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man’s diagnosis – cerebral palsy but…God is Good!

On Christmas Day 2011 I posted a story.

It was a story of the beginning of a healing from cerebral palsy (see link).

The testimony came from a friend, who had been walking with the family concerned.

My friend, now a grandmother, is a pillar in the church, a giant in the land, who calls things that are not as though they are … and she is a giant because of the battles she and her husband, also a giant, has fought and won … she is a giant because she has laid her life down and God has raised her up to walk in great authority over the land …

My friend has been healed of cancer, foster cared over 70 babies and children, all the while caring for her son who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy …

While not denying the “facts” she stood her ground with a good God, holding onto the prophetic words spoken over her son and family, and believing and pulling on the promises of God in His word … and as she did she, and the community around her, watched as miracle after miracle unfolded … miracles that the doctors said would never happen …

This story has the fullness of promise that the other Christmas Day story had the beginnings of … 

This is a complete testimony of a complete healing for those of you who are looking for a total healing …

An apple seed has many apple trees within it … but first it must be planted and watered and cared for … so too, the promises of God …

God has used this family and this testimony as an apple seed for others … the testimony is a fully grown apple tree, which is now in turn seeding and creating a harvest of healings for others … and I know there are those out there that need to know that God is Good and that He is good to His word … that healing is available today …

This story, like its predecessor, was not instant, and in this world of instant this and instant that, I believe we so often miss what God is doing and somehow give up on a miracle that may have already started to happen, if we would just hang in there to see it to maturity?

My friends chose to speak life … not death over the world of their son … for “life and death is in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21) and in doing so saw God’s nature revealed …

Her story is as follows and she writes:

My pregnancies had never been easy, but with P the Lord did a miracle and after 4 months I was no longer sick and felt quite good.

P was born after a very easy labour, so easy that the doctor jokingly said that I might as well go home straight away since there had been nothing to it!

We dedicated P to the Lord at only 2 weeks of age … the whole service unintentionally resulted in being centred around his dedication as the Holy Spirit moved.

There were many prophecies over P that day, which also was not a usual occurrence. They were very powerful words and I remember feeling like Mary … and I hid the words in my heart.

Our beautiful boy did develop, a bit too slowly, but the doctor did not worry too much and said that I should not compare him to my girls since females often develop faster than males. However, it soon became obvious that something was wrong and the diagnosis of cerebral palsy (hemiplegic) was given.

The diagnosis for my husband J was devastating; but for me it carried some relief, since I was sure that something was wrong, but the doctors did not want to believe it for some time.

His birth had been so easy …

The prognosis became more and more grim as time went on.  We were told that P would never be able to tie his shoelaces, dress himself, eat with knife and fork, and he certainly would NEVER be able to drive a car, write properly, etc. etc…

We were told he needed surgery, but we felt to wait as long as possible with this, especially since we did not like the outcome of these surgeries.

We were given another option.  We were told that rather than surgery, a series of plasters could be casted on his body at regular intervals.  This would be a lot of hard work for me as his mum, but would make it possible for the surgery to wait until he was about 7 years of age.  We chose this option instead, hoping that our little boy would only have to endure 1 or 2 surgeries until he was an adult.

We set up a very strict regime of daily exercises for P.  We believe that we must do whatever we can in the natural as well as having faith.

When the time came for P to have his surgery, we had an amazing small group of friends gather around us and again mighty prophetic words came out. These words helped us so much. They gave us something to stand on, to believe, when the going was hard and with these we were able to continue to praise the Lord and trust Papa for the outcome.

P kept on improving and started to do many things we were told he would never be able to do. They started to call him ‘the miracle child’ at the Spastic Centre and took footage of him to show to other parents of children with cerebral palsy. In short … he was completely healed of cerebral palsy and is now a completely functioning adult.

P was later diagnosed as being severely dyslexic.  Again we looked to the Lord, doing our bit by reading with him every day, and although he did not like this one bit, (he had to read ‘baby’ books) after many years of struggle (this was before remedial teaching in schools), he learned to read and even came to love it.

Now as an adult, he often speaks publicly and has written many articles in magazines, etc. Another true miracle!!

When he sat for his V.C.E. (final year at school) he wrote an essay about what his disability had meant in his life and he received an A+ for this!!

A further diagnosis came when he was in his teens.   It was discovered that his sexual organs were not developing properly and we were advised that he would require surgery and would never be able to father children.

Well, he and his wife have 4 boys, one baby in Heaven and 3 boys here on earth.

His life has been a total miracle and he is now ‘the pillar in the church’ as was prophesied so many years ago.

We thank the Lord for all His goodness towards us.

This is a brilliant testimony of God’s goodness. 

It is a testimony of a healing, blooming into fullness over time …

My friends’ child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, severe dyslexia and was later declared infertile … he has since grown into a completely healthy functioning adult man who is a happy husband and father who can read, write and speak well …

Now, for the purposes of complete and utter integrity it must be noted that, while it would not be apparent to those that do not know him, their son, at times of tiredness, will occassionally limp … apparently he tells his parents that he sees this limp as a reminder of what could have been …

All through the battle my friend did not give up, and continued to pull down on the Promises of God … all the while they continued to foster care over 70 children … I know … it amazes me too!

