and I sensed that she would dearly love to meet someone who she could share a life with, someone to marry and start a family.  As yet, at the time, she had not met anyone, and she was lonely.  I can remember sensing again this time to offer to pray, she said yes and confirmed that my feeling was right, she did want to meet someone special, and so I prayed, feeling God’s heart on it, and she agreed with tears.  Not long after, she met a man, whom she married and has been the love of her life.

A few years passed before we saw her again.  I don’t know why, but our paths did not cross.  I can remember seeing her and thinking she would not recognise me, but she did as I enquired about her life and whether she had met anyone.  She had, and was married!  Naturally I was delighted, and again as she spoke I felt a gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit.   I was sensing that she wanted a child, but I had to go cautiously on this one.  I asked her gently, explaining that I knew it was none of my business, if she wanted children.  Her demeanour dropped as she explained, she desperately wanted children but had not yet become pregnant.  I explained my sense, and she agreed to prayer, tears coming down her cheeks.  I gently prayed and she received in faith, and …. 😉

The next time I saw her was a few months later, she was clearly pregnant (GO God!).  She was beaming and so very happy.  She was still working hard at the cafe but she was happy, content and looking forward to the birth of her child … I was delighted …

A period of time passed again, and we did not see her for some time, but eventually, I’m not sure the time frame, we saw her and she said life was good.  She had her baby, she had her husband, she had her job … I looked at her and as we spoke I “saw” a house with a little white picket fence and I offered to pray, asking her about whether she wanted a home of her own – she did, so I told her what I “saw” and we prayed …

Well, I saw her again today.  I can’t remember if I knew that she had bought land or not, but today I said hello, she remembered us with a smile as she cleared the table, and I asked her if she had her home.  She replied that they had their land but they were waiting for the permits for the builder to build and it had been a year of trying to get the paperwork.  So yes, I offered to pray again, reminding her of the visa, the husband, the child (who she said was now four years old) and said let’s pray, and so I took her hand and called in the paperwork to completion, I called that home in for her in the name of Jesus, and she stood and received and smiled and agreed saying “yes please Jesus”, because she knows beyond a doubt that …

God is Good!

God is in the beautification business – God is Good!

Last Thursday was a day of beauticians and blessing …

I had a busy day but I felt prompted to book in an eye lash tint for that day too.  This was not logical!  I usually have an eye lash tint once a year, before Christmas, so I don’t have to worry too much about make up etc … but for the rest of the year I tend not to worry.  I was therefore a little surprised when I felt God prompt me to make an appointment.

That morning, I briefly caught up with a beautiful Christian friend.  In the past she had worked as a beautician and when I told her of the prompting she encouraged me to make an appointment.  She then proceeded to tell me some stories about eye brows, tinting and waxing that had us both laughing out loud …

With hurried goodbyes, I headed to the supermarket to get a few necessities, hoping for a quick run through. Items found and in my trolley, I looked up and there was a check out completely clear of people – a miracle itself at that time of the morning.

I headed over, started loading up the conveyor belt and said “hello”.  I made a little bit of small talk and I felt that familiar nudge to pray for the girl.  She was quite young and I asked her how she found working at the supermarket.  She responded saying she wanted to study, she was a qualified beautician and she wanted to further her study at a particular school.  I recognised the name, having spoken to other beauticians over the years about their dreams and goals.  I mentioned that I had heard of the place and that I believed that it was quite a prestigious place.  She agreed it was, and with that I offered to pray for her and her dream.  I introduced myself and she happily gave me her hand.  I prayed for her future, to have favour with respect to her studies, that her dreams would be realised.  As I did I felt she was also looking for work as a beautician.  Now, this may seem obvious to you, given she was working on the supermarket check out, but it wasn’t necessarily obvious to me at the time, since many young people work part-time to support their studies.  I felt a little nudge to pray for a new job, so I asked her if she was looking for  a job currently in the beauty industry … she was … so I also prayed for favour with her search, for that the perfect job and as I left the store I encouraged her that the job would come quickly, much more quickly than she thought.

I headed home and I then remembered that I had felt that I was to make a booking at a particular local waxing place for an eye lash tint. I tried to logic it away, thinking there would be no way they would have an appointment with the right girl in the next two hours, which was the only time I had left before I had to pick up one of my children from school, and so, with such a small window of time that I had available, and given my schedule I knew that there would be no  chance of an appointment.

Are you getting the gist?  I was using logic to step out of obedience … my husband and I call it “logicing” ourselves out of “it” … whatever “it” might be …

As I tried to use my logic (I really couldn’t be bothered by this time) I felt convicted and so I picked up the phone and got the girl I needed on the phone.  Within 2 minutes I had the perfect appointment, with the right girl, that fitted exactly with my time allowance for the rest of the day … go figure … Go God!!