In fact, they would often get the toughest kids to foster and care for, including little “drug” babies because a little time with them and the transformation was remarkable … miraculous in fact … the authorities knew they had the “X factor” … little knowing it was really the “God factor” at work in their lives …

So, I ask … what miracle is around the corner for you? 

We all love the instant fixes, the eyes that open, the ears that hear, the lame that walk instantly, but often a healing can be a process … it comes as a seed that must grow … and in that process there is a coming closer into relationship with a loving Father God, who wants good things for His children (Matthew 7:11)…

I believe we must celebrate all stories of breakthrough, all stories of triumph, for in each story of breakthrough is the promise of our own breakthrough … this is why I love these stories …

God is no respecter of persons and we … “ overcome [the enemy] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of [our] testimony…” (Rev 12:11) … there is power in the blood and in the word of our testimony … and so read and prepare for the hour of breakthrough in your own life and be blessed as you declare His goodness in your own lives and into the lives of others for …

God is Good!


The deaf shall hear … The lame shall walk because God is Good!

In my last post I mentioned two people that I had prayed for, two people who were deaf, and that both of them had a close relative with them that had the same name as me.

The second story of stopping for the one is a story I have not yet posted.  It is an encounter that amazed me, much like the most recent post of praying at the Aladdin show in California Adventure Park … and so I will tell what happened.

A week prior to us leaving for the States my son had a follow up appointment with an eye specialist as a result of being in hospital last year. We had waited six months for this appointment, and although I was really ill, and we had received some sad news of the death of my husbands grandmother that morning, I took my son across town to the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital for this appointment, not wanting to be rescheduled for another six months time.

We arrived at the newly opened hospital and in the foyer a huge two story fish tank presented itself … full of small sharks, and an array of other fish. It was amazing and immediately drew my son.

We stopped, having walked through the cold and the rain, and I let him gaze at the fish as I shook out my umbrella and pealed open the appointment letter, damp from our walk. I stood looking at the directions as a young child came  up to me and pressed himself into my leg. I looked down and saw the cochlear implants and the mother quickly pulled him away apologising for the physical intrusion. I said”no worries” … it really had not bothered me, and I called to my son to come along, feeling a twinge as I walked away that perhaps I should have offered to pray, but noting that this visit was about my boy, and I sensed that leaving that one would be ok … even so I quietly said to God, “bring him back across my path if you want me to stop and pray for him” and I hurried on …

We completed our visit and as we prepared to leave I stopped to allow my son have an ice cream, a pause in a frantic and trying day, and then promised him we would stop and look at the fish in the tank again.

As we were doing so I was trying to get a good photo of him with a very big fish behind him and as I did a little boy with cochlear implants came towards us. I looked and instantly recognised the young boy… it was the same child that had bumped into me before our appointment and I knew that I was to offer pray.

I turned and located the mother.  I made some small talk, asking about the implants and I found out she was a mum of four children … I explained I was a Chistian, that I had seen them earlier, and that I had said to God if I bumped into them again I would offer to pray for her son and I asked her if I could pray.

She agreed and I introduced myself.  She took a step back and said “I’m called B too! Are you just B?” querying whether it was a shortened version of another name. I said no it was my full name. She said “that’s too weird” and we both agreed it was obviously meant to be.

I then explained that this was not the first set up like this … that the other deaf person I had offered to pray for had a sister called B … we both laughed and I could sense God’s hand in the situation … giving me faith and trust in the outcome.

She agreed it was weird and then called her son over for me to pray for him. I did, laying hands on his ears and commanding the ears to open.

When finished she then said the hearing issue was not so bad but that he had also been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and that the symptoms of that made life really difficult.  I empathised and gently  told her a few testimonies of people who had seen cerebral palsy healed through prayer.  I gave her my details, my church details and my blog details so she could read the testimonies herself and I offered to pray again.  She readily agreed.

Again I laid hands on her little boy and released healing. Trusting the prophecies over myself and over our church that “the blind would see the deaf would hear and that conditions such as cerebral palsy” would be healed. I asked God to do again what he had done for my friend’s son and what he had done for another young girl who had visited our church … and I commanded his body to come into alignment with the will of God … “on earth as it us in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10)  …. no cerebral palsy in Heaven, so it does not belong here on earth!

I finished up and thanked her for letting me pray. I encouraged her to thank God for any improvement, to come either to church for more prayer or to meet the people whose son had been healed of cerebral palsy and to let me know how she gets on.

I hope she contacts us for more prayer … She is the mum of four children so I know it will tough to do so … but I also know it will be worth it.

I left the Royal Children’s knowing I had been set up, and again trusting in a good God, knowing that it was His will for me to pray and for that young boy to be healed …

The coincidence was too strong … Thankfully it was not lost on the mother, and it was certainly not lost on me … I know the deaf will hear … if I will just keep on stepping out and praying … and I know the sick shall be healed …

God leaves little footprints, coincidences, like a child’s Easter egg hunt, a trail of encouragement, to let us know we are on the right path … we just need to stop, listen and look … and if we do we will find the treasures He has laud out for us … and as we do we most certainly will see that …

God is Good!

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