I headed up to the waxing place, and made the usual small talk with this girl.  As we chatted she started to tell me about how as a child she had pulled her eye lashes out – compulsively.  She said she loved eye lash extensions, but she couldn’t wear them because when she got them she would pull her eye lashes out with even more ease … it became such a problem that the person who put her extensions in refused to give her extensions any more, being concerned that she would end up with no lashes at all.

I knew of this condition.  I had researched the condition when one of my children, when  little, had started twisting their hair and pulling it out at night when it got knotted.  I had found wads of hair knots in the bed.  At the time I had googled it, thinking it could be a stress response to what was happening at her school.  I had found the condition in my search – it was called alopecia.

I have written about alopecia in other stories.  For these stories see links here and here.

When it came to my child we had a chat, let them know it could develop into a habit and that habit could result in bald patches … the behaviour instantly stopped with the possible consequence understood and not desired.  Whereas, the girl at the waxing place was now an adult, and although she knew it was a bad habit, she felt compelled (as she had as a child) to pull out her eye lashes.  She found it very difficult to stop and could not control the compulsion.

I mentioned to her my child’s story.  I said I had heard of the condition and that it was called alopecia.  She was a little shocked that I knew the name of the condition.  We had bit more of a chat as we walked out to the register for me to pay, and once the payment transactions were taken care of I gently mentioned asked for her hand and as she gave it to me I explained I was a Christian and I said I was going to pray for her to be healed. She smiled and said “sure”.  I could sense that she felt it was just a nice thing for me to do.  Most non-Christians out there seem to have no problem with us praying for them … I think most do see it as a nice thing to offer to do; however, I felt that she expected nothing, which was fine by me … I couldn’t heal her if I tried … but my God could!

I smiled back and asked the Holy Spirit to come, and I prayed breaking the addiction, requesting healing and finishing in Jesus Name.  As I prayed I felt a rush of the Holy Spirit through me, and I assumed it went straight into her because as I prayed she looked a bit startled, jumped backwards in her chair and she said:

 Oh my gosh … Oh I just felt tingly all over … oh my gosh that was so weird, I am so tingly

I smiled again, and said that the tingly feeling was the Holy Spirit.  I explained that it was definitely not me, but God and that she could ask God for more through the day and He would come to her again and again.

She looked at me with big eyes and said “oh my gosh … oh … thank you so much … oh wow!”.

I left her there and wished her a brilliant day.

It was only later that day that I realised … three “appointments”… three beauticians … there was a coincidence there … I actually still don’t know what that was about … but what I did and do know was that God is always on the move, He is always wanting to touch and kiss and love on people, He is always wanting to release people into their destinies, encourage and love them, and show them through experience that He is real … purely and simply because …

God is Good!


The synchronicity of walking with God … God is Good!

Special time with God and prayer for kindy teacher’s husband – Wednesday 13th October 2010

After school drop off, and a few other jobs, I had about 40 minutes to spend with God.  I felt inclined to go and sit and have coffee at a coffee shop right on the water’s edge.

I headed to the coffee spot and sat quietly sensing God saying to just enjoy the quiet – no need to “do” anything.  As I got this and settled into just being with God in the moment, nothing else, I looked down and saw a little feather sitting on my lap …

God is kind … and funny too … He made me smile in that moment, and even now when I recollect it, the memory makes me smile still …

After sitting peacefully for a while I texted a word of encouragement to a new Christian and headed off to collect M from kindy.

The kindy teacher had been overseas for a holiday and today was her first day back.  During this time her husband had developed double pneumonia and was hospitalised in Hungary.  They had just managed to get him home, at which time her husband was immediately admitted into hospital due to the infection going to his heart.

We had been praying for them since Monday, which was when we had first heard the news, and as I drove to kindy I had a sense that I was to pray for her with another friend from kindy that also attended our church.

I spoke to M’s teacher who said she wanted prayer for her husband and we waited for all the children to leave, and for my friend from church to arrive to collect her son.  When we were all there we joined hands and started to pray.  Another Mum saw us and joined the group … like another Christian coming out of “the closet”, so to speak.  There we all were in the middle of the kindy, holding hands and praying for M’s teacher’s husband, the new Mum prayed in tongues, and a beautiful sense of God enveloped us all.  The other girls later said they felt electricity as we prayed.  We also prayed for God’s peace to envelop and stay with M’s teacher – which she said she felt.

I then offered to go to the hospital to pray for her husband, which M’s teacher said she would like.  She said she would arrange it with her husband. 

The encounter was was a truly lovely moment – with a divinely timed appointment with the other Christian Mum who attends another local church … God is so lovely in how He times these things … and boy did that Mum get fired up with the encounter and seeing how we could pray for people in public

It was on this day that I started to feel a beautiful synchronicity happening as I walked with God.  There was a sense of great peace and calm that was escorting me through life (as would a gentleman escort a lady to a dance).  It felt so lovely, so peaceful, even warm … so lovely in fact that I wondered if I had somehow missed something … and it was then that I realised what was “missing” so to speak … there was an absolute absence of striving … I was, and as I write now I am gently reminded that this is how life is meant to be, how we are designed to walk … in peace with a quiet sense of joy indescribable with a God whom loves us, with a complete absence of striving, and I believe that this is the case purely because …

God is Good!

Prayer at Kindy – Monday Arvo 11 October 2010

This was an early “stepping out on a word of knowledge” in front of people I knew and respected and while it may seem a mundane testimony, it wasn’t for me … for me, it was a huge step of faith … hearing a word of knowledge and stepping out to ask if it was relevant (and you will see I was the second person to ask the question so I think she got her answer in “2 or 3 witnesses”). It was also huge to even offer to pray, not just to couch the suggestion of water in everyday terms, I had a strong urging to pray … and she was touched …
In addition, while the sense of the anointing is not always present, I left the encounter greatly blessed and drenched in the Love of God … I was greatly encouraged and blessed, as was she purely because … God is Good!

God is Good!

We popped into R’s old kindy after school to donate some items and for R to say “hello” to her old kindy teacher Mrs D.  While chatting to Mrs D we met a new kindy assistant who Mrs D said went to a local church, thinking we may go to the same place – we didn’t, we exchanged polite greetings and we kept talking to Mrs D.

As the new assistant was leaving she mentioned that she had to collect her son to take him to cricket training, but then mentioned that he may not go because she had received a call from him that he had been suffering from a headache. 

God instantly gave me the word “water” for him, and so feeling a little foolish I asked her if he drank enough water … she said someone else had asked that and that she would encourage him to…

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Praying in the park – Monday 11th October 2010

God is Good!

M (my son) and I went to the local park for a play after kindy.  A little girl and her Mother were there enjoying the sun after a bleak winter.

M immediately struck up a friendship with the little girl, as only a 3 and a half year can, and scored half a banana from the little girl’s Mum.  The mum and I struck up a conversation with each other and chatted about a variety of things.  As we chatted I learnt that she was at home with her children, was studying to become a nurse and had a 7 year old daughter in Grade 1 at primary school.  She and I chatted about the challenge of juggling all the various demands of being a Mum, student, etc and laughed about how people only saw us wearing one hat when in fact we wore many.

It was a nice chat and…

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It was time…God is Good!

Last year I wrote a post about a teacher at my daughter’s school who had been waiting for me to pray for her for some time.  When I did pray for her she had cried, saying she had been frightened she had been overlooked by God.   Some are just waiting to be asked!  (Click here for story)  Her time had come, she had not been missed and I had prayed …

Later, I had prayed for her again, in a complete set up by God (see same post) and at that second time I had given her the same scripture reference and the same advice that the school chaplain had given her a day or two earlier … God was so clearly on her case!  She was amazed and could see God on it too!

On one of these occasions I had said that she was on a journey, that she was being pursued by God, and I had explained how easy it would be for her to step into a deeper relationship with Jesus, just by simply asking Him into her heart … I had not felt to suggest she do it at that time, nor to push the point, I knew instead that God was wooing her and her time would come, and I told her so … that perhaps she would do it in private (and I explained how) … but whenever it would be, her time would come and she would know it …

About a month ago, I was waiting for my daughter in the school reception area when this particular teacher walked into the same area.  We greeted one another and I asked her about an outing she had been on recently …

She is one of those people who are always full of joy, she makes you smile, she really is delightful.  As she spoke I felt to pray for her again, which she readily agreed to, and as I held her hand and I started to pray for her I knew it was her time to ask Jesus into her heart … it was her time to be rescued by the knight in shining armour, riding the white horse…

I said so, and stated, more than asked, that she had not yet asked Him into her heart.  She agreed that she had not …

I suggested that it might be time, and she agreed that it was …

And so, in the reception area of a local school, she gave her heart to Jesus, she asked Him to take up residence in her heart.  It was a simple prayer, it was her prayer.  He gave her the words and she prayed them.

I smiled and hugged her and said well done.

We had a brief discussion about faith and I shared some of my background and journey.  I said to her, as with any relationship it takes time to get to know someone, and with time spent together you will come to know Jesus more and more.  We talked about the open door that is Jesus, and she stepped forward and through that door prophetically, on my suggestion, as if to step into the open door before her, the open door that is Jesus, and she shone with joy and happiness. She seemed to intuitively understand that this was not a function of the mind, but of the heart and of relationship, not that she had to shut off her mind to believe, but that her mind would catch up to her heart belief … she understood …

I suggested she tell the school chaplain of her decision (the school chaplain has since given her a Bible), and we went on our respective ways … me with my daughter, and her shining and transformed with the love of Jesus not only by her side, but fully resident in her heart knowing and experiencing that …

God is Good!

